Stella Dimoko Thursday Spontaneous Post..


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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday Spontaneous Post..

#thankGoditsthrusday #throwbackthursdayTBT #unagoodmorning #fridayfastapproaching #motherhoodrocks #boyfriendssleeping #footballschoolover #ineedablogboo #dumpedbykrixviaiphone7 #amebonawork

Abeg make una indulge me oh,this Chioma photos dey sweet me but i g soon tire my way!

Hope say everybody dey OK?..For some days now my boyfriends were registered in football academy,we don finish the course and I thank God cos the back and forth been wan stress me up but I jump am pass.

Hmmmm i dey find blog boo as dem don dump me eeeeeh..Krix via iphone 7 according to inside sources no dey use iphone 7 again that is why you no dey see am near him handle again.....I dey find blog boo when go dey wire me at least 100k everyday....LOL

Who go be my blog boo with this condition?

Shout out na him i dey throwey give all the bae's and boos in the house oh...

Shout out to the famous one..........wey you sef?
Shout out to the famous two...wey una na?
Shout out to the famous three...stay together like a bunched broom.
Shout out to the famous four....una sabi unasefs?

Ideato e be like say you don buy motor car becos you no dey gist us about staff bus again oh,abi na tabon you been dey roll out ni?

Make i sign out,i dey mark register for the red brigade and the cramp don dey respect e-sef small small.....

Sontin dey for anybody wey fit crack who all the groups of famous' dem be...

Make I waka..


Support this hustle and send in your own....Una doh!


  1. Morning beautiful people of SDK, I wanna specially introduce my new id, is still me your personal person ukwu dimond, I just want to change id, Am tired of using my old Id, no body should insult me today am not feeling too fine.

    I hope this new id will sell better than ukwu, thanking you all.

    1. Good morning Red wine. I love your new ID.

    2. Red wine 🍷 it is until you become a white wine 🍷😎

    3. So from ukwu to wine? What are you actually advertising?? Better embrace Jesus..


    4. Hahaha @ no body should insult me today am not feeling too fine.

      Anyways I think I prefer ur old id to ur new one. Wetin be my own sha, *rme* change is constant, enjoy ur new id.

    5. The new Id is cool. I like it

  2. This weather is doing me strong thing.........πŸ˜‰
    Dear God, I want to be delightfully married bfr d next rainy season

  3. My neighbour came back drunk from work. He has been knocking at his door for over 3 hours now and he stays alone.
    Should I go and tell him that he is not around?

    1. Please o this is urgent.....Who can help me with the name of a good soap that will tone my skin a little. My skin is so dark now that people that knows me before I got pregnant find it difficult to recognize me even after delivery.

    2. Bring on another one you read😎

    3. Lmao... Pls let him keep knocking till d door comes down

  4. It's a great beautiful cool Thursday.

    Thanks to everybody that prayed and wished me well yesterday, I say a big Amen to all your prayers. May everyone of us always have reasons to celebrate, I'm really grateful, thank you and God bless you abundantly.

    *Larry was here*

    1. Belated birthday wishes Starry. all the best.

    2. Happy belated birthday Starry,bigger you now and always,stay blessed.

    3. Happy belated birthday darling..... God bless you always!!!

    4. Happy belated birthday Starry.😘😘.

    5. Happy birthday Starry Larry

    6. Happy belated birthday starry

  5. This incident occurred yesterday during my lunch break. There's this local eatery that I usually have my lunch, when I got there yesterday, the woman was still preparing her vegetable soup so I decided to wait. One of her staff was busy slicing the vegetables and in the process she injured her finger with the knife, applied first aid, washed the knife and continued with her job. The vegetables are usually half-done, meaning they dont stay long on the fire.

    Now my concern is this:

    √. What if the lady has HIV?

    √. Is water adequate enough to wash off any virus on the knife as a result of her blood stain??

    √. At what degree of temperature/cooking can a bacteria/virus be eliminated???

    I couldn't eat the vegetable again cause I was troubled.

    Pls is there any medical personnel in the house who can enlighten me on these questions?


    1. Beg Ed naaaaaaau, stop 'priding'

    2. Eat another soup next time. But I don't think the virus will survive the fire attack.
      Biko my man consider Ed, inugo? Okwa Nwunye G lafuru Ed.

