Stella Dimoko Serial Killer 'Son Of Sam' Says He Has Found Christ In Jail....


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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Serial Killer 'Son Of Sam' Says He Has Found Christ In Jail....

Before his arrest on August 10, 1977, serial killer David Berkowitz — the self-appointed Son of Sam — held the city of New York in the grip of fear for more than a year.

 Believing demons were commanding him to kill, communicating these demands through his neighbor's barking dog, Berkowitz killed six people and wounded seven in eight separate shootings throughout New York's outer boroughs.

 Media coverage of the shootings helped to augment that sense of fear that paralyzed the city through one of its hottest summers. Because most of the victims were women with long, dark hair, New York City's female denizens filled hair salons seeking pixie cuts and bleach jobs. 

Berkowitz, now 64, has been behind bars ever since his arrest, and claims to have found God. Known these days as "Son of Hope," Berkowitz believes he is now a vehicle for the Lord's good works, friends tell PEOPLE Magazine..


Nki said...

Yes o! Heard a lot about son of Sam. He was quite notorious in his day.
One of the preachers I subscribe to has met him one on one and says he's indeed a changed person.

He knows he's never coming out and has accepted the fact that the prison is his personal mission field.
Thank God for forgiveness and second chances.

Anonymous said...

Choi! Adontbelieveit!


Let him remain behind bars Biko..
Once a psycho, always a psycho.

spiritpoet said...

There a time
I mean an
Appointmented time under the sun

jelly said...

Good of him to find christ and accept Him

Wonder Mum said...

I am happy for him, that's great. Christ is the ultimate.

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