Stella Dimoko Killer Killed By Man Who Hired Him To Kill His 6th Wife...


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Friday, 7 July 2017

Killer Killed By Man Who Hired Him To Kill His 6th Wife...

Confusing headline huh?
A Nevada jury sentenced to death a man convicted of killing the hitman he’d hired to murder his sixth wife

Last week, jurors found Thomas Randolph, 62, guilty on two counts of first-degree murder. On Wednesday, they handed down two death sentences for the 2008 murders — one for the murder of his sixth wife, Sharon Causse, and the other for his hired hitman, Michael James Miller, PEOPLE confirms.

On August 23, Randolph will return to court for the formal entry of the death sentence by a judge.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Randolph showed no emotion when the sentence was read. Colleen Beyer, the daughter of the woman Randolph ordered to be killed, cried and embraced friends.

“He’s a monster,” Beyer told the Review-Journal. “He’s one evil, evil monster.”

In 2008, Randolph told police he saw an intruder in a black ski mask in the entrance hallway of his home after finding his wife shot. NBC3 News Las Vegas reports that Randolph claimed he acted in self-defense and fatally shot the intruder.

The Review-Journal reports Randolph has been held without bail since 2009 in the Clark County Detention Center.

Randolph was to get more than $360,000 in insurance money after Causse’s death, reports the Review-Journal.

In 1986, Randolph went on trial for allegedly killing his second wife, Becky Gault, in Utah, the Las Vegas Sun reports. Gault’s death was eventually deemed a suicide by the coroner and Randolph was acquitted. Her death provided roughly $500,000 in insurance money for Randolph, the Review-Journal reports.

In his last trial, the prosecution pointed out similarities between Causse’s 2008 death and Gault’s 1986 death.

“I don’t think the jury could have come up with anything else but death,” Sandra Miner, a friend of Randolph’s wife, told NBC3.

Miner said “if they could resurrect him, he deserves to be killed a second time,” reports NBC3.

Last Friday, after Randolph had been convicted and was facing the death penalty, the 62-year-old wore a Tony Romo jersey into the courtroom, the Review-Journal reports.

The Review-Journal reports that Randolph’s defense attorneys plans to appeal, but all capital punishment cases are automatically appealed, the court told PEOPLE. If the judge confirms Randolph’s sentence on Aug. 23, an automatic appeal will take place.

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Miss Ess said...

Not confusing at all. The headline says it all.

Teemah said...

Cold Cold heart...

Sharon Aminu said...

Foolish man

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...


sholetoga said...

The heart of man is desperately wicked.....hian

anonymous donor said...

365 tthousand dollars when 50 Milla dey ikoyi apartment dey waste. HmmMmmmmm

jelly said...

Wicked man

Anonymous said...

Who's more wicked than man . None

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