Stella Dimoko Former Benue Gov Suswam Sent To Kuje Prison Over Fraud


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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Former Benue Gov Suswam Sent To Kuje Prison Over Fraud

A Federal High Court in Abuja on Monday ordered a former Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam, and two of his former aides, to be remanded in Kuje Prisons, Abuja.

Justice Gabriel Kolawole gave the verdict after the three defendants were arraigned on 32 counts of alleged diversion of a total sum of N9.79bn meant for Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme.

Although the judge granted each of the three defendants bail in the sum of N250m, among other conditions, he ordered that they be remanded in prison pending when the Deputy Chief Registrar, Litigation, of the Federal High Court, Abuja would inform the court that the bail conditions had been met.

The prosecution alleged in the 32 counts preferred against the three defendants that the total sum of N9,791,602,453.8 was meant for the SURE-P scheme and a small fraction of it for police reform.

The money was allegedly diverted by the defendants between 2012 and 2015 while Suswam was the governor of the state.

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Dauda Aliu said...

Like I always say; no one leave such office and not be found worthy...
The judiciary should be more serious with their job please!

GALORE said...




Let me laugh oo

Na only me know ehy

Side eyes at @Omotola Jolade Ekehinde



Cinnamon Apple said...

Apc leave this man alone jor mtcheew

GALORE said...

@Dauda, you remember this your blog ID today?

No give away oo.... Dem don give "deserving " male BV #50k already

Happy Ramadan


The General's Wife said...

This is commendable.
But errrrrr I hope there is more to follow.

Homeland security said...

Oh well!! What a world we live In, where one no longer considers their fellow human.

Where enriching ones pocket is the new 'thing'. How can a state, a country develop??
Yet, once they are released/bailed, they will still get puffery for their hard work, oops! Sorry, true-blue thievery behavior.

Bravo men!!😒😶 When will these behaviors stop? Which way is the economy, and development going if people like these, still continue to rule while massaging, and liquidating us.

I believe truly Nigeria as a country, needs some serious purge.

#Let's be kind to one another.💜

Dope BaBe said...


Great charming said...


Anonymous said...

This ppl are nt different 4rm those criminals.

Lacey Love said...

Amen. Ortom take note.

Jasmine said...

So he's in prison right now?


Sweet Child said...

If he enters apc, case closed

Anonymous said...

Are you okay? Do you know the problems this man caused for families in Benue? Do you know how many breadwinners were cut shut? Oh please.

Anonymous said...

The black cat. Or gyor. When he was released on bail, all Nigerian leaders took turns to visit and commiserate with him as if it was injustice that was done to him. Please return all the money and I know its curses from the families whose breadwinners died because they couldn't cater for themselves nor even take care of their health as he didn't pay salaries. Despite becoming a politician at a Young age, from HOR member to governor, we thought as a youth he would do better but alas. Orton please take note, Benue voted APC because they were tired of PDP and it was a revolution, we can still push APC out come 2019. All these youths shouting #NotTooYoungToRun should know that its not by being Young but by actually doing what you accused the elders of not doing. Suswam failed, Bello of Kogi is failing. Let us seat up so 2019 will also be a revolution.

Miss Ess said...


jelly said...

APC have remembered this one

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