Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 181


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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Labour Room Drama 181

She did nothing but cry and then a miracle happened!

Good day  Stella.
I give God all the glory that my own day to send in my LRD chronicles finally came (it's a bit lengthy though). It was a beautiful yet not so smooth journey, but I am alive to share it today. 

I got pregnant immediately I got married. I was super excited, but unfortunately I miscarried. God was faithful to give me another chance. I took in again the next month. 

The first three months of my pregnancy came with all the symptoms you can imagine. It was really rough for me. The rest of the months was a smooth sail. People didn't even know I was pregnant till my 8th month lol. 

DH was more than amazing throughout the journey.

Fast forward to 38 weeks 4days , I went for my routine check up, when my doctor told me my BP had been consecutively high. Protein was also found in my urine. She suggested I should be induced. 

I was happy because i was tired of being pregnant. So I was scheduled to be induced the next day.

The D-day came and I went in with my hubby and sis in law. I was asked not to eat or drink anything including water. The nurse came in to check my cervix. It was still very tight. A medicine was inserted inside me to help soften it, yet nothing. 

The second one was inserted again, and then the third. At this point I was already tired and hungry. I still wasn't allowed to eat, instead I was asked to chew ice. After the third, I was check again. Pitocin was then administered. At that point I started to see fire. I had earlier refused epidural because I wanted to do it natural. But mehnnn! at some point I started to scream for the epidural lol!

Unfortunately, the anesthesia was partially effective because I could feel all the pains but couldn't feel my legs. My BP kept going up also.

At some point I cried so hard and begged the nurse for a cs. Did I add that I was just 1cm all through the night. The next morning, after I had made up my mind on cs, my water broke. 

The nurse encouraged me to wait for some time. I was still 1cm. After about five hours, the doctor came back to check me, I was 4cm. I broke into tears lol. 

A few hours later, the nurse checked again, I was 5cm. Then I was told if in the next 3hrs hours I didn't progress fast, i would be taken in for cs. I kept counting the time because I just wanted the baby out and I knew I didn't have the strength to push.

 I cried, I felt like I was about to die. At some point, i started to tell my hubby i was dying. He prayed for me. I suddenly got this energy and started singing praises to God, decreeing positive things in my life and the life of our baby. 

30mins to the agreed time for the cs, I started feeling really nauseous and a crazy pain in my waist and back. I also started throwing up. Then I heard the nurse shouting and telling me to stop. I was confused for a minute. Then she told me the baby's head was out. The nurse rushed to get the doctor. She came and pulled out my baby. Few minutes later, I pushed out the placenta. 

 Stella, the nurse and doctor couldnt believe it. I could not also believe it. I didn't even push or have any tear. That was simply a miracle. God did it.

To all the expectant mum's, God will give you a jaw dropping testimony too.
Photos are attached for your eyes only lol.

OMG OMG did not push that BIG BABY in the photo?WHAT!!!!!...This is indeed a miracle because your tohtoh eould have needed facelift on a normal day...PRAISE GOD.....I am so shocked!.
Meanwhile your baby be like ''make i pose for photo for SDK blog''....epic


  1. Replies
    1. Amen ooo! Am resounding it from my bed. Amen oooo! Heard a terrible midwife bad treatment yday ,how dey will keep forcing one to go for CS without giving u time. I pray God will surround me with Good and patient pple ijn

    2. Amen ooo! Am resounding it from my bed. Amen oooo! Heard a terrible midwife bad treatment yday ,how dey will keep forcing one to go for CS without giving u time. I pray God will surround me with Good and patient pple ijn

  2. I broke down in tears when I got to the point of "God did it".

    Dear God...I love you!

  3. Thank God for safe delivery and safe delivery to all expectant mothers in the house.

  4. Congrats their. Make I claim this your testimony of not pushing. My own chronicleis coming soon.

  5. Congratulations! God does His things in mysterious ways, thank God.

    Stella Dimoko, you're a clown, lol.

  6. This is shocking. Who doesn't push out baby. This is God in action.

  7. Lol Stella
    Facelift for totoh. Chai...
    Congrats poster, I'm praying for this kind of miracle.

  8. Thank You Jesus

  9. My dear, God heard your praises and declarations. He inhabits(manifests)) in the praises of his people. When u praise God he shows up to show off His glory. I am 29 weeks gonewith my 4th pregnancy and I hv never been this close to God in my previous pregnancies. I don't feel comfortable if I don't praise Him every midnight. This is something I v never done before. . I have requested for epidural from heaven and I know it has been granted. Previous pregnancies had always been inducement with severe labour pains but now MY CASE IS DIFFERENT.

    1. Amen to u. Blv works like miracle

    2. Amen to u. Blv works like miracle

  10. Thank God for his mercies, only Him can do what no man can do, congratulations dearie

  11. Thank God for his mercies, only Him can do what no man can do, congratulations dearie

  12. Miracle God. Congrats poster.

  13. Kai Stella. What is tohtoh?

    OMG!!! Stoppet. Hehehehe

    Congrats madam

  14. Great are u Lord

  15. Congratulations dear

  16. My dear friend, thank God for your miracle. I was smiling when you told hubby you were dying cos I know you are a drama queen. Lol. This is R.

  17. I swear SDK na first class clown @" make i pose for SDK photo". Congrats dear, God keep your baby.

  18. Congrats next in line for my miracle baby in jesus name

  19. God is ever faithful ore mii atata... Many more testimonies we shall share.... when you call upon him, he sure would answer. Thank God Ur Prince Charming came successfully..

  20. It's not fair o, you people always make your photo's for "Stella's eyes only" but she's not the only one reading the blog. Y'all be nice

  21. Congratulations, God who did it for you will do it for me this July

  22. Amen
    Congrats dear
    I must send my own LRB

  23. Congratulations madam. Enjoy motherhood

  24. Congrats madam, your baby is a miracle child! Others will follow his footsteps, with no pushing too

  25. Sweet congrats dear, also praying for supernatural childbirth for mine


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