Stella Dimoko Princess Diana's Driver Recalls The Day She Died...


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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Princess Diana's Driver Recalls The Day She Died...

Diana's driver has spoken of the bizarre night when strangers entered the Paris hospital room where the princess was laid out after the car crash that killed her.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of her death, Colin Tebbutt said that when he arrived at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital, he invited a French undertaker to make up her face before Prince Charles arrived.

"When I returned, she looked 100% better but it was one of the hottest days of the year and the room was like a furnace."

"Then, to my horror, I saw people climbing about on roofs. They were some distance away but that was a blow. There were no blinds so I ordered some blankets to be brought and hung them at the windows," he told the Sun.

Colin had worked for the Princess for more than two years and was an ex-inspector of the Royal Protection team.

The events of the night of 31 August 1997 unravelled quickly. He had been due to pick Diana up from London's Battersea Heliport. Instead, he found himself at Kensington Palace with her staff being told that she was dead.

He had to reassure his family that he was alive, because on the media they had heard that Diana and her driver had died.

He joined her butler Paul Burrell on the first BA flight to Paris from where they were taken to the British Embassy.

"To me, as an ex-police officer, bodies are in mortuaries. But I was taken to the Consul General and he said, 'Would you like to see Her Royal Highness?'

"We walked into a room and to my amazement, there was the Boss in a bed. My next move was to stop people coming in and bowing, which was happening. We knew why, but we didn't want all that."

With guards waiting outside the hospital room she was in, he started to make arrangements in next room for Charles as well as Diana's sisters Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes to come to the French capital.

Diana's body was flown back to the UK from Villacoublay military ­airfield. As the coffin made its way down the A40 from RAF Northolt to a mortuary in Fulham, West London, the crowds threw flowers from bridges in silence as the hearse passed.

"You could see the sadness — it was quite amazing," he told the Sun.


  1. Why open the wound biko.

  2. Lady D, I was small but I heard your stories, you were Love herself and a simple woman thrust into royalty that you gave life but alas the good ones die early. Continue to RIP but your boys turned out well and you are a granma

  3. Lady D, I was small but I heard your stories, you were Love herself and a simple woman thrust into royalty that you gave life but alas the good ones die early. Continue to RIP but your boys turned out well and you are a granma

  4. Her death is shrouded in so much mystery one begs to think, "are they hiding something". I believe there's more to what happened in that tunnel but for the sake of her boys, they decided to not talk.

    But Charlie and him mama Eliza know wetin dem do this woman...
    Rest in Peace fine woman...while you were no saint, you had a good heart, which was in the right place...

  5. I have been following this news for ages and I have come to a conclusion that Princess Diana was killed by the Royals. No matter how hard they try to twist people's head through the media, it will never stop the fact that they murdered her.

    If her driver Henry Paul was drunk wouldn't Trevor-Rees as a bodyguard, and the closest individual to the driver, not notice it? Ask yourself,would you get in a car with someone who is drunk?

    Why was her body immediately embalmed? And besides, the CCTV demonstrated the driver was not drunk. And according to western news outlets,the innocent driver wasn't drunk. The blood sample was either switched or mixed up. The blood sample also had a very high level of carbon monoxide, at such a high level he would have been unconscious. The doctors are yet to speak out, now isn't that odd?

    Someone so far has gotten away with...

    In fact as copied online, Google the detailed 2007 UK newspaper report: 'DIANA'S DRIVER WAS NOT DRUNK'...'this key argument in explaining the deaths of Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed as an accident is about to be blown apart. Agents from Britain's MI5 and French intelligence have been linked to Diana's death and the question now being asked is: "Were blood samples from Mr Paul swapped to make it appear that he was responsible for the crash?". Gaping holes in the evidence against Mr Paul have already been acknowledged by new coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker...'. Then Google the highly-informative 2008 article, 'UNRESOLVED ISSUES OF THE DIANA AND DODI INQUEST'. And don't forget to Google and read the Dailymail news report 'DIANA, THAT SAS MURDER CLAIM AND WHY IT MAY NOT BE AS MAD AS YOU THINK' and the astounding and diligently-suppressed 'AFFIDAVIT OF RICHARD TOMLINSON'!

    Abeg if this appears twice, no say na network wahala

    1. Abeg e don do. Even her boys have moved on; 20 years and all these analysis!

    2. She was definitely killed and the royal family know people don't buy all of these but everyone is just pretending to let their tales continue.
      Last last, we will all die one day.
      Make them continue.

  6. The world will never forget princess Diana. She broke a lot of protocol for her family's sake. Deciding to give birth in d hospital instead of d palace was so huge of her. She made a nice mother and would have been a nicer Queen mother.

  7. Indeed,this saying is true

    'when the Lord shall bless you,your mockers shall become your workers .
    The main person mocking me of childlessness is the one soaking corn to make Akamu for my baby. God is great.

    1. And biko hope the akamu the person is soaking is safe for you and your baby? Just saying.

    2. Careful....the heart of man is wicked, be wise.

    3. You better open your eyes, pray and don't be careless with that baby.
      You don't know the person's motives or mind.

    4. The 'mocker' might be her mother or mother in law.
      If I were you I would not take anything from your mocker unless you want to bury that child. What happened to your hands? Are you crippled? You cannot shaky corn or buy the raw ogi to make at home 3
      You don't know how it pains some people to see you progress.

  8. The world will never truly know the true reason for the Princess' death. But one thing is certain; it's more of a cospiracy bothering on murder, than happenstance.

  9. Barracudianusaurusunamon - So, err, how does this concern us or solve any of Nigeria's impending problems, or Aso Villa's rat problems? so, someone famous died, big deal, people die.



  10. Mama Charlie and Diana that year

  11. ..If it is true, then there must be more that meets the eye..Na wa for these royals...No wonder Mama Eliza no wan abdicate the throne when her royal counterparts are doing so..

  12. Even as a child following the news reports closely, i suspected foul play. The queen, her husband and probably Charles know why and how she died. That's all I can say

  13. They made it look like an accident

    1. Exactly! Rest on mama charllie


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