Stella Dimoko Leonardo DiCaprio Brags About His Dad Bod..


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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio Brags About His Dad Bod..

During the Fourth of July weekend, Leo was allegedly reportedly heard bragging about how he doesn’t work out to a group of unimpressed models at a party in Malibu, Calif...LMAO

This isn’t the first time the A-list celeb and star of Titanic has been caught talking about or sporting his dad bod.

The term “dad bod” blew up in 2015 when Mackenzie Pearson published an essay called “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod.” The term is loosely defined as a male’s body that’s a nice mix of beer gut and working out

from yahoo celebrity.


Anonymous said...

I am just trying to see who I can call sexy in Nollywood again sef?

@Jim iyke? Him tenure don end

@Anonymous Orubebe

Oly Benny said...

His life his body

Amawbia ugbo ogiriga

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

hahahahaha really dad bod. We have so many of them here self. Let me start looking at my guys in the office, i will see dad bod

Kayanmata (NATURAL APHRODISIAC) D623C11B... 08120062969...Order now! said...

Who don Fine don Fine... Leo na Fine Bobo, dad bod or not

Come find me Leo

anonymous gangster said...

Kidjo, come & see & taste that I'm well above average. You'll be sore for days!

Anonymous said...

Monkey, who wants to be walking around with a sore pussy? Better go use your whistle penis nack wall.

jelly said...

He is fine dadboo

Yoo Hwa said...

I love me the body mehn

anonymous gangster said...

Sorry anonymous. From first hand info soreness periodically is good for female souls. If you've never been, too bad!

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