Stella Dimoko Bill Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand Switches Sworn Testimony After Phone Records Proved She Lied About Being Unconscious With Bill Cosby


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Monday, June 26, 2017

Bill Cosby Accuser Andrea Constand Switches Sworn Testimony After Phone Records Proved She Lied About Being Unconscious With Bill Cosby

Telephone records projected onto a white screen for the jury, showed that during the time frame when Constand had claimed to have been unconscious and assaulted by Bill Cosby she made a slew of calls – late into the night, including calls placed to Cosby.

Directing the jury to the records Agrusa stated: ‘On March 16 at 6.30 in the morning you put a call to your friend Sherry (Williams) at 6.30 correct? 

And then at 6.58 that’s a call you placed to Mr Cosby and then you tried him again at 7am.

‘And some point you go to that Central High Dinner. But if you look at line 291 you call Mr Cosby at 9.45pm and then not even 6 minutes later you call Sherry Williams that same night.

‘And then in fact you called Sherry again less than a minute later didn’t you? And in fact four minutes later you called Sherry Williams again didn’t you and this time you talked to her for about 12 minutes.

‘This is the night March 16 that you were drugged and unconscious in Mr Cosby’s home at about 9.15, 9.30 and you make a call to Mr Cosby,to Sherry and that same night at 10.06pm and at 10.13pm and you’re on the phone once again at 10.06.

Her voice rising Agrusa came to her point: ‘At the very time you told police you were drugged and unconscious you were on the phone making multiple phone calls.
‘But you were passed out? There was no way you were making those calls.’
Rounding on Constand she said: ‘You weren’t drugged that night were you? You weren’t s3xually assaulted on March 16 were you?’
‘No ma’am,’ Constand replied.

from dailymail.

*JESUS I CANT DEAL!!!..This woman lied!!!


  1. Omg...I can't there any law that leads to the arresting of chronic liars, false accusers...

    1. Yes nau, na serious crime sef. Just that the lady might be truthful but probably forgot the actual date it happened since it happened long time ago.

    2. @affordable
      How can u forget the date u were assaulted.

      Forgive me old Bill, I folo castigate u but now, I will wait till everything is over

    3. Ooohhhh you see am..! Glad I never for once insulted this man. I knew he was framed up as a black man because he had financial strength to buy one of the biggest media houses . Can't remember details though

  2. Stella,are you just knowing? See, I had a friend in school back then. If she has sex with a guy,and the guy starts acting up afterwards,or she feels bad she slept with him. She'll just go around spreading rumors that he raped her. So women are natural liars,and very wicked.I think MJ was falsely accused too.
    *My honest opinion*

    1. So why ain't men naturally liars if Mj was falsely accused too...Fool..IT a human thing..A liar is a liar .has nothing to do with gender...

    2. "Women are natural liars"??
      So men are artificial liars? Abi men are forced to lie? Abi men don't lie at all? Abeg explain that statement better.

    3. Anon, I'm not fighting with you. I wrote "some",and my auto correct changed it to "so". Why would I insult my race when I'm a woman. Another thing, next time you insult me, I'm make sure you're miserable. Lily Rose, my auto-correct changed what I typed.

  3. Omg!!!!!!!!! She lied?????????? Omg!!!!!!!

  4. why? what did the woman hope to gain? imagine! see her face like a tranny's

  5. They should leave this man alone to enjoy his old age. Is it because he is black? Why are they all coming out now?

  6. These western women are something. The moment they feel cheap and slutty, the only way to redeem their image is crying wolf. Unfortunately, the law favours them more than the opposite sex.

  7. Poor guy! 😞. Please go do your thang mehn! Do the town hall awareness on rape and assault!kpele my dear

  8. This woman should be prosecuted for defamatory statements and emotional trauma she has caused this man

  9. Wicked woman why lie against Bill?

  10. This is truly disturbing!
    The extent some people can go just to discredit a person!
    Racism is evil!
    Just see how they wanted to rubbish Mr Cosby!
    That's how Michael Jackson was lied upon and then on his death, it all turned out to be LIES!
    Mr Cosby, God got your back finally!!!!

  11. Shey people don codemn d man on dis blog since without waiting for d court, whr ar dos sharp mouthed people now? Same way u av judge Dammy krane too. Mak una take water and chill first till d court give its verdict

  12. I said it
    I know God will vindicate him

  13. I still hold on to my judgment...........

    That Cosby is actually innocent.

  14. OMG!!! This is good news. I hope more comes out to confess. Thank God

  15. I said it before, seems Cosby offended people in high places hence d whole brouhaha. Guess he's learnt his lessons


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