Stella Dimoko Grace Mugabe Has Lost It 5 Times So Far....


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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Grace Mugabe Has Lost It 5 Times So Far....

 As outrage grows over Grace Mugabe’s evasion of assault charges in South Africa, eNCA takes a look at previous incidents during which she reportedly lashed out or provoked violence:

• JANUARY 2006

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and his wife were at the Garden City Hospital in Johannesburg for a medical check-up. They were greeted by protesters picketing outside the clinic to show their anger that the president had destroyed the healthcare system in his own country.

Journalist Mandy Wiener recalls trying to get comment from Grace Mugabe as she left the clinic. The first lady allegedly wagged her finger at Wiener and threatened her: "I will beat you."


A British photographer alleged that Grace Mugabe repeatedly punched him on 15 January 2009, after he tried to take pictures of her as she left a hotel in Singapore.

Richard Jones claimed the Zimbabwean first lady flew into a rage when she saw him outside the five-star Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel where she was staying. Mugabe allegedly ordered her bodyguards to attack Jones, and then joined in the assault.

Jones reportedly suffered numerous bruises, cuts and abrasions to his head and face, caused by Mugabe’s diamond rings. Security officers intervened to stop the assault.

He made a statement to police but Mugabe was never charged due to her diplomatic immunity.

• MARCH 2017

Riot police, reportedly acting on behalf of Grace Mugabe, knocked down homes on farms she had decided to take over. Human Rights Watch said villagers who tried to stop the destruction of their homes were beaten.

• JULY 2017

Mugabe was detained briefly at a hospital in Singapore after she was involved in yet another fracas with journalists.

Her husband had flown there for medical treatment.

Upon arrival, several journalists were waiting at their hotel. The Zimbabwean first lady is said to have flown into a rage, charging at the journalists, destroying some of their equipment and throwing the cellphone of one reporter into a pond.

She was not charged due to diplomatic immunity.

• 13 AUGUST 2017

Twenty-year-old Johannesburg model Gabriella Engels opened a case of assault against Grace Mugabe. She said the first lady attacked her on Sunday, August 13, after she had gone to see the Mugabe sons Robert and Chatunga at a hotel in Sandton. When Mugabe saw Engels in the company of her sons, she allegedly attacked the young woman using an extension cord. Engels suffered lacerations and bruises.

Mugabe reportedly told authorities she would hand herself over to police but instead jetted out of the country back to Harare.

Grace Mugabe is not the only one in the family who has a history of physical altercations. In July 2017, The Independent in Harare reported that Mugabe’s sons Robert and Chatunga Bellarmine were evicted from their luxury flat in Sandton, Johannesburg, after a brawl that saw a security guard’s leg and arm being broken.


  1. Lol. Grace is far from being Graceful

  2. Wonderful woman with wonderful cv of beating people.

    So she was afraid. foolish woman

    1. First Lady with no class. Beating ppl up and down. Disgusting.

  3. Hmmm. Her actions shows a bitter woman. Hope she didn't suffer from DV

  4. Replies
    1. As in eh!!!🙄 With her annoying hubby join.😏😏😏

  5. She is not just temperamental but power drunk. I wish the South African authorities could open a case against her for assaulting that girl. If na me I go wound you back & deep, shegeh. You cannot cut my face like that & go free, for wetin na. Claiming diplomatic immunity here & there, somebody should just defend themselves and whoop her a** immediately b4 she jets out. Nonsense!
    And she is tipped to take over from her husband as if Zimbabwe is a monarchy of some sort. Mscheew. Africa!

  6. Very violent set of people in the family

  7. Na lie, the SA government probably told them to go to avoid any embarrassment between the two countries. Fled ko, flier ni. Case that is dead on arrival.

  8. The woman likes privacy, and she believes in the principle that says "spare the rod, and you spoil the child". I am sure the young lady she assaulted must have done something wrong, maybe a wrong word, and Grace being a moralist gave her the type of beating called "receive manners".

    Those journalists and photographers must have gotten on her nerves by intruding into her privacy shikena!

    1. You are stupid. It's in your DNA.

      I hope one day she meets you and uses you to do tissue paper for her bum. Okpo.

    2. Are u for real? Tell me you are joking please!!!

    3. Moralist my ass someone that cheated on her husband with Mugabe and then matried him after he killed her husband. Please say something else. She is crazy and she feels she will get away with all the stupid stunts she pull so she will keep displaying madness.

    4. Her first husband is still alive o. He was even given a national honour and is even on appointment

      Yes, she was Mugabe's secretary and mistress while still in her 1st marriage...she even gave birth to 2 children for Mugabe while still married to d 1st man...when d news of her atrocity became public, the man just told himself "my mumu don do" and divorced her...she jejely married Mugabe that same year...Mugabe's wife had died a few years earlier...Grace Mugabe=badt ass bitch!!
      My heart goes out to the young girl she assaulted.. dem no go do her anything sef thanks to diplomatic immunity...the girl shd take heart and collect enough money from those boys to treat her injuries nd compensate herself

    5. Adebiyi Ayorinde is a foolish boy.

  9. 5 times ke???

    That's just the ones you know na, what about the ones that have not been reported about her? The ones they've managed to sweep under the carpet?

    This one needs a straight jacket and anger management courses asap. Can imagine what her PA and household go through.

    1. So true. The ones that happen in Zimbabwe that nobody can report

  10. Haba...look at the corpse she is living with and has to endure smashing from plus kissing sef!You too go get anger issues na...the ancestor has refused to die and she is angry.

    1. Smashing? She's probably steadily cheating on him whilst he's asleep on a chair in the same bedroom! The woman is a power drunk maniac. And she's got away with such unacceptable behaviour for so long that it's now considered normal to her people.

      I don't blame her, I blame the spineless people of that country who've allowed one man to rule over them and destroy their country in the process.

      I struggle to respect anyone who tells me they're from Zimbabwe; they must be the most stupid people on earth to have allowed one man destroy their country for so long. When I think about how Nigeria toppled Abacha who had the same aspirations, it makes me wonder why Zimbabweans have found it impossible to remove this man and his odious wife.

    2. You struggle to respect yadi yadi ya... Your own country that you people are like slaves nko. With govt stealing left right and center nko. Abeg gerrout, ugly reptile.

    3. Anon 10.56. I'm not responsible for your sad miserable, maggot infested life. Social media has made it possible for nonentities like you to have a voice. I aired my opinion without calling names. Go back into whatever hole you crawled out from. Disabled miscreant.

  11. No one is asking if she beats her husband too. She has to be his weakness na abi?


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