Stella Dimoko Gov Wike Reportedly Says He Will Die To Stop APC Winning Rivers State In 2019


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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Gov Wike Reportedly Says He Will Die To Stop APC Winning Rivers State In 2019

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, on Sunday gave an indication that the 2019 election in Rivers State could be as violent as previous elections.

Speaking on his preparedness to defend his party’s votes with his life, Mr. Wike was quoted by his spokesperson as saying “I am ready to place myself on line, nobody will take Rivers State.”

Mr. Wike’s statements were contained in a statement by his spokesperson, Simon Nwakaudu, who said the governor spoke at a thanksgiving service.

The governor also spoke about a recent ruling by the Court of Appeal that annulled the election of a PDP senator and replaced him with that of the APC.

“2019, they will not succeed. As far as we are concerned, we have no senator in Rivers East. The man going there has no capacity to represent us,” he said.

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Rappakatakata said...

Together with other political power brokers in Rivers state, he will live to reap to fruits of discord he (they) sow in that state when old age come calling and they begin to desire peace.
That coming from a state governor is sad, really sad.

Anonymous said...

Apc even got in place in rivers.They should remain in the north and west.

ola wealth said...

They should eat the power na..
Shebi its their father's wealth.
Let him continue to chop it.
The day you will slip n fall inside your bathroom is coming.
Hungry bastards

Anonymous said...

No one will loose sleep over his death. There is power in our tongue. We should be careful what we say carelessly

jonathan jostico said...

na joke, believe me

Anonymous said...

APC should leave river alone please

Bold Marehi said...

Hmmmm see declaration all in the name of power. Mtchew

Dorcas Eziho said...

Nyesome wike has no life already,imagine d statement out of his mouth a man who calls himself a governor,what then is his advice 2 individuals? No fear of God,is a shame and a pity,somebody that has no life,which life does he want to stake?anyway he is a frustrated man.

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