Stella Dimoko Lady Who Called Off Wedding After A Lavish Introduction Ceremony Slams 'Frenemies' And Is Called Out Yet Again As A HO


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Friday, August 25, 2017

Lady Who Called Off Wedding After A Lavish Introduction Ceremony Slams 'Frenemies' And Is Called Out Yet Again As A HO

The lady who called off her wedding after a lavish introduction ceremony to a Malaysian guy and admonished women to at least date a man for two days before marriage is at it again. 

This is coming after her intended husband shared dirty details into what transpired between them.Now she is calling out disloyal friends, alleged she was poisoned and blackmailed by jealous friends.

The drama took another direction as a cousin of a friend she appreciated in the post replied her and labelled her a liar....

We girls are our own problems,

Remember when some girls I freely empowered few months ago turned out to gossip me, I made the post publicly.

Remember when I told you my close girlfriend gave me poison ; all because I started acting movies then taking pictures with some known faces and this girl thought I have made it in life.
Thus, she poisoned me but thank God I was saved.

Do you still remember when one of my old time best friends by name Ndidiamaka Okafor from same local government with me conspired with some dudes to blackmail me out of jealousy with a picture of me seated on a toilet with just bra and bum short ?

When a ransom was demanded and I refused to pay a dime they uploaded it On Facebook with a completely nude picture of a girl I don't know and tagged us "lesbian partners". Smiles

The stuff trended for a short while and ended.

That one taught me never to keep a silly photo on my phone and never to give any access to my phone anyhow.

A lot of people gave me idea on how to deal with her , some said pour her acid , others said kill her because she is heartless , the other said let's organize n delete her details via her skul Ict so dat she ends up wasting her number years in school.

I smiled and said/did nothing because no one pushes me to do a thing except my spirit .
Vengeance is of the Lord and not human .

Later I told her thank you girlfriend for the hurt let my God fight for me because He alone sees my heart and knows what and whom I am.

She apologized and I forgave her, out of shame of sighting me on social media she blocked me herself , I smiled and moved on . All in the other of my Fb account dat my ex messed with.

Again, remember how I helped a girl in my year 2 , paid for her school fees in Esut so she could join in writing exams.
She ended up not paying me till date dat I ve graduated rather she started beefing me. Smiles

Last year, a fiancΓ© of my best friend decided to cheat on my friend but unfortunately he didn't know my person , so he came and criticized my girlfriend before me and asked me to start dating him so we can get married too and I smiled and politely turned him down.
Yes , I owe my gal some loyalty thus Because of my love for women which I passed unto my girlfriend I had to save her the pain by not letting her know what transpired between me and his He goat of a boyfriend then.
Because I don't want to be the reason for their breakup becos am not ready to serve as a replacement if it goes bad between them.

Funny enough , the same guy out of guilty conscience started blackmailing me before my girlfriend , telling her all sorts of shits and how I have been begging him to lay with me.
My girlfriend took it up immediately and started beefing me without asking any question , I felt bad , I was broken because a girl I had her back failed to understand my person.
She blatantly accused me becos she was in love and believed the dude over me, I smiled n moved , We didn't talk for months but later , I was justified .
God fought for me and returned my friendship with her and now we are best of friends again , Yes she can die for me now because she understands better a person I am even when I have not spoken she knows the truth already.
This girlfriend is no other but Anyaragbu Chisom Linda , I love you dear and you know it .

Remember how I started small scale businesses for some young girls with terms but they ended up not meeting to conditions at all and still turned me an enemy , etc

I started a free Youth Empowerment , some still sidelined the "Youth" in quote and replaced it with "Girls" alone , thus calling me a bitter young Feminist that all I do is about women.
Shebi na women go marry you (Quoting their exact words usage then )
To mention only but a Few

Majority of the pains and scandals I have passed through are caused to me by women.

Same women I love so much
Same women I fight for
Same women I can't hurt with words let alone otherwise
Same women I empower (not becos I ve too much but because I understand what it means to have nothing )
Same women , I want to tell my past ugly experience so they learn from me because I love them and wouldn't wish any of them to see what I saw because not all can survive it to tell the gist.

But the same women are the one more hateful
Envious and antagonizing over nothing.
Same women are the one judging even when their blood can't wash away a dime iniquity .
Same women are the one abusing and ranting on my space here on FB

Am strong because , what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger .

Above all the damage women has caused me in life , I will still Love and cherish women because they are awesome .

Yes, I am a woman and am proud to be one
I will never stop assisting women
And I will forever stand with women .

Father Lord , In my next world please create me a woman again and again .

Yes, I can't regret my gender for any reason.

Even though am closer to men in real life than women because I am afraid of women but still
I love women unapologetically .

"Okibe Olivia which mumu people u dey empower?you that cant even afford good cloth and shoes for yourself na you dey empower your village witches.See house when u even take do introduction sef,e be like where hausa dey rear goat and cow.empower your family before coming out to make noise that's if u can.i dey shame for u useless child u no fear bring my cousin little sis Anyaragbu Chisom Linda into your mess abi...when you at 35yrs unmarried you will understand what u are doing to yourself cause you are still a baby..if you mention my cousin's name again for your useless prodigal life drama u will end up dead as a result of a full force depression you will get from everything I will post and write about you on social media that you have use to destroy yourself and your family name and when I say everything i mean everything about your wayward life that your ex husband Emeka Augustine refuse to say because he wants to cover up your shame for you not to commit suicide..just try me and see cause I supported you at first when this whole thing started,I even inbox you just to tell you that you did well by letting go of your ex husband abi boyfriend but never knew you are a snitch and a spoilt child with a brainless head...just try me and see"


  1. Somebody should call this girl to order

    1. Like seriously!!! Shes going krazy 4 real. Mscheeeeeeeew

    2. anonymous to bahd25 August 2017 at 10:26

      And stop the flow of tea!? Never!

