Stella Dimoko Press Statement: Nigerian Copyright Commission Seizes Pirated Books Worth N800 Million


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Friday, 30 June 2017

Press Statement: Nigerian Copyright Commission Seizes Pirated Books Worth N800 Million

We would recall that in March this year, operatives of the Commission carried out a successful anti-piracy raid at Awodi-Ora Estate in Ifelodun-Ajeromi Local Government Area of Lagos State.

 During the operation, which was tagged "Operation No Breathing Space", the Commission raided seven warehouses within Apapa which were found to contain several thosands of cartons of pirated textbooks, motivational books, bibles, dictionaries and medical and health books belonging to various publishers. The anti-piracy operation led to the confiscation of thousands of cartons of pirated works worth N600 Million.

The Nigerian Copyright Commission has again carried out another successful anti-piracy raid at Tedi Village in Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State. The anti-piracy raid culminated in the seizure of about two thousand cartons of pirated books belonging to various publishers. The Commission also arrested a Chinese nationale in connection with the pirated books. The seized books are worth over N200 Million.

The success of these anti-piracy operations is as a result of the standing collaboration between the Nigerian Copyright Commission and the Nigeria Police. We thank the Nigeria Police for their immense support in the fight against piracy.

If these pirated books were allowed to enter the Nigerian market, Nigerian copyright owners will be losing their works to pirates.

The Commission remain determined to sustain the fight against piracy. Nigerian Copyright Commission urge the Copyright owners and owner-associations to deepen their support for the Commission in the fight against piracy. Their support is very crucial in intelligent gathering, investigation and prosecution of Copyright offenders. As usual, the Commission will investigate this seizure and all other credible information leading to the prosecution of offenders.

We warn all pirates to desist from importing pirated books as the Commission is more determined ever than before to seize them and prosecute the offenders.

We look forward to sustain collaboration between the Copyright owners, other sister government agencies and the Nigerian Copyright Commission in the fight against piracy. Together we can ensure that our creative industry earn substantial income from their creativity which will further lead to increased investment and employment in the sector.

Mr. Afam Ezekude
Director General (Nigerian Copyright Commission)



Na them sabi, who original epp?

*Larry was here*

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

hmmmmm na wa. See money these pirated thieves dont want original publishers to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The question is what are they going to do with this books, someone should loud it to the commission and Nigerian police that they are not to burn these books. Please, oh. Give it to libraries. We know they are pirated, you have punished the importers by confiscating the books, but the content of the book remains the same. Give these books to libraries, burning is out of it.

Miss Ess said...

Larry make world people no hear am for your mouth o

Lollah said...

Oga ooo. Alaba nko? Seize films also na.
But Chinese people are wicked o. Can't blame them it's the state of our economy and the terrible people managing our affairs.

Kae_Kae said...

The authors.

prettyPrisi said...

Chai what a waste Nigeria my country!which way?

Chiamaka Ezeani said...

They should the books and give the money to the authors

Anonymous said...

Novels wey I dey buy N1k each. If na rough play abeg make dem stoppeet.
Who else loves to read print novels rather than digital?

Village People said...

Which kain rubbish work be this na?See correct books from Sidney Sheldon and Mario Puzo,how do they expect us to get these books now? Meanwhile,piracy at the highest level,is going on at Alaba(movies and music) but NCC has decided to ignore that.Reading and owning books is a dying culture already and this NCC move is definitely going to kill that,unless they (NCC) will get an alternative means for readers to get these books,as well as,set up bookshops and organize book fairs in every city in Nigeria.I doubt if these guys are reprinting books written by Nigerian authors

Readers,in this generation,are the last of a dying breed.At least 95% of Nigerians don't read books,unless they are compelled to,by their schools' curricula.Female youngsters don't even read romance novels anymore and this is quite evident when they write(spell) and speak(sometimes).

NCC,please help with these books.
God bless.

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