Stella Dimoko Ozolua's Empower 54 To Give Thousands Of Congolese Children Medication


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Monday, 25 September 2017

Ozolua's Empower 54 To Give Thousands Of Congolese Children Medication

Empower 54 Project Inc (Empower 54) is a non-profit organization that has been providing humanitarian assistance through health, Hunger Eradication/Rural Development, educational, empowerment, and IDP/refugee programs to the underprivileged since 2003.

Empower 54 is conducting humanitarian activities in various African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC). The organization is currently rendering major health and education programs in the Province du Mai-Ndombe, RDC.

Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children and increases the risk of disease and death from severe infections.

Albendazol medication is used for the treatment of a variety of parasitic worm infestations in children.

This includes giving 620,000 children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years Vitamin A and Albendazol in 14 communities in the Province for FREE!!

Video of Congolese children and adults welcoming Princess Modupe Ozolua to their village:

Empower 54's Patron is His Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa and Hollywood actress, Kat Graham is its goodwill ambassador.

Princess Modupe Ozolua
"Sarauniyar Alheri”


Miss Ess said...

God bless her big heart

Anonymous said...

She dey try.

Anonymous said...

With no pun intended but the exception of very few ones, charity is a very dishonest thing in Nig and people were using foundation as a means of getting rich these days SMH

Anonymous said...

Cant trust any charity in Nigeria

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