Stella Dimoko Kevin Hart Responds With Cryptic Message To Ex-Wife Torrei's Claims That He Cheated


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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kevin Hart Responds With Cryptic Message To Ex-Wife Torrei's Claims That He Cheated

Kevin Hart is speaking out following his ex-wife Torrei Hart‘s claims that he and his current wife, Eniko Parrish, started dating before he split with her.

“Going to be honest with you people, I’m at a point where I can’t even be shocked anymore. All I do is laugh man,” Hart, 38, said in a selfie video uploaded to his Instagram Story.

“Even after writing a book, a very good book, about my life in great detail … [it’s] still not enough?” the actor continued in a separate clip.

“Even after talking about my life in my stand up specials, a lot of stand up specials, you actually see me grow as a man through my stand up specials, still not enough?” Hart said in another brief video.

Though the star did not address his ex-wife’s claims head-on, he did conclude his series of videos saying: “This will act as nothing but material for your boy", he added.


  1. Replies
    1. I mean best reply he could've given considering he has to consider both women. First of all, he has admitted cheating before now and even apologized to the Torrei. It's also in the book.
      Now he keeps wanting people to move on from that and not judge Eniko for it anymore.
      Still #teamTorrei

  2. Well the real drama started with Eniko's anniversary post. She said they'd been together 8 years and someone calmly pointed out to her that Kevin was still married 8 years ago, she responded, Torrei naturally clapped back. Eniko should have just kept quiet abeg now this one is acting all butt hurt.

    1. And Eniko mistakenly actually said the truth!!! They were already dating and coding it before the divorce!you know what? Women are the problem of the whole world ( I am also a woman) We women hurt other women! We women train the very same men who disrespect women and cheats up and down! The same women crying foul that her man cheats is the same who will later become a horrible mother inlaw supporting a cheating son! the cycle continues!! Only women can save themselves by doing their best to groom wholesome men, By removing their eyes from peoples Husband's and by being content! haba!

  3. Stella please get your story right. Her present side chick turned wife started the whole drama. The ex-wife never said anything. Kevin is reacting to people are saying that he started dating Eniko before his divorce. Don't drag his ex-wife into this.

  4. Part of the job.

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  5. He should go and sit down, Eniko already said it that she wasn't the only side chick and that she dated Kevin for 8years meanwhile he divorced his ex wife barely 6years ago. So what is he saying? They should enjoy their marriage.

  6. Gerraway here man! Was it not Eniko that threw the barbs first? And your ex wife responded with class. I read the article yesterday on yahoo and was shocked at what your wife did and the both parties are co-parenting ...she is the wife now, she doesn't need to keep throwing jabs at your ex. Grow up!

  7. Please, he should shut his mouth! I like Kelvin Hart a lot but, the truth is as clear as white and black.

    And Stella Dimoko, his ex wife was not the one that started this brouhaha. Numbers don't lie!
    It was that Eniko that started it and one commenter left a comment on her post then, she (Eniko) came out to show her true colours.

    Stella Dimoko, you need find his ex wife reply to the present wife, even her short reply on TMZ.
    That woman is mature and quite articulate.

    1. Like! Torrei is so articulate! First thing I thought when I read her response. Babe's got class!

  8. Dude! Shut the fuck up! U were sleeping with the Eczema Eniko Eclipse or watefa her name is while u were still married to ur ex wife! Ur side chic turned wife shot herself in the leg yesterday by stating that there were many other women during ur marriage to ur ex! Keep ur mistress in line abeg and tell her to keep the mother of ur kids name of her cheating lying mouth

    1. Loooooooool Eczema and Eclipse, haba chill a bit.

      Yo Kevin, stay out of the drama, especially females drama.

      It wont end well for you.

  9. nextttttttttttt plssssssssss....hmmm Stella u have got a new bae... #nwanyiAbakalikiwashere


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