Stella Dimoko Mariah Carey Makes Shocking Revelations...


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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mariah Carey Makes Shocking Revelations...

Oh My God....Who knew?

47-year-old Mariah Carey is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, but has admitted to having fragile self-confidence and says she suffers from 'low self-esteem.'

'I just feel like I am a regular human being and I deserve the same respect as anybody else,' the siren began. 'I have always had low self-esteem, and people do not recognize that.'

Despite her glamorous appearance and worldwide fame, Mariah revealed she still harbours lots of insecurities.

The singer explained that her biracial background has led her to question her own social standing.

Sometimes it is hard to let your guard down.'

And Mariah confessed she still questions the sincerity of the people who surround her.

The We Belong Together crooner shared: 'I do think to myself, "Did they mean this? Or do they not really mean it?" And that is with everybody - it is not just with three people or just one.'

Edited from Daily Mail


  1. Heya! Just try and build it with self confidence

    1. Simply tells you money and fame is an integral part of life, but doesn't answer to everything.

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    2. She is human being too irrespective of her celebrity status, She feels the same like everyone

  2. Hmm... these people are not as happy and fulfilled as they seem.

  3. Gbagan! !!!

    Where are those complaining of low self-esteem here... .come and see for yourself, YOU CAN STILL HAVE YOUR BESTSELLER

    Not everything is a sickness....Turn your lemon into lemonade
    OK bye

  4. This is the life of most celebrity. including those in Nigeria,,, envy no one because you don't no the personal WAR they fight within. it is well.....

    @just Bella.

  5. Even Kylie Jenner that is almost the queen of social media has admitted that she sometimes suffers from lack of self confidence.
    Its not about how much you have or how gorgeous you are.
    This is the reason some become addicted to severe plastic surgery procedures too.

    1. always knew. she's always scared of being irrelevant, reason why she's in constant media brawls with people who USED to look up to her.

  6. Most of them are with low self esteem. Whenever I say it, people try to insult me and only talk about how they are famous and super rich.

    God has blessed some of us with foresight and we see through some people.
    It has always been obvious that she was suffering from LSE.

    I still love you Mariah!

    1. Lol @ those people that insult you.
      Well,they can be excused.They don't know. We don't know everything,you know.

      Sometimes "normal people" can get self-conscious and unsure. That's pretty normal.

      But when it's more frequent and stretches for a while and some minor ish triggers it,then,there may be underlying issues.

      I may not be able to say who and who are amongst the celebrities. But it isn't hard to see Marian's own. Kelly's,Kim's,perhaps even Madonna's.

      Hello Mrs R!😘
      How are you doing Dearie?

    2. After all the fame and money, we're still only ordinary people..,

  7. I knew. I was telling a friend that her diva like attitude stems from low self esteem. Because she takes the diva like attitude a bit too much. And she always always want to be the center of attention. You need to watch that her show and see for yourself. Money doesn't stop self esteem issues. Beauty doesn't. I have seen very beautiful girls, well dressed with money to roll over and they have esteem issues. I also have a friend who is not from a rich background, I'll say poor background but this girl has a confidence of a 1000 people in her .. She wears okrika and they come out looking all designer. And when you ask, she will tell you with all confidence where she bought it. She has so much esteeem. Like she walks in and commands crowd. One will think she will hide behind her rich friends but she's even the leader of the pack. She's ain't regular

    1. You nailed it!
      A typical behaviour is that they keep wanting more and more and more.
      Don't get me wrong it's ok to be ambitious and do You. But when it's done just so you can please people,then there is a problem.

      Its funny when I hear some people say they think that the acquisition of material things,educational qualifications,social status etc banishes low self-esteem. It doesn't. Sometimes,it even heightens the condition.

    2. You just said it all. When i say the same thing people tend to say i am hating on them. The truth is confidence is not tied to money or educational status. It comes from within. From a place of total acceptance and love of self

  8. Not surprised....i always sensed she had a low self esteem. All that gra gra is just to cover up. If u have a discerning spirit you will see through a lot of fascade .......

  9. is not always what it looks like. I guess her weight could be part of it.

  10. Yes..oh Low self esteem is for real!!!
    Doesn't know beauty, class, money or status. U can have all this & yet still feel like rubbish & in worst cases allow other people to rubbish u or get their ideas of making u feel inferior into ur head.

    Advice is don't be envious, too much bothered about worldly things & what other people think about u & ideologies that aim at making u feel or look less important. Otherwise u carry a heavy load or terrible baggage that is self destructive known as low self esteem.

  11. I always suspected.

    I Don't want to use "knew"
    But i mean come on,if you a fan of Mariah,you'd know. Only that maybe u'd think it's what's called "Diva starus" LOL

  12. Put Jesus first in your life and ur confidence will be boosted. Try it. U will have the confidence of a king/gueen. Just like me.

  13. I always look at her as someone with low self esteem, cos she tries too hard.

    She is already a very big deal but the way she projects herself shows she is not confident of who she is.

  14. low self esteem can be hidden, it can be controlled, it can wear d face of sth else in u. name it-arrogance, diva like attitude, snub, unnecesary funny attitude or notice me kind of like etc. the deadly one is when u feel everyone is beta dan u-inferiority complex sorry u hv a vry long way to go. but in all every one has 1% of dis syndrome and even more.

  15. if u ask me. I see low self esteem in Genevieve, omotola, beyonce.


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