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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Taylor Swift Deletes ALL Her Social Media Posts

Days after her big victory in her groping trial, the singer shocked her fans on Friday by deleting content on her social media accounts. First to go was everything on Instagram, where she has 102 million followers.

Gone are the photos of her squad and famous ex-boyfriends. We’ll only have memories of the time she crashed a fan’s wedding. Ditto for all the cat videos featuring Detective Olivia Benson and Dr. Meredith Grey. We may never again get a look inside her $18 million Rhode Island beach house.

Swift’s Tumblr is a clean slate as well. So is her official website.

As you read,posts are still being deleted from Twitter, where she has 85.4 million followers, and Facebook, where she has 74 million followers. The things left are from 2015 and earlier.

Swift offered no explanation for why her pages are being wiped clean, but the internet, of course, has its theories. A popular one involves Katy Perry. In the midst of her deleting spree, Swift reportedly followed Perry on Twitter. You know, the musical rival with whom she has been feuding for the last four years over Perry allegedly trying to “steal” some of Swift’s touring crew and sabotage her. 

However, as quickly as Swift followed Perry, she unfollowed her — and everyone else she previously followed. (Swift isn’t following anyone on Instagram anymore either.

The internet is now conjuring up a story that Swift briefly followed Perry because they are planning a big reconciliation at next week’s MTV VMAs. Perry is hosting the show, which is known for its dramatic moments.

from yahoo celebrity

*I wonder what this drama queen is up ro again..LOL


Bee10(mummytwins) said...

Maybe another album is turning up soon

Rappakatakata said...

Perhaps she wants to start afresh. Lol.

Iphie dearie said...

I love this girl♥️

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Don't get burned twice by the same flame*

same girl said...

TGW please, come and tell us what your baibay is up to. Thanks

TheLagosShopper(Goods and services 4rm the popular Lagos markets to anywhere in naija?07030493148) said...

Her voice is so clean bet I don't remember to get them till I stumble on it,congrats on the big win!!!

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