    3. The truth is that since it will pass through fire nothing will happen to you, assuming you did not see the lady would you have say no to your favorite vegetable soup? Fire will kill the hiv before it get to you.

    4. You see your life?
      When Ediliscious will cook you a sumptuous vegetable soup.
      You better go and patch things up with her to enable you eat without worry or fear 😁😁😁.

      Goodmorning Elastic my guy.ha fa?

  6. Hi bvs!a very cold morning here.

  7. October 2016 I had a miscarriage I thought the world was over
    December 6 2016 ( first day of shiloh ) I missed my period
    August 16 (6days after my husband's bday) God gave me a new name
    I thank God for my bundle of a mother for the first time

     I read your comment sometimes am always too busy to comment am always here in the spirit...thank you for the show of love

    Am a fruitful vine
    Am a mother of convenant children

    Default smile let's share the quote biko

    1. Congrats love.

      I'm just so excited πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

    2. Congrats Rich Bee
      God bless your little one.

      Sharon A mini,it is well.

    3. Dis testimony go kill sharon aminu if stella dimoko never sacrifice her for warri deity

    4. Awwwwwww, congrats MamaBaby......

      Kisses to your child 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    5. Congrats honey!
      Welcome to motherhood where 'stress' meets love and laughter.
      Sharon my sweetheart is right behind you with her testimony

    6. Congrats dear.

      Good morning all all

    7. Wow congrats Richbee, may God continue to protect your baby IJN.
      Sharon you'll soon testify with us here too IJN.

    8. Congrats baby girl


    9. Congratulations to you, the God that did it for you will do it for me too.

    10. Congratulations to you dear!
      What a nice testimony, may God bless your newborn.

    11. More babies news plsssssssss!Congrats dear

    12. Congrats Richbee,i remembered you some days back but couldnt meet upwith ihn to ask of you.
      Wow! Congratulations once more!

    13. Congrats. God bless the little one.

  8. fruit girl I like this one


  9. Current read, Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta. My ebook plug made me so happy yesterday by sending me a Dropbox to pick from, who has time to choose when I can have all. I'd also get to read Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. I'm so excited, like a school girl in love. Under the Udala Trees has got me thinking of how hard it is being homosexual in Nigeria, will African parents ever accept that it is not a disease that can be prayed away or can it? I'd continue reading after work.
    Sorry about the cramps Stella, I can't stand pain. I always have Cataflam and it works for me.

    1. Cataflam u must be a drug addiction are u sure u r not a homo this ones u r reading their book


    Please, carefully look into the list below to see where you may want to make amends on yourself or the young ones you are caring for.

    Children, if not properly groomed may never get to the top in life, even if the parents are at the top of their career.

    Manners take you to where your education can't take you, irrespective of your status, money or the "who you know" factor.

    This is not meant to hurt anyone or pinpoint on someone for their upbringing. Its a general message targeted to all the parents.

    I read this on Facebook, saw some sense in it so, I copied and decided to share here

    *1.* Going to your child's school dressed indecently? Think again.

    *2.* Speaking rashly to your child's teacher.

    *3.* Cursing, using foul words or swearing in front of your children.

    *4.* Using makeup on children.

    *5.* Dressing with tight clothes and indecently for children (they loose the sense of their princesshood and may not listen to you in future)

    *7.* Your child holds the cup or glassware by the brim and you don't make a correction.

    *8.* Your children don't greet and you just feel they will come around one day because they have a mood swing. (You will be blamed for it)

    *9.* Your children eat with their mouth opened and you feel they will grow up some day.

    *10.* Your children brought home something you did not buy for them and you said nothing. (That is the beginning of stealing)

    *11.* They talked back at you and you concluded it's okay since you're a 21st century mummy. (You will hate yourself if they do that outside and they are disciplined)

    *12.* They interrupt when you are speaking with another adult and you think they are bold and clever. (It's really bad manners)

    *13.* They exercise authority over their nanny and domestic staff and you let them be. (That is bad parenting)

    *14.* They say things like "my driver is on his way..."

    I am not an advocate that children should call your domestic staff aunty or brother but, calling them by names when they are not young people is not poise either. The use of Miss, Mr or Mrs will look good on them.

