Stella Dimoko Polcie Dismiss And Arraign Officer Who Let UNIPORT Ritual Killer Flee Police Net


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Friday, August 25, 2017

Polcie Dismiss And Arraign Officer Who Let UNIPORT Ritual Killer Flee Police Net

The Rivers State Police Command has dismissed a police sergeant, Johnbosco Okoroeze, for allegedly aiding the escape of a suspected ritual killer, Ifeanyi Dike, from the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Port Harcourt.

Okoroeze, who was also arraigned by the police before a chief magistrate’s court on two counts bordering on obstruction of justice and conspiracy, was remanded in custody for the alleged offences.

The Chief Magistrate, Sokari Andrew-Jaja, cautioned him as he cried uncontrollably inside the court before his case was mentioned.

had reported that the prime suspect, Dike, defiled, killed and removed the organs of one Miss Victory Nmezuwuba, before he was arrested and taken to the SCIID.

Okoroeze, who was the Investigating Police Officer, had removed the suspect’s handcuffs while he took his statements.

The victim’s father, Dr Ernest Nmezuwuba, who was also in the charge room at the time, had said he used candlelight while making his statements, adding that there was no power supply in the area.

The suspect was reported to have fled the SCIID under the cover of darkness and his whereabouts had remained unknown.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ahmed Zaki, had ordered the dismissal and arraignment of Okoroeze for criminal conspiracy.

The accused, who was brought to the magistrate’s court in handcuffs, cried profusely on the premises.

“What have I done to myself? What did I do? Call my wife for me,” he said.

The charges read, “That you, Johnbosco Okoroeze, on August 19, 2017, at about 8.30pm at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Port Harcourt, in the Port Harcourt Magisterial District, did assist one Ifeanyi Dike, who is to your knowledge guilty of the offence of murder of one Chikamso Nmezuwuba, aged eight years, for rituals, to escape when he was to be detained for prosecution, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 322 of the Criminal Code Cap 37, Vol. II, Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria, 1999.

“That you, Johnbosco Okoroeze, on the same date, time and place in the aforesaid magisterial district, did conspire with a suspect, Ifeanyi Dike, and allowed him to escape from prosecution to prevent and defeat the course of justice, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 126 (1) of the Criminal Code Cap 37, Vol. II, Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria 1999.”

The chief magistrate observed that while the first charge could earn Okoroeze a life sentence if found guilty, the second charge could earn the dismissed police sergeant a seven-year jail term if found guilty.

Andrew-Jaja, who immediately declined jurisdiction of the court to handle the matter, directed the court registrar to transfer the case file to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions for legal advice.

The chief magistrate then remanded the suspect in prison, just as he adjourned the matter till September 14, 2017 for adoption of written addresses.

Meanwhile, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, said one of the sponsors of the prime suspect, Dike, had been arrested.

'*I wonder what transpired that led this wicked man to aid the release of a ritual killer?how much was he given?OMG!!!
They should check his bank balance and see who and when the last pay in was made.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't think he did it on purpose. Is he the only one on duty? Its probably negligence on all the superiors in that command. They all went to do road block for N50. Why will they not have light in a police station? What if it was a full armed gang of daredevil criminals that ambush the station and freed all the criminals there while killing police officers. The superiors quickly docked this man as a scape goat. Even the way they paraded that ritualistic boy showed how careless they are leaving him in an open field with civilians covering less than 5meters. NPF is a joke!

    2. Correct pikin. There are many more officers/others up the chain of command linked to this unspeakable direliction of duty. Matter of fact, Fashola should also be sacked for failure to provide power, a critical resource in any PD and modern community. Yeye pipo. QED@atm

  2. Good for him! Ozu nwuru anwu

  3. They should just keep him there till eternity. Wicked soul

  4. Is this a case of carelessness on his part or he took bribe? They should shed More light on the matter.

    1. My dear Becky, ds guy wld hv confessed abt tkin bribe but NPF won't disclose dt, in order not to tarnish dea image.

  5. He is working under instruction, with his small level he cant pull such stauch, they will settle him the matter will die

  6. Story.....they will transfer him to zamfara Nd that's all

  7. Can't the suspect write a statement while handcuffed? Why removing his handcuff just like that? Is this a negligence on side of the IPO or what? Abi oga at the top don get involved? Woo, make sergent smell prison too. Uwa na eme ntughari.

  8. The thing is he might not even have collected any money. It's most likely a case of carelessness. Cos it was the same day he was arrested and it was while he was making the statement.

    I remember a case that happened last year. A random guy was found in our compound cos it's always quiet. He was challenged and upon interrogation we perceived he probably came to sniff around and might come later with his hang to rob. We took him to the police station. Immediately they saw him they said this boy again! They later told us he was just released from prison and said he was going back to his state(anambra).

    Lo and behold , while they were preparing him for statement, this guy fled, jumped over the police fence and he was gone in no time. Everyone ran out, including the police. He was later caught cos it was in the morning.

    So it's Very possible it's a case of carelessness. When you tell them to be professional with their job, they will calm you bloody civilian. I pity him.

  9. Theres something they r not telling us.first,the deceased father said he was asked to go buy bottle water for the killer.who made that statement should be made to explain y.secondly while transferring the killer from okporo to the cid,it was gathered that they stopped on the road to say they were waiting for somebody.who were they waiting for and for what.It was also gathered that as at the said time,the killer was uncuffed to write statement and was never cuffed back when done before taking to the cell.y.obviously so he could freely run lastly if anyone has been to this So called premises of the cid,u will notice the setting of that was this man able to escape till hescaled through the fence and nobody could c and pursue him?was it only the I p o on duty in that whole premises that night?why would he be guiding a high profile criminal unarmed?.these and many more questions.maybe someone or some people have taken money and created these while lapses making this man the ipo and he ignorantly took the fall or he is culpable too.and to think in that whole facility there was no light.could it be that someone made sure there was power outage and no generator on to perfect this guy's escape?please the police should stop parading this guy and do their findings cos only him can't perfect the escape.


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