    3. Too much banana no sense.tonto must be her mentor

    4. LMAO 😁 @ free empowerment for youths and opening small scale business for women....odiegwu

    5. You saw that too @Amanda Favour?? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    6. This girl hmmmm. Okay she likes tending her own call to fame. Good for her, please sis don't stop posting on social media oh, we are enyoing the drama.

  2. Somebody should call this girl to order

    1. anonymous to bahd25 August 2017 at 10:27

      And stop the flow of tea!? Never! Had to repeat since you posted twice, hehehe!

    2. I tire o! Madam Olivia, stop talking already!! Ah ah! You should have just stopped talking with your very first post! Leave a little mystery and not dignify every accusation/story after that with a response! Just stop talking! The more you respond, the less credible you seem!
      If you won't spill everything that transpired, then let it go! It's almost like the bad fish paradigm!

  3. You got engaged to you ex due to poverty,according to you,where then did you get money to help your friends?Obirinnnnn,edaku rest

    1. NNE I wonder ooo. She's now doing paid adverts on her Facebook wall.

    2. She got the money from her runs and introduction money sprayed her now. Very foolish child contradicting herself. One minute poor the other minute philanthropist.

  4. This is getting messier by the day

  5. I stopped reading at "we girls are our own problems", I don't have shitty friends and I am not a shitty friend. Aunty should speak for herself and do better next time. NEXT!

  6. Barracudianusa - Why are you having so many issues with your species, I want to understand something, are you chris from the "everybody hates chris" sitcom? all I read there was hate and hate and more hate, aren't you sure you showed some form of hubris, and made then jealous? why are you around those sorta friends even? "show me your friends and I will show you who you are", LOL.

    Everyone is a saint when making their own stories, I just think you should keep your life horrors to your self, life is short, move on.


  7. Okay so i just read that she's an actress and now I know why she's doing this

    Actors and attention seeking is synonymous
    She wants to be a social media sensation to boost her acting career I think
    Girl, you're mentally unbalanced
    Take several seats and be humble.

    1. This one actress?πŸ˜‰ Thank God ayam no longer krazy about watching naija movies like I used to though.

  8. Poor child pls God save your little one from the hands of the evil ones for they're many . I can relate with this girl women are too envious and wicked .

  9. is she praising herslef or what?? Ayam not understanding...sounds like she want to use this brouhaha with her 'husband' to get fame ....but kOLEWERK cuz she is just messing herself up

  10. I think Efe can do it, someborry , someborry someborry ... I know someborry who fit make am sit up, this person be person wey fit make am do push up, him go help am lift him head up cos no be like say she be baby wey dey drink from tea cup. Ohhhhh people I know someborry, someborry someborry someborry.

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u ppl won't kill me

    2. Efe can help her I think, where be that someborry wey fit help this mad woman. I'm looking for someborry. Somebori play me music if you dig.

  11. Hmmmm ladies and their wahala

  12. Women doing women since 1800...

  13. I can't believe i was about reading what she wrote to the end
    Chukwu aju!!
    Olivia who cares about you?

  14. She's going through something, she needs help asap

  15. Facebook drama and brouhaha loading

  16. Na small pikin dey worry her, she wants the world to notice her, as the most controversial lady, not knowing that she is destroying her image, "Runs girl"

  17. She's always smiling and letting go, I think she should venture into toothpaste advert.

    This girl is too young for all these baggages... baby girl drop it all at Jesus feet. Check your character too, everybody can't be hating on you just like that. Onto the next.

  18. Where are her siblings, cousins or aunts? They should call this girl to order.

  19. It's like Federal Government sent these people to come and try and distract me from Buhari's fuck up. It's not werking. try the fuck harder!!!

  20. This babe is all over the place
    She's ranting too much

  21. Mrs empowerment you never tell us wetin make u leave ur ex, u just stylishly left that part n brought up stories that touches. We should do what with this story

  22. See drama....I don't even know who to believe again

  23. who are these ones? Jobless people

  24. Her family and friends should come to her aid. She needs help. She is just destroying her self.

  25. It's okay stop empowering people.
    I read her Ex statement I shame for her not that I support him,but it was too much to be placed on social media!
    Let her people hold her before she throws another bomb.

  26. Mrs Empowerer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Cheerful giver, Student wey Dey pay her fellow student school fees, Madam Entrepreneur, Sisters keeper, Ms Philanthropist, The giver that never lacks, Madam Smilee, The grateful one, The one who everyone just decides to hate, The one who let go of her Ex, Fighter of All women, advocate of the Youth, Chief Speaker for Women affairs......... WehDonMa!!!

  27. Empowerment indeed!
    The young girl needs immediate help. Controversy doesn't pay for some people, it destroys them.

  28. She literally needs to stop posting anything about the whole marriage and the guy. Let everything go like the way it has gone. And just STOP POSTING

  29. This girl is having a psychological problem. I think she's sick or something.

  30. OK, I am officially tired of this gist!

  31. She I'd mentally not okay.
    She is very sick and needs urgent attention before it's gets late.
    Olivia you go dey alright soon.

  32. Gist aff plenty ohhhh. Let me cme n be going... Odiegwu!

  33. Tonto half sister. Hian, can they spill d dirty things about her and allow us rest. This babe get diahorrea of d mouth


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