Stella Dimoko Paris Jackson Has A New Tattoo To Honour Late Father Michael


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Paris Jackson Has A New Tattoo To Honour Late Father Michael

Paris Jackson has a new tattoo dedicated to her late father, Michael Jackson.

The 19-year-old actress showed off her new ink in an Instagram pic on Friday.

"With every step I take, you lift my foot and guide me forward. Love you 🍏," she wrote alongside a photo of the word "Apple Head" tattooed on her left foot. Apple Head was a nickname that his children and fans called the King of Pop.

Paris has over 50 tattoos, which she started getting when she turned 18. A handful of her tats pay tribute to her favorite musicians, including David Bowie, Prince and John Lennon. She also has several tattoos dedicated to her father, including "Bad" written on her right hand and Jackson's cover art from his 1991 album Dangerous on her forearm.

Earlier this month, Paris stunned on the cover of Vogue Australia. In the interview, she opened up about trying to be a positive role model for young girls and her career goals.

text from entertainment tonight.

*Beautiful Paris.....Still dont get why he didnt use his Sperm to procreate.I still dont get it


  1. Replies
    1. Stella I think he used a white donor just so he can have white pure white kids,remember he completely changed his skin color.Its just a stereotype thing,people believe white skin color have an edge over black.

  2. Those that 'used their own sperm' brought Evans and Dino Melaye into this world.

    The focus is not (whose sperm brought what, very primitive and crass thinking if I may add) but that the children are okay and grow up to be even better people.


    1. Anonny lol, you didn't see that man with 7masters degree that do example abi?

    2. Anon15:40 what are you all about? So someone didn't use their real sperm to produce the likes of the Obamas and co that are doing well? How about you? Someone didn't use their real sperm to produce you? Did you turn out to be Evans or Anini? Well,the issue here is that Michael at a stage had problems with being black it could be due to racism or whatever or maybe he felt he would be more acceptable globally with a white skin. The reason a lot of black Americans were angry with him but that being said doesn't mean he couldn't have used his sperm or the sperm of black a man,he clearly wanted pure white kids.If you have been abroad you will know that racism still exist though subtly in some cases.I personally preferred the black Michael Jackson,he was handsome and would have loved to see what his biological kids would have looked like.

    3. I agree with this school of thought being a biological parent does not equal being a great parent. That's why I still don't get it when people claim ttcing.

    4. Aba made please help me to inteprete to anon 16:49.
      Don't have time for unnecessary talk.

    5. Michael had vitiligo. Why don't you guys try to rest his skin issues and let him rest peacefully. What I remember most of Michael is his awesome talent, second to none.

  3. God help her soul... .



    1. I have a blog though its more like a journal. I get to publish life modifications of common health diseases and some day to day interesting activities at work. Lol.. I am not running a blog like Stella or Linda ikeji. I get to publish stories once in a while. Let's call it an underused diary.

      I didn't want to post any link to the blog because it would litter stellas' comment space and she would think I am trying to advertise the blog or something. I guess I read her well.
      Its quite funny cause the initial comment I made after being approved by Stella has gone off the grid hence I am replying you here.

      @stella that comment you saw with me directing anyone to read my blog as regards Micheal jackson was because as someone who also has vitiligo and yesterday been world vitiligo day,I published an article creating awareness on vitiligo and some of the issues people with vitiligo face.
      I won't go through the stress of littering your comment space with my URL when I know I publish stories on my blog sparingly, if I published daily like you did and needed to get the word out there I would have asked you to advertise it for a fee and if its something I can't afford there are other ways which may be cheaper.
      Do have a blessed week.

  4. Guess He had Azoospermia do couldn't procreate with his sperm

  5. #Most of your dreams are reflective of your state of mind at that point in time. Your emotions can shape the dreams you have*

  6. 19 with 50 tats, this rich kids sha!!

  7. I'm confused, so he's not the biological father of all his kids ???

  8. A lot of people go through things daily and its private to them and its best left as it is cause they may not want your pity. This is directed to the person that commented under my initial post,I just got around to reply.
    Vitiligo can be classified as an autoimmune disease. Autoimmunity affects any part of the body but manifests commonly with organs that have a high cell turnover. E.g the skin the reproductive organ also has a high cell turnover because it has a lot to do with hormones.
    Micheal Jackson may have had azoospermia because having vitiligo is a risk factor for other autoimmune diseases. Autoimmunity can manifest anywhere.
    Micheal loved kids, even peadophilia cases trailed him too, he may so much want to have children of his and ho the sperm bank way that's if those who claim he was impotent are correct. I don't have the fact so I can say much..

    People with vitiligo go through a lot of psychological and emotional issues , people have different coping mechanisms and I don't try to judge people for coping with their situation the best way they can. A lot of people say Micheal wanted to be white hence he bleached but they don't know that Micheal had vitiligo universalis which was confirmed at his autopsy and the best treatment modality in that case is to bleach of the remaining normal skin. Then subsequently one has to be at least using sunscreen because of skin cancers and other medications depending on what comes up.
    Agreed he did a nose job..but a lot of people have nose jobs done and none is castigating them, funny enough plastic surgery is the in thing now.
    We all may have our reservations about Micheal but one thing I am certain of he coped the best way we can and we shouldn't judge him even death because the media know less than 50% of what he was dealing with. Some feelings can't be put into words ,one just feels it.

    1. Wow! I know he had skin issues but to read that it may have affected him in other aspects... thanks

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