Stella Dimoko London Tatafo Season 75


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Sunday, July 02, 2017

London Tatafo Season 75

Get in here please! 

I greet y'all. I hold my side well well as per the amebo wen I be. Today is going to be a little bit different from the usual gists wey una dey read inside here...

This story you're about to read is of a middle aged nurse in London, a 53 year old woman who claims that her name has been dragged in the mud and she wants the world to hear the truth.

Tatafo was informed that certain uncharitable and scandalous stories have been going viral about this woman. I am going to mention her name because it is necessary that people know how to address her case when they come across the story.

The woman's name is Helen Gbemi Ogundimu. She's an NHS nurse in London and is 53 years of age. Her cry for help reached tatafo and after investigating her matter, I thought it best to also lend a voice through this platform to to correct all the malicious and slanderous accusations that have been levelled against her on the social media.

In a nut shell...

Mrs Helen ogundimu claims to be a victim of cyber bullying after she was called a thief by her erstwhile friend whom she met not too long ago. Helen said that after she fell apart with this friend of hers, that the friend has been sponsoring and publishing lies about her on a certain blog. Ogundimu also confirmed that she understands that her friend's aim is to tarnish her image as a reputable nurse in the UK.

**London people and una drama**

Although, Helen says that she will be taking the matter up legally because she has found viable evidences against her friend to sue for defamation of character, but she however wants to correct the defamatory things said about her on social media. As it was published that Helen, who is also a prophetess in a white garment church, was caught stealing in a store in london in broad day light.

Here's an excerpt from what Helen Gbemi ogundimu had to say

" I am a very dedicated and a proud celestian who has won many souls for the church. I also work hard as a full time nurse and get paid well. So I am not a thief and have never been arrested by the police since i started living in the uk. Its all vindictive lies from xxxx. She started coming after me when i chose to stop my friendship with her after her birthday party which I partly organized for her. I hereby appeal to all intelligent and educated people to please ignore any unfound stories you find about me on her blog and other blogs, as they are mostly malicious from evil people like ×××(friend's name). I will be taking this matter up legally."- Helen Gbemi ogundimu

*igbese.. which kind gbege be this**

Anyway, Tatafo hopes that the message by this woman will be passed across to those who should know. Honestly, someone needs to be used as a scapegoat. Maybe that is when people will learn to use social media responsibly and not as a tool to slander a supposed enemy.

I think this seems to be the main problem ongoing with the people in this web of drama..especially those in Europe. They use every media handle to attack and slander themselves. IT IS WRONG.

Wetin tatafo sabi sef? As long as una drama dey put amebo for my ears.. Mbok Leme face my job.

Tatafo will be back again

Stella my bae, will send the email address shortly. I rove you.

Na wah!!!
Drama everywhere you turn.
Meanwhile Tatafo you don dey do PR work?As in you wan collect work for we hand?No try am ooooh....


  1. Na real wah!

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    1. Stella remove this post.They lied against this woman. Ruth Nkechi blog is fake. The try to spoil people with their fake blogging.

    2. Stella this news is Biased.Anyway Tokubo Aboderin has told us once that she called you and threaten you. So you belong to TOKUNBO ABODERIN bullying team. Stella dimokokus remove this post.Everybody knows this woman case is mental and she confirmed it that she is on medication. Stop posting what you don't know you are too big to blog lies like that woman and he cohorts.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. TOKUNBO ABODERIN is crazy. HELEN OGUNDIMU exposed her that's why she's pained.Every body knows that Tokunbo Aboderin is on medication. Anon16 23.The post is to debunk their lies. They publish lies against the woman.Esabod an co are fools

    5. They will definitely use OMO EWE and IT A EWE as scape goats. The stupid Folashade went to polodee house 12 midnight imagine. Those people are crazy

  2. Another sponsored post from abike tolu ghaba kwane's camp against Esabod.
    Stella plus retire this tatafo we Don try naaa....since March every story has bn about the Esabod/Aj Facebook saga

    For those in naija here are the players
    Camp A (popular referred to as omo ewe)
    Esabod - tokunbo aboderin (Leaf seller- unapologetic vlogger : behaves like Kemi olunloye)
    Olubukola Jesse yeye mesh
    Folashade Olatunji
    King Kola
    Nkechi Okija

    Camp B
    Dorcas Adeyinka (hunchback attention seeking dumped wife - also called ladypolodee)
    Tolulope Ghaba - ( leader of this group - famous for bullying and leaking her ex bestie's secrets)
    Iyalawon gbogbo - Tolu's mouthpiece
    Abimbola sonde
    Omowonuola aka Dara Dara
    Helen - used to belong to the Esabod camp till their fallout

    1. You and your mentally disorder IYA EWE is a fool.Helen ogundimu exposed your IYA EWE mental status that's why they are pained

    2. Camp A PRO pele o. Una go dey alright. WERE gbogbo

  3. Wow! Tatafo, is this biased or what? I read all the stuff you send to Stella and I would suggest Stella drops this segment if tatafo is not willing to balance her reporting. There are loads of other gists flying all over London, please keep all of this overflogged drama limited to Facebook. See how you dragged my out of hibernation. Na wa. You trying too hard tatafo. You can do better than constantly feeding us bile. Thank you in advance.

    1. Don't mind this stupid tatafo,Stella don't leave your eyes open and allow this tatafo ruin your image in the society,Stella you have a name,you have a career you have built with your sweat,you have prestige,people love and adore you Stella.dont let this anonymous tatafo with no face or identity to bring you down with this her omo aye saga she keeps bringing on your blog to give them open support.these people fighting are doing it in the open on social media already.stop bringing your omo aiye fraternity story here tatafo,keep supporting tolulope Basirat with your fake id on Facebook,don't come and ruin Stella's blog for us.tatafo go away we reject you

  4. Just passing 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋

  5. Really tatafo!!!! Oloriburuku ni é oo,stop bringing your filthy omo aye gang members story here on Stella's blog biko,we're already full filled up with the audios and videos on Facebook sided story all the time,we watch them all on social media,they are all doing all these blasphemy to each other omo aye and omo ewe,they are all guilty of this thing you're blaming only esabod for.they are doing tit for tat for each other,but I observe those omo aye are so vile and devilish,they go to the extreme and fight really dirty.hmmmnnn it just baffles me how some people keep coming on social media to fight for almost a year now,what kind of human beings are these people???and they are all toothless barking dogs,upon all the curses,rip things,swearing and lies upon lies,fake stories about each other,nothing still dey happen people should start killing one another one by one since you can't stop these nonsense maybe we will hear word then

  6. #The strongest people aren't always the people who win, but the people who don't give up when they lose*

  7. Helen ogundimu is a Nurse it a Ewe is sick and Helen ogundimu exposed her medication that's why they are paine.Stella don't let d stupid Tokunbo Aboderin threaten you



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