Stella Dimoko Kano Governor, Ganduje Sets 350 Prisoners Free In Celebration Of Sallah


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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Kano Governor, Ganduje Sets 350 Prisoners Free In Celebration Of Sallah


Governor of Kano state, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR, on Friday, as part of activities marking Eid el Kabir celebrations, visited Kano Central Prison and Goron Dutse Prison to release 200 and 150 from the 2 prisons respectfully.

It will be recalled that Ganduje during the Eid El Fitr celebrations 2 months ago directed that 500 prisoners be carefully selected for immediate release.

This is the 1st time in Nigeria, a governor is pardoning these much number up to 500, at the same time, which cuts across all categories of prisoners in the state. While few of those condemned to death and who are serving life imprisonment had their sentences reviewed downwards.

In his remarks, Governor Ganduje said this gesture is to enable the released inmates to start a new life. He also hoped that they will be law abiding and engage themselves in conducts that will be productive to them and their families.

The representative of the honorable minister of Interior, Alhaji Ado Abdullahi, expressed his delight to the governor for his unprecedented gesture. He added that in the records of the ministry, no governor has released half of what Governor Ganduje did, talkless of releasing 500 prisoners at once.

The released inmates were also given N5,000 cash each to assist them to return back to their homes in various destinations.

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I dont even know if i should congratulate them or call out the governor for this act...These people might go back to commit worse crimes...The economy is hard.

It is only in Nigeria you see a gov opening a jail to let out sentenced criminal,this act is WRONG!!!!


  1. I hope it's those with really minor crimes they released. Hope no boko haram member or murderers released

  2. Stella and so??what if their crimes are not that bad??do you know there are people who steal chickens and are taken to prison?i dont see anything wrong in what he didπŸ™„πŸ™„or is it because its a northern governor??

  3. US Presidents do it all the damn time, SDK stop castigating Nigeria (if you like swallow my comment as usual). Obama pardoned a CIA operative turned mule, Bush pardoned his political friends (can't recall their names), Trump has already done same. Your question should be what crime they committed to be in jail at 1st. You incarcerate a pick pocket because of N500 & spend taxpayers money to feed him in jail. What economic sense does that make? What reformation is he getting in jail?

    1. But the people you mentioned told you what vcrimes they were pardoning. This guy did not and it says he even changed death sentences.

    2. Did you read where it said "carefully selected"? They didn't release random people, cases were reviewed & recommended for release

  4. I hope there is a committee set out to monitor these ex convicts now. Or will they just be released like that? To probably commit more crime?

  5. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, guys. It's me again. ( :

    Well, everyone deserves a second chance at a good life, right?

    Yours Blogospherially.

  6. this is very very wrong... and yes its only in naija my goodness

  7. It's not entirely out of place, but 350 at once hmmm

  8. Most of these guys am sure were not even sentenced they would have been jailed for petty crimes most of them might even be underage.There should always be a second chance.

  9. Am sure some are innocent too..that are wrongfully accused, my prayer is that they all stay clear from crime that will lead them back to prison

  10. Is it because it happened during Sallah, if it we during Christmas now, you'd be saying "Grace of God"

    BTW, it is not only in Nigeria that Governors or Presidents or Prime Minister or Crown pardon criminalS, pardon is entrenched in every country's constitution.

  11. Book haram sponsor.the northeners are so foolish they believe everyone is stupid but they are wise.he didn't think to hide it,they are boko haram wait and see.


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