    *15.* Your children don't say- 'Thank you' when they have been helped or served something. They don't know how to say "please" when they need someone for help; and you are cool with that. (Bad parenting)

    *16.* When your children cannot stand children who are less privileged.

    *18.* When they pick their nose with their hands.

    *19.* When they don't wash their hands after visiting the washroom.

    *20.* When your children take something from the fridge without taking permission. (Bad parenting)

    *21.* When your children don't knock on closed doors.

    *22.* When your children don't collect from your hands the stuff you brought in as you walk in through the door.

    *23.* When your children request for a bribe to carry out their home chores or extra task. (That is disgraceful)

    *24.* When your children act like their grandparents are irritating them.

    *25.* When your children have not learnt to get up from the chair for the elderly or visitors to sit.

    *26.* When your child tells a lot of lies. (You will both cry in the future if such is not put to check)

    *27.* When your child asks "who is that?" at a knock on your door instead of "please, who is there."

    *28.* When your child is always seated by your visitors when being served drinks etc.

    *29.* When your children still point their fingers at other people.

    *30.* When your children play and jump around when prayers are going on. (age 4 above).

    Don't be a 21st Century parent who cannot correct a child. Train your child in the way of the Lord, so that when he grows up he will not depart from it.

    1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
      Nice one. Very insightful.

      BTW, good work Ehis at the SDKparty.
      You and your team-Emjay, House of Cyntas, Goons mi and all, did a tremendous job. Beautiful pictures tooπŸ‘

    2. Truth.May God give us the grace to bring up our kids properly.

    3. πŸ‘ On point Ehis, thanks for this cause honestly as parents we need to be very careful on how to groom our kids so they'll grow up & make us proud. May God help us all as parents to know & do the right thing for our kids.

    4. Thank you Bloglord
      @Brain and Beauty, AMEN
      @Jostifiedmom, I think raising kids is d most difficult job I hv and could ever do....I must confess there are lot of fears I hv bcx it's really not easy

    5. Really nice.πŸ‘ Thanks 4 sharing!πŸ‘Š

  11. Happy birthday to me 🍾🍾🍾
    #LeosRock ♌

    1. Happy birthday baby dream..

      But wait o, dju believe in all this Gemini signs brouhaha...??
      It doesn't make sense ooo.
      Those signs don't match atall atall

    2. happy birthday Dreamcatcher. God bless you.

    3. Happy birthday dear
      Live long and prosper

    4. Happy birthday. May God bless your new age

    5. Happy birthday.
      Catch your dreams this year and beyondπŸ‘

  12. Hello darlings,
    Sup with y'all?

    So I was reading some few posts and I stumbled on a fact on EEI. The one called derma...something.
    OMG! I had mixed freaky feelings again.
    I felt somewhat at ease at the least to know it wasn't my village people 100% at work even though the doctor had laughed off my thoughts back then.

    You see, some years ago when one of my kids was about 3 or 4years, we woke up to her having some bumps on her skin similar to that "body writing".
    Hubby was on a trip so it was just me. I freaked out and rushed her to the hospital. By the time we got there, the whole thing had vanished. I was shocked and confused. So we left. By the time we were almost home, just by the gate, the skin had bumped up again. What is this???

    Tensed, scared and confused, Gear on reverse back to the hosp but then again, it vanished before we saw the doc.
    Then I totally freaked out Who is after me?What is my crime? The doc asked me to try and explain it. I didn't even know how to.
    So we left again.
    And then it appeared mid way home.
    I just parked, and started taking pictures of the skin albeit in total fright.... And then back to the hosp. Of course it had disappeared again. But this time I had pic to show the doc.
    They ran some tests and pegged it to something called 'hives.'
    Said it had to probably do with protein in the body causing histamine being released in the body thus causing skin irritation.

    They asked me to brief them on what she is allergic to. At the time, I couldn't identify what and what she could be allergic to though much later I found out her biggest allergy is pineapples.

    Anyway, after that episode, that skin ish never happened again.
    So you can imagine why I has chills when I saw and read the fact.

    Thanks to EEI for an identification window. I have always been a 95% silent reader of the post.
    But I see some of my sweeries are having a ball in there.
    Cheers and πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹to y'all

    Good morning.
    Sharon Aminu,
    God got you darling. God got you. Your testimony is here❤πŸ’‹

    1. The EEI post is the bomb now ooo..
      Na to enter there with praise n worship..
      Open crates of mineral.
      With puffpuff

    2. Morning bloggie. How have you been?? Welcome back

    3. that was some scary and irritating ish.

