Stella Dimoko Baby Mama Accused And Arrested For Allegedly Snuffing The Life Out Of Her Baby Daddy


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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Baby Mama Accused And Arrested For Allegedly Snuffing The Life Out Of Her Baby Daddy

The life of a 300-level student of Caleb University, Imota, Lagos State, Morrison Akinbule, has been allegedly brought to a tragic end in a circumstance invoving his lover, identified simply as Chidinma.

Chidinma has been arrested and is being detained at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba, for Akinbule death, which occurred on Sunday.

It was learnt that the duo started a romantic relationship three years ago and had a child together. They did not marry.

It was gathered that Chidinma had visited Akinbule at his mother’s house in the Gbagada area of the state around 9pm on Saturday to pass the night.

It was said they had a misunderstanding at night which resulted in a fight, during which Chidinma allegedly hit Akinbule’s head on the wall.

Akinbule’s elder sister, said Chidinma had yet to disclose what caused the argument which led to her brother’s death.

The sister, who did not give her name, said the family was being cautious in discussing the incident with “strangers” for security reasons.

She said, “The lady has been arrested and she is in Panti (SCIID). The incident happened in our mother’s house, not on the (Caleb University) campus. She came around to visit him. We have not ascertained what led to the argument. We have been trying to find out, but she is not saying the truth.

“They had been together for about three years and they have a kid. She is a babymama. The boy is one year and six months old. That was the major thing that bound them together.

“We are ready to follow the case to a logical conclusion. We have been asking her what led to his death because there is no injury on his body.”Meanwhile, in a post on the incident on a social media platform, Nairaland, one Mia Seren, who claimed to be Akinbule’s neighbour, said a piece of cloth was tied to the deceased’s neck when he was brought out from the apartment.

Seren said he was rushed to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead by doctors on arrival.

“He went for a party; came back around 9pm. Chidinma was not home, so he called her to ask her where she was. They planned to meet at one place. When they came back, they were with fast foods and they went to their room.

“About 30 minutes later, we heard them fighting in the room and somebody was hitting someone’s head on the wall. Chidinma did not open the door. Later we did not hear their voices.

“About 30 minutes later, she opened the door and Morrison (Akinbule) was seen on the floor.

“He was unconscious and he had an injury on his head, and had a cloth tied to his neck. We rushed him to a hospital; then they (doctors) said he was gone,” the post read in part.

edited from Punch

Aye le ooooo.....


Miss Ess said...

Ibosi that is how this guy's life ended. So sad, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen.

Awelewa customized wigs WhatsApp:08037918018 Instagram:@awelewawigs said...

Whose report do we believe?

Stella maris Baby said...

So sad

EsE EsSAy said...

Igbosi oooo...Rip boy. How come the girl was able to overpower him?

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

She was hitting the head on the wall, the boy head na band wey dem dey hit. Na wa.

What a painful death. Dont even know what to say again. What i can say is the bitterness and unforgiven spirit followed both of them together.

Chidinma chai na one chance you enter with this boy's death

Stella maris Baby said...

Chidinma you see your life.
You have bought shame on urself and family..

You eyes will clear now..

Rip Akinbule.
May God console your loved ones.

Firstlady blessing said...

This Azuka of a reporter is a disgrace, imagine d pain Tonto will b going through, this year has been a trying one for her and this stupid journalist just had to reopen fresh wounds all over again, infact i join Tonto to curse u.So many Women hv no sympathy for their fellow women, women are their own enemies. If this lady commits suicide u will b held responsible. Hv never been a Tonto fan but these is just too much for one human being to handle. Really feel for this Tonto,she needs real friends right now to reach out to her.U hv evidence abi,evidence kill u there.

Bee10(mummytwins) said...

Na wa oh

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

She do the crime, she serve the jail term!

The spirit of anger blowing like an intense wind 🍃 among our young folks is getting out of hand. No one is spare whenever it starts blowing.

An innocent child is now fatherless.

Royal Royalty said...

We shall believe in the report of the lord.

redbotafly said...

Story is not straightforward.

Anonymous said...

We should hear from the girl too. I understand the family is grieving they would want to make the girl a scape goat. How did she overpower him? This is why domestic violence should be condemned in all forms. Why didn't they separate the fight when they started? Break the door open if they refuse to open it. Now they want to send the poor girl to jail by all means.

Anonymous said...

I tell you
She is in hot soup
Ofe mmanu people wil so deal with her even if the death was an accident

Chike TEFLON said...

RIP to him

Rappakatakata said...

I'm short of words here.

Shirley said...

Anger is a destroyer that needs to be tamed

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:38, you are stark raving bonkers for that statements(ofe mmanu). My igbo friend just translated it, and
explained the meaning to me. Akpu- legged people.

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

You didn't just typed that your last paragraph! Their son is dead and he died in her hands and you are here calling her poor/innocent.

Sentiment has truly eaten deep into people's hearts.

Would you have said same if it was the girl that died?

jelly said...

See gobe

Katty said...

There is more to this story than we know. All i feel for is the baby involve. RIP.

chinenye baby said...

I follow Tonto curse d day she was born.

Anonymous said...

Yorubas know how to spray semen and run away
The girl wants marriage
(like someone said earlier; Igbo chicks are desperate for marriage?)
The man wants sex and nothing else but sex
Ladies close ya legs, he will not marry you because of pregnancy or
"great sex"
He will marry you because of your character

If Stella chose not to post, let her conscience settle it.

Bubul said...

See gobe

Anonymous said...

Not just the young folks. It is everywhere.

Anonymous said...

And Judy Austin is pregnant for Yul Edochie. Stella this is from a reliable source!!!!!

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