Stella Dimoko Six Abducted Lagos Students Have Regained Their Freedom


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Friday, July 28, 2017

Six Abducted Lagos Students Have Regained Their Freedom

After 64 days in captivity, the six abducted pupils of the Lagos State Model College, Igbonla, Epe, regained their freedom on Friday.

Although details of their release are still sketchy, punch learnt the kids were released in Ajakpa Community in Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

A senior police officer said the children had been moved to the Ondo State Police Command headquarters in Akure.

It was gathered that no ransom was paid before the victims were released.

According to a source, the abducted kids would be taken to the Ondo State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu at the Ondo State Government House Akure, the state capital by the security operatives.

One of the parents of the children basked in euphoria when contacted on the telephone.

“I am the happiest person on earth right now. When I called the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to confirm the news, he said ‘congratulations, they have been released’.”


  1. I read in the Punch of saturday that 31million naira has been paid.
    Thank God they are safe now.

    1. Because this are boys no one is asking "I hope they were not raped question" if it were young women that will be the majority of comments below

    2. U are your own security in this present Nigeria!
      I was at the bank today wen an elderly man picked his call and next I heard was""olorun ose"
      Then d man started to cry....upon enquiry, he said all d parents od d abducted kids paid 50million but they were not realised until lagos government added another 5omillion!
      Nobody is safe in Nigeria..
      I weep for my country!

    3. Anon 22:28.

      Nobody is asking because right now that they are alive after 65 days is the most important thing.

      Nobody is asking because men are the main instigators of rape. 95 % of rape cases are generated from men. Argue with Google. A few days ago, your fellow males raped a 14 year old girl to death. Somebody's child.
      Gang of 6 men like you. Sebi these ones are alive? We thank the Lord.

      Please leave your Jamb question for next year inugo?

      Celebrate with us as we welcome our sons.

      The parents of the children are probably still kneeling down wherever they are thanking God.
      If there are any other issues, they will sort them out without your help.

    4. Money exchanged hands abeg. But they have to code it so not to encourage other kidnappers. So happy.

      Please God keep our children safe in school.

    5. Of course money exhange hands. They just have to code it so not to encourage other kidnappers. Thank God the kids are back safe.

      Please God keep our children safe in school. It's no longer funny

  2. Great news. So happy for their family members. Glory be to God.

  3. Thank God!!I know millions will be paid for their release.

  4. Hallelujah meje fun baba.
    I hope the boys are in good condition of health mentally and emotionally.
    Chai.... their parents must have died a million times over before now. I'm just soooo happy for them.

    1. Halleluyah, halleluyah, halleluyah, halleluyah, halleluyah, halleluyah, Haaaaaleluyah so onibuore.
      This good news, thank God for his goodness using serious government to bring them back.

    2. If you have been kept in captivity for 65 days I'm sure it will be like a party for you abi?

  5. Oh thank God. Freedom at last.

    They look startled anyway.

  6. Thank God for them,imagine the trauma they would have undergo both parents and the boys

  7. Thank God. How can a person or group of persons kidnapped someone's kid for 65 days? What wickedness all in the name of making money. The trauma these parents must have gone through can only be imagine
    Congratulations to the parents

  8. Thank God for their safe return. .

  9. Oh God thank you!!!

    Just the best news ever.

    I have so many questions but right now I m just soooooo happy and grateful.

    1. Exactly. So many questions. So these kidnappers will go just like that with the amount of money collected? 🙄

    2. Sisi Eko, I'm almost certain that money exchanged hands like you said.
      The police will NEVER disclose this. It's seen as failure on their part and will serve to encourage potential and veteran kidnappers.*side eyes at Evans.

      But right now I'm so happy.
      I've been counting the days. Innocent children.
      I'm so so happy.

      Jehovah be praised.

  10. Who said no ransom was paid? Is a lie ooo they paid in millions ooo our neighbour's son is one of the victim even the last money they requested that keeps us wondering if the children are still alive was the two million that was paid last but we thank God it ended in praise after going to many places for solutions

  11. Glory to the Lord for their safe return. But with the exobitant amounts kidnappers are making from this demonic activity, it appears the terrible menace has come to stay.

  12. Glory be to God for their return, may our children not fall victim..we should always commit our going out and coming in into God's hands because no security in Nigeria

  13. Wow if this could happen in Lagos, while would someone call Chibok girls a scam. FFK and co why didn't you sing for these boys release? bcoz there is nothing to gain for you.

  14. I have a feeling this particular SRT of kidnappers will be arrested before December.
    The reason the kids looks calm was probably bcos they had each others company yo 1 person who had to live in terror and no mate to ease off with...also the kidnappers fed them and since they were boarders,d food might be slightly different/better from the school dining room.
    Just watch...

  15. Thank God for their safe return. Only God knows these kids and their parents went through. They need support and good therapy. God help us, security in this country is in shambles. For the kidnappers they should have it in their minds that karma has their address. Beautiful morning all

  16. Oh thank You Lord! Thank you Jesus, I can only imagine how happy their parents would be right now. Thank You Lord!


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