      Good morning Bloggie.

    4. I am as fine and as beautiful as I can be my dearest Dara.πŸ˜—
      How are you too?

    5. BLOGLORD the real MVBM. Agu Nwanyi eji eje mba I clear road for you nne πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    6. I like the EEI post a lot, I've learnt a lot from it.

      Hello Bloglord! Hope you're enjoying the holiday...

    7. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚@"I felt somewhat at ease at the least to know it wasn't my village people 100%". Morning Bloggie

    8. I remember how they would give me list of things that likely cause allergies to tick off.
      It was the most stressful time ever.
      I know how those things can disappear and make it seem like you are dreaming🀣🀣🀣🀣

      They have an allergy injection too. How they disappear without a trace is crazy.
      The worst is trying to figure out what your child is reacting to.
      From ironing all her cloths.. to removing crayfish,eggs,nuts from the meals. Just to pinpoint it. Its crazy!!

      How are you Bloggiem???😍😍😍
      Its been a crazy week. Can't even keep up.

    9. Nawa o! Very scary something. Wehdone o our MVBM and enjoy ya vacay!

  13. Good morning, Good morning.. Good morning to you all

  14. Good morning all. Pls, I need your advice on Dis. My neighbors wife gave birth last 2months and I told my husband to give them 2k which is baby money but he hasn't given them being that we are poor and seriously managing. Assuming am working, I wld av given them on behalf of my family. Even though I will soon deliver too, I am yet to buy baby socks not to talk of clothes. Am not happy cos my neighbors won't know what we are going through, they will think we are just being wicked or selfish though we are not close. Pls, what can u advice me on this?

    1. It's not compulsory you give them money!, congratulating them is enough!😎

    2. Buy a small pack diaper and give them...
      Why will these things be an isssue anyways?

      There are other ways to show your neighbour love apart from giving money.
      I understand how you feel though,I make it a point to visit mothers and their new borns,so i get you.

      If you can't afford that small sized diaper,please ask her if she needs help...Maybe a dish or two, depending on how close you are,Just something.

    3. If you don't have to give to them please don't stress yourself not everyone has to give. Maybe when you put to birth no body will also give you something, you can buy omo, washing saop since you don't have money to give to them. Big omo size is 500.

    4. As long as deep within you, you know you would have given if you had, you need not beat yourself up.
      Pay them a short visit to congratulate them.
      That's more than enough. At least they can see you are expecting too so they may not even expect 'much' or anything from you

    5. If you don't have the money, why are you disturbing yourself. Why not help your neighbor with any little chore like boiling water, washing the baby's bottles. I am sure they will appreciate the gesture. Save up for your own baby please, by the way when will you be due

  15. My twin girls are here πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

    #PersonalAunt πŸ˜‚

    Sharon darling and all TTC women on this platform, this will be your portion soon. Don't give up on God.

    1. Kisses to the Twins.
      Congrats to the mum.

      Welcome little cuties..

      I love Twins
      I want Twins

      I want Twins.

    2. Yaaaaaaas!!!!

      Congrats Aunt Swaggie!!!!

    3. Congratulations Big aunt😎

    4. Congrats LA Swaggie LA Freshest

    5. Congratulations to you big aunty, I tap into your testimony.

    6. Congrats on becoming a new aunt & Amen to your prayer for Sharon & other TTC women.

    7. Congrats Swaggie. Kisses to the princesses. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    8. Congrats boo. I want.😍

    9. Congrats sister mi frm another mama...kiss them for me

  16. Stella let me be your blog boo but you will be the one to wire me 100k, since no body want to be your boo please manage me your ukwu dimond for the main time till you get big levels boo.

  17. Una good morning.

    Sharon Aminu, God is working on ur case. Stay strong.

    Happy birthday starry Larry.

    Lord pls answer my prayers. I want to give this testimony.

