Stella Dimoko Reasons Hassan Jameel Is Rihanna’s Perfect Summer Fling


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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Reasons Hassan Jameel Is Rihanna’s Perfect Summer Fling

Rihanna was photographed getting hot and heavy with a gentleman in Ibiza, Spain, on Monday and the “mystery” behind her mystery man is no more. The Grammy winning singer’s make out partner has been identified as Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel.

While it’s the season of summer flings in Hollywood, The Sun claims Rihanna and Hassan are “the real deal.” and here are six reasons why the two make a good match....

They have both had famous flings:

 Rihanna counts Drake, Travis Scott, and Leonardo DiCaprio as past romances, and it takes a certain kind of guy to feel confident following in those footsteps. However, Hassan likely isn’t (too) fazed. Last summer, he was linked to supermodel Naomi Campbell after they were photographed getting cozy in London. Could this be why RiRi and Naomi unfollowed each other on Instagram?

He can pay his own way

 Rihanna’s love doesn’t cost a thing, but the fact that her new beau is reportedly the heir to $1.5 billion doesn’t hurt, either. After all, Rihanna needs someone who can pay his own way, and Jameel definitely can. Since 1955, his family has exclusively owned Toyota distribution rights in Saudi Arabia, and they have been cashing in ever since. Hassan is the deputy president and vice chairman of the family business, Abdul Latif Jameel. Last year, Forbes ranked the family No. 12 on its list of the richest Arabs in the world. (Rihanna made another of the magazine’s list — she ranked 77th on the list of the World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities — with her $36 million income in the year ending in June 2017.)

Rihanna and Hassan are the same age: 

Some may argue Rihanna needs to be with an older man, but the fact these two are both 29 and accomplished bodes well.

They are both into sports: 

Hassan’s family reportedly owns Jameel league, a soccer league in Saudi Arabia. Rihanna is definitely a fan of soccer… at least, she was when she was spotted hanging out with Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema. Even if RiRi isn’t the biggest soccer fan in the world, she is probably ready to pick up another hobby now that basketball season — also known as smack talking Kevin Durant season — is over.

Hassan likes her at her 2017 Gucci Mane

If you have eyes and have seen the kissing pics, you can tell the businessman is clearly into RiRi. Considering the singer has been taking some unnecessary flack for her weight recently, a hot summer romance should hush the haters. Clearly, he’s feeling Rihanna’s 2017 Gucci Mane.

They are both charitable

Hassan is the president of his company’s charitable foundation, Community Jameel. According to the website, the organization “operates a wide range of initiatives which promote and contribute towards positive societal change and economic sustainability.” Rihanna also knows a thing or two about giving back. She founded the Clara Lionel Foundation to “fight against injustice, inequality, and poverty” and to help give those suffering access to education and health.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is a summer fling or the real thing

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  1. Story 4 d gods!
    Who doesn't know dat riri na pubic pussy, wateva jo

  2. Get that D Riri
    She has been single for far too long

    She deserves some spice in her life too
    And he's rich!!!!!
    What a good catch.

    1. Since he is not nigerian, nigerian internet will conveniently overlook the fact dt he might be married though a muslim.

  3. Any which way na way,the most important thing is Riri is happy, relationship must not end in marriage,but if they feel for each other to become husband and wife , then perfect love has no limit.

  4. Let's see how long they last.

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  5. Go Riri!
    This is a Janet Jackson move...hehehe

  6. Another Muslim guy scapegoat. Lol least I forget is He not a terrorist?

  7. Nice one! Go Riri!!!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  8. Ewwww. Why is she unequally yoked with unbelievers??? Hope she knows she won't be accepted in his country unless she converts & start wearing a burqqa. & we all know that's not how she rolls!!!

    1. sum1 cnt hv fun again?

    2. So Rihanna is a believer? 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 You do know it's comments like yours that make some believe there are only two religions in the world

    3. See them hypocrite. The other day the label muslin as intolerant because someone said they shouldn't mingle with a non muslim and see someone here calling a u slim unbe liver and no one say anything. Awon alabosI

  9. Good for them.. but hey Riri this guy ain't gonna wife u. Am sure what happened btw Janet Jackson n her husband will keep ringing a bell in his ears! Just catch your fling or whatever u need and zaaaap!!!

  10. Goodluck to both of them. Love is a beautiful thing and it doesn't cost much

  11. I love them together! Trust Riri can deal with his fetish... Arabs always does

  12. Better Maga Riri carry go idi very necessary.

  13. There is something just romantic about Arabian romance😉

    RiRi boo!
    You could never do any wrong in my eyes😍
    Be happy u sexy kitten😘

  14. I once watch a documentary on Illuminati ,that RIRI is their SEX slave.period.

  15. Good for them, may it last

  16. ke ihe na agbakashi unu aru?

    Rihanna has a boyfriend

    Don't you people have boyfriends

  17. Wow. .they look so good together.

  18. "Reasons Hassan Jameel Is Rihanna’s Perfect Summer Fling" - They both have wild thoughts.


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