Stella Dimoko Jealous Housewife Poison's Co-Wife's Son


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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jealous Housewife Poison's Co-Wife's Son

A young teenage wife who was jealous of the first wife has poisoned the woman’s baby out of deep hatred.

A 17-year-old housewife has confessed after poisoning her stepson in Bauchi state. The woman identified as Hindatu Abdullahi said she attempted to kill her rival’s two-week old baby because of the deep hatred she had for her husband and his first wife – the baby’s mother.

According to Punch, Hindatu who hails from Wuro Bogga village, Duguri District of Alkaleri Local Government Area of Bauchi State, said she had been married to her husband, Abdullahi Ori, for two years.

Speaking in an interview with newsmen while being paraded at the Bauchi State Police Command headquarters on Wednesday, she said her father forced her into the marriage when she was just 15 years old.

She said: “My husband and I have been married for two years now and we have a child. He married me as his second wife. He used to love me dearly, but he suddenly started maltreating me.

“He would beat me, insult me and abuse me at the slightest provocation. I reported his maltreatment to my parents all the time, but they have never believed what I told them, since it was their idea for me to marry him.

“My father forced me to marry him, against my wish. I have been staying in my husband’s house just because of my parents.”

Abdullahi, who sobbed while she spoke to newsmen said: “I have not been in good terms with my husband and my rival. We are always fighting. I don’t know why I did what I did, but I regret it.

“Whatever punishment that will be given to me should be done, but every time I remember my action, I keep regretting doing what I did.

According to the mother of one, her husband travelled to Saudi Arabia for the ongoing hajj; and when her rival went out, she went into her room and took her baby to her own room.

After that, she added, she administered what was suspected to be poison on the infant, but the baby didn’t drink it.

“I quickly removed his clothes and cleaned the poison with it. I became very confused, realising what I had done,” she said.

Abdullahi said further that the baby was then rushed to the hospital and the nurse said the baby did not swallow the poison.

“My siblings took me to my co-wife and I apologised to her and she said she has forgiven me; but she left everything to God to judge.

“They called my husband on phone and told him and he vowed to divorce me when he returns from his pilgrimage,” she added.

She claimed that she was given 80 strokes of the cane after her husband’s brother insisted that she must be punished for her crime.

“He (my husband’s brother) took me to a vigilance office in our area and they gave me 80 strokes of the cane besides the tax they placed on my father, which he paid.

“My husband’s brother said he wasn’t satisfied with the punishment I was given, so he took me to the Police Station at Maina Maji, where I spent two nights before they brought me here” (Bauchi State Police Command headquarters)” she said.


  1. Replies
    1. Very sad. 😢😢

      She's 17 now. Married tge husband 2years ago. Meaning, she was just 15 when they married her off.

    2. The husband should also be arrested for child abuse. This would continue to happen if they do not stop cradle snatching.

      Poor 'children'.

  2. OMG! This is frustration. Parents should stop marrying this kids off to men. They should just stop it.

  3. OMG! This is frustration. Parents should stop marrying this kids off to men. They should just stop it.

  4. But it doesn't state that the baby died. Sad. The heart of man. #childnotbride#

  5. Always in that part of Nigeria. Say no to child abuse.

    May the soul of the dead RIP.

  6. The baby didn't die na @Stella's headline abi am I reading wrongly?

  7. From the story the baby didnt die naa?

  8. Thank goodness that the innocent baby is alright.
    Rivalry, laced with wickedness. Naaawaaoo!

  9. Stella! wrong caption. The baby didnt drink the poison. She attempted to poison the baby but Olowogbogboro was involved. Alhamdullilah!

  10. Thank God the baby survived.. parents bee ruining their daughter's happiness.. mtschewwww

  11. Say no to "diaper marriage"
    Say no to VVF
    Say no to child marriage

  12. That is what happens when you force a child that is still emotionally and psychologically immature into marriage.

  13. Nwunye korkus correct your headline biko

  14. Oh God thank you that the baby didn't die. Say no to early marriage. Child not bride.

  15. imagine... i gat nothing to say sha

  16. ThankGod the baby didn't die, the man should be arrested too for child abuse, marrying a 15yrs old when there are matured ladies out there haba!

  17. What is a baby doing getting married.@15 she can barely know left from right.

  18. This is a cry for help and 17 is still underage for all intents and purposes.
    Another case of people becoming parents because they can procreate . So sad

  19. Northerners and backwardness. The man that married her @ 15 should be arrested too. #childnotbride


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