Stella Dimoko Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic And His Wife Are Pregnant With Twins


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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic And His Wife Are Pregnant With Twins

Better late than never but I thought i should you know that Famous evangelist Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms and legs, and his wife, Kanae Miyahara, are expecting twins.

"Third time around," the New York Times best-selling author says. He and Kanae have two other children: Kiyoshi, born in February 2013, and Dejan, born in September 2015.

Nick, founder of the evangelistic ministry Life Without Limbs, was born with Tetra-amelia syndrome-a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs in the newborn baby.

Despite the challenges he's faced, Nick is today a world-renowned inspirational speaker and author. Last year, his pastor father, Boris, praised his son for using his disability to motivate others not only to overcome personal challenges, but to dedicate their lives to God as well.

from gospelherald.


Miss Ess said...

Congrats to them. Jesus is Lord.


Thank you Lord, I'm happy for them

*Larry was here*

sexy Daddy said...

Wow.Congratulations to you!Your sperm and grace is not LIMB-LESS.

Brain and Beauty. said...

Nick the sharp shooter.Congrats to them.

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

Congratulations to them! I remembered when I first heard about this guy and his beautiful wife, I was awe when I heard him speak.

God is good. Find the ability in your disability and use it for your good and the good of others.

Iphie dearie said...

I followed their story on TLC.
They are so much in love.
Very charismatic man too.
I wish them all the best.

Bee10(mummytwins) said...

God is good


Congratulations to them


Awww congrats to them

Kamikaze said...

Good news.

Erm.....this might seem crass but how manage?Everything related I've typed in Google search bar has returned unsatisfactory answers.


Stella didn't show the man's full picture.
I watched the documentary too and was flawed by his positive attitude towards life and the love between him and his wife.
Imagine a man that doesnt even have hands to feed himself or wipe his own bum or even scratch his back.
That is what you call pure undilluted love. Because that woman is beautiful and could have married anyone.

The General's Wife said...

Still feels soo surreal (as if I know them personally LMAOšŸ¤£)

Congratulations Dearies!
And yesss! I love u Nick!❤️
With that your enchanting smilešŸ˜

Anonymous said...

Abeg Hw come??? Hw does he knack without hands and legs????to think someone like dis is supposed to stay away frm sex tho

2muchjuice|2muchsauce said...

Oh lord am in happy tears...Twins?? This God is tooderful..Who says you are disabled when you have a powerful mind..

jelly said...

Congrats to them

O. Y. O said...

You can't understand Gods ways cos his thought is different from ours. Just thank God on their behalf and b happy for them.

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