  18. It rained tonight and everywhere is cool. Happy Thursday to you all. Fruit girl, I pray someone contacts u. Stella, keep up d good work. Bv's, may God bless us all. πŸ‘‹

  19. Ayam noT feeling those Chioma"s fruit pics at all.... Who else is not?


    1. Your village people


    2. Na only you Waka come.. Lol
      We all are feeling it except you.
      Nne biko don't be Judas onye aka azu... Lol

    3. Why do you need an accomplice?😎

    4. Me too but what can we do?

    5. Lmaooo @ Elastic! You is not well.

  20. Sharon Aminu My future ex Bae, we are still waiting for you to come back. We love and miss you. Today is the dawn of a beautiful beginning for you. It is well because God is your strength...

    Ed Nwa oma. You know I warned you about TGW. What is happening now? Gift you no see, new boo you no see and she is now tell you that the new boo want to send you abroad to holiday with your friends because he will not go with you. Nne were ile gi guo eze gi onu , who does that? Nwunye G bu aka ochie, okwa okpara gi aka ogba gi egwu ka ona Agba Kom Kom... Lol..
    If to say TGW bu nwoke ife oga na asa umu ada na isi bu gwo gwo. Ed ifuro ka osiri wee jide gi isi sapu gi ife na ekwelu gi egwu. She played you big time.


    Ugegbe oyibo m, I hope you slept well. Always remember that TEFLON loves you. My Charming Queen 😘😘😘😘

    1. Nwanna!
      Chike chyko,
      Odogwu international!
      Nna kedu?

    2. Chike and the river 😎

    3. U talk too much jeez! Am sure u will have mouth and body odour

  21. I need a girlfriend in Abuja, a pretty and clean chic. I'm a chic by the way. If interested post your contact under mine.

    1. You did not drop your own contact.

  22. I have trust issues... It has cost me 3 relationships..

    I'm on my 4th... And I have started ooooo...
    But wait ooo, my instincts don't disappoint me.

    When I know u are doing kolokolo.. My mind would tell me, besides it doesn't deceive me...

    Who can help??πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

    Like to turn a blind eye on your girl

    1. I have trust issues too. Very bad but oh well...😁at least it makes me careful and mindful.
      How you de Ola? Where is Chief?

    2. Prayer is the master key.

      Are you still together with Queen and Boss aka CHIEF? ... Ola Moneyyyy answer me

    3. Why are always meeting girls that do kolokolo?,it means you are also a kolokolo person 😎

    4. Close your eyes, focus on the good side of your relationship and allow things flow.

    5. We are still together.. @chike.. She travelled out.. So she doesn't have much access to phone..

      She's on a contract vacation..
      She will be back next week..

      @bloglord.. This my own get as e be ooi

    6. Do you also have esteem issues? Stay away from being in a relationship till you can handle matters that involves trust. All the best Ola

  23. Good morning beautiful people of SDK blog!
    Its a beautiful day and I'm glad that I am alive today, is not my doing but the grace of God Almighty who loves me so much.

    So yesterday, there was a post on "Hygiene", on whether to wash with water after attending to nature call or use just toilet papers or wet wipes.
    I have a bidet in my toilet that I have never actually use (only my husband uses it). Why don't I use it, you may ask; I don't because after answering the call of nature, I clean with toilet paper and go directly into the bathtub to take my morning shower, and in there I wash my ass hole and every other part thoroughly. Same thing I do in the evening.
    In the case when I'm outside and nature calls, (mostly unusual) I usually take in my bag those small wet wipes that usually comes in 15 pieces inside and also pocket tissues. After using the pocket tissue, i do the finishing with the wet wipe.
    It's that simple, using toilet paper and water is the best and the most hygienic thing to do after using the toilet.

    As for washing the vaginal with mild soap and water, that is very wrong! The vaginal washes itself, it doesn't need extra washing with soap or douche.
    You can only wash the pussy-mouth (labia/vulva) with mild soap but not the pussy- hole. The reason most women yeast infection reoccur and never go away is because, some gynaecologist recommend to them to be washing their vaginal with mild soap, vaginal douche etc; which is a very wrong recommendations.

    Leave your vaginal alone to wash itself, it doesn't need extra help! The only thing you can help it with, is just make sure you wash it with clean water and with your mid-finger and afterwards, dry your vaginal with a clean towel.

    Sorry for the long epistle.

    You all be good and keep a positive energy. As there is bitterness in this world, there is also sweetness. Is now left for you to choose the one that suits you.

    I choose sweetness.

    1. My Lady! Hw is u darlyn, sweetness all the way

    2. Holla MaπŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

    3. Mrs R thanks for this comment.
      The only thing I see is "leave your Vagina alone to watch itself" female BVs shey Unu read am abi?

    4. Why would ladies wash inside the vagina 😱😱😱

      Its the fastest way to get infection. I use cussons baby shower gel to wash the outer part and above the clit.

      Ever since feminine wash became too damn expensive, I switched to baby shower gel.

      Since it is used to wash all babies bumbum, why not mineπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. It is very mild and leaves you smelling like a baby down there.

      I also use baby wipes outside the house once water isn't available

    5. For the sake of the teenagers i hear reads this blog.... They should read this.

      Morning dear😘

  24. missing you here dearie
    Im a fruitful vine
    the Lords chosen

  25. It's the ending that's important. Not the flaws in the beginning. Strive to improve what's left of your life. He'll forgive what has passed.

    Do not allow yourself to not end well from this world. You'll face severe punishment in the Hereafter. But you can turn a new leaf now and have a happy and glorious ending.

    I'm outtie 

  26. I am earnestly praying for you to get tired.

    1. Lol. Leave our fruit lady alone!
      How are you?

  27. Morning BV's so i took out time to count the number of "chins" in a pack of minimie chin chin and to my surprise each of the 3 packs i counted had 40 "chins".That is absolute injustice.

    1. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
      thanks for helping me count; but, I doubt if it's up to 40, just one handful and the pack is empty. 😠

    2. Lolz u no get work

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Only 40? And the pack is bloated like that just like the pack of peanuts?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  28. Good morning pple
    Its been a wonderful week all through can't get enough of some beautiful souls.
    Off to get feed for this bird that is almost turning the house upside down... Mehnn the parrot here is a bit troublesome still trying to find out what we all did to him.. The past three days has been hell, he now talks anyhow and tears any paper in sight once let out ta its cage... LMAO. Stella I like the fruit pics
    This weekend??? I can't wait

    1. hello Boo... kisses n hugs
      *Side eyes to BVs*.... shhhhhhh

    2. I love parrots,mockingbirds

    3. Parrots are stubborn creaturesπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ put on cartoon network next time.

    4. Hello sweetie pie, how is you.....
      Hugs darling.

    5. Hmm atheist u are no longer sick?? I was happy u were divorcing her and now this??😭😭😭😭

    6. Hy boo... Wet kisses😘 😘
      Make it.....Shhhhhhh LMAO

  29. Good Morning Yardites.........

    I have a CELEBRITY CRUSH, yaaaaaaaas, I do..... He's NINAOLUWA BOLANLE, A. K. A Baba JOBESTINA, A. K. A Mr FILANDER😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 please if you're also crushing on him, raise your hands let's know ourselves abeg!!!! His eyes, his accent, his lips, the way he talkssssssssssssssss, OMG 😱, I'm swooned, just let me faint in Peace plizzzzzzzz!!! I watched THE GATEMAN on my IrokoApp and I almost snatched from through the screen, searched him out on IG and started following him sharply, I even dreamed of himmmmmmmmmmmmmm, OMG 😱, please let me dance the dance of Jooooooy πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ

    Anyway, if you know him, tell him he has a new mad crush ehhhhhhhh *Faints*

    *Wakes up* Hello Lovelies 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    *Thinks Of him*
    *Faints again*

    1. Lol.
      I don't really like the guy Jor.
      I hate how he always refers to himself as Yankee returneeπŸ˜ƒand his acting?...well he is trying

      Gimme Kenneth Okolie anytime. That is one actor I love to see on my screen 😍

    2. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
      thanks for the Kisses.
      *collects all*

    3. I guarantee that the 3rd time you will faint, that part of brain that deals with crushing on people will reset.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Nigerian celebs and even the international ones can't make me faint. I am the type of person who can attend a concert, you fling your shirt @ me, I will just dodge πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ no time for rada rada.

    4. Ehya Chikito come oooo, our Cookie is in love ooo. Lol

    5. I'm not crushing on him, but I like the guy.

      Hello cookie!

    6. Crush on. I like his eyes though.

      Give me Banky's brother in wedding party. I don forget he name jor

  30. Don't ever look down on yourself.

    God knows your worth. He knows you're worth saving, so He came to sacrifice His life for you.

    For places you have been rejected, don't fret. They all are coming back to sought after you.


  31. Famous one-Chikito the professional fire for fire
    Famous two- Omotola Brainna and mamalawo Kidjo
    Famous three-Cookie, Rocky and Beloved
    Famous four-Iphie, Tgw, Charismatic Diva and Bloglord.
    Una good morring

    1. 2 and 3...πŸ€”
      are you sure?

    2. Lol Miss Aboki.
      Wehdone o
      How are you doing?

  32. Thank God for the gift of life & family, I'm alive today by His grace.
    Sharon Aminu, cheer up dear & hold on tight to your faith cause our heavenly Father is preparing something BIG for your household. Don't give the devil the tiniest chance to rejoice at your state of unhappiness. God is still on the throne dear, don't give up on Him cause He won't give on you. You're a mother of many Nations dear & may God bless you & yours always.
    Good morning y'all.

    1. Morning jostified mom. How are you doing??

    2. Good morning baby

  33. Good morning everybody!

    You are in an SDKBV in Portharcourt and you have not join PH SDKBVS FORUM u
    dey on a long thing whalai!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Follow this link you can't get through send me an email with your number you will be added asap.

    Have a splendid day!

  34. Good morning everyone
    There is an appointed time for everything under the earth
    Sharon how you doing?
    Stay calm

  35. Good morning everyone,been a LONg time since I came in So,many blessings fall on us all today,I'll be by the phone waiting on my miracle call!!!

  36. Good Morning BVssssssss!

    Dealing with minor cramps 😦😦😦😦😦😦.

    Where my people @?

    1. Oh sorry, at least it's still minor 😎

  37. If you are not willing to Risk the Usual you will have to SETTLE for the ORDINARY.����

    So EXPECT problems and EAT them for

    SDK AM WILLING TO BE YOUR ONE AND ONLY BLOG BOO OOOO BUT NO 100K to dey give you oooo I fit dey send you data daily lol

    Have a lovely day everyone

  38. Happy birthday to my princess today. She is a big girl. You are a Queen because that is what you are. Happy birthday to all whose birthday is today. May God bless you all real good Amen.
    Just finished watching Dangerous Affairs.

    Richbee congrats to you and your husband. Your children will continue to surround your table and bless you plenty Amen.

    What is EEI. Una know say i no go sucul. Oya make una talk.

    Ideato is now using private jet hahahahaha no more staff bus. Afterall all of us pray for her when staff bus catch fire. Abeg let me go and do small work.

    Na wa ooo, my exam is coming up this September, carry books from house, carry books go back without opening. I dey ok so?

  39. Good morning house. It rained all night. God bless our hustle today. The famous three and one, hmmmm......o am coming.

  40. Good morning beautiful people... Dobbleganger and fabmum 1love..

    I saw a funny old Naija old movie yesterday on Waptv..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Chika ike played a twin in the movie and her bad twin went to rob a bank with her gang.. Police killed all her gang members but she escaped and the police started their investigation.

    They brought the CCTV from the bank..
    You can't believe they showed even when the gang members were running inside bush..

    I laughed so hard I was in tears.. I was asking how did a bank CCTV cover the incident in the bush.. Naija home videos those days...

    Have a blissful day..
    Stella I can be your bae..I'm baeless and booless..chop kiss 😘 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  41. Good Morning BVs. Here's to wishing everyone a Blessed day IJN.

    Stella biko, when is the next SnM for over 40. I'm a fine n single and I must "to marry" this year. I beg do your part in making this happen. You must help. I don go church tire. I don fast. Midnight prayer too. And, no be say I no fine o. Fine face, correct English, boobs dey kampe and nice. I no understand this kin challenge. But, some have said I'm "offstandish". Nah o! I'm just painfully shy and reserved unless I'm in midst of my bv friends. I was picky, very picky. But I'm not a golddigga or runs chick just high standards. Educated, good command of English language, great job, decent looks, good hygiene. That's not asking for much nau. Please HELP! I no even do shakara anymore. Divorcee, widower, even polygamist (eeew!) are being considered nau.
    Stella oooo. I'm counting on you and bv's.


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