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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Saturday Laughs

- You wear makeup but still look like a vampire, my sister thats what we call Adding salt to an injury

• Some girls know you are broke, yet they will get pregnant and tell you they have good news for you.. whats good about the news

• My sister if your baby knows how many old men sucked those breast, she'd prefer porridge

• Women who can Cook can be so dramatic, u find her wearing an Apron just to boil water


• This black lipstick is not for every lady, some of u end up looking like dogs or traditional healers

• One Ibadan girl has been singing since morning "Shawa kote see kote" Instead of "Yawa go dey see gobe"

• Something bothers me, those girls who go to night clubs wearing crop Tops and leggings, were do they put their money?
Ahbi dem no get money??

• So u deleted ur bibble App to download Snapchat, I hope u also download a filter that can reduce the heat temperature inside Hell??


• Sister you are not Rihanna, wear bra and stop showing us that breast that are pointing at your shoes

• Girl: Dad, whats better? To pass or to fail?
Dad: To pass obviously!
Girl: oh my God! You'll be proud of me cos I passed my pregnancy text

• My mom asked my girlfriend if she can Cook, Then she smiled and replied, " Mummy I cooked the tea we drunk at home this morning"
my mum is still looking for where to faint cos our dog fainted where she suppose to faint

• 9ja armed robbers just enter area..;
Everybody kneel down lie! bring out all your money!!
Me: Oga abeg mercy for me, I no hol money abeg nah..
Robbers: Fool! oya stand up! go and make Eba for us osiso! Ijiet

• U saw a 7 year old girl singing "My money, my body na ur own baby"
when I was her age I was singing " My head my shoulders, my kneel my toes, they all belongs to Jesus"

• Nawao! one plastic of garri is now N1,200 & u ask all these garri sellers they will say cassava is scarce.. Please where is Tekno, he told us he has big cassava,, coman donate ur cassava to ur nation

• That moment when you are having trust issue and then your girlfriend updates her status "I love God"
then your mind will now start telling you "It can't be God in heaven, it could be Godstime or Godswill or probably Godspower_________________________
• I have 2thousand people following me here in Facebook when I don't even know where am going



Miss Ess said...




cara mia said...

The 2nd to the last one. Hahaha

Beloved said...

Hahahaha PSquare trending. It is not Only Who is Mr P or Rudeboy, Their Wives nko 😂😂😂😂


😀😀😁😁😂😂😁😀😀😀@emagbami keh, collect me

*Larry was here*


Odhodi thieves.lolzzz

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha it is really funny. Thanks stella u made my day

charitybino said...

Girls now cook tea.

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...


bravitudegal said...


esohjay said...

Tecno joke got me
Oya tecno comma donate casava for our country

Anonymous said...

so hilarious

okorie onyema said...

Lmao, kudos to those who take their time to come up you these jokes,you are the real MVPs

Priceless Jewel said...


... Jesus is my worth!

Anonymous said...

We made deposit and the surgeries were done I spent days in the hospital then I was discharged then I was asked to come back after some days so the can remove the stitches went back and the stitches were remove but blood started coming out from the opening were one pipe Abi hose was fixed near my vagina went back to the hospital they said it's normal but now the place is healed but there is another opening in the middle of the stitch on my private and milkish fluid is coming out

Shirley said...


new wine said...

Thank you Stella.

Ed said...

Hahahaa....that psquare own got me

Anonymous said...

I go for dressing everyday and. The hospital charge 1700 for each day and. The total money paid before I left the hospital is 286thounsand but. The doc keep telling me that it's normal for the milkish fluid to be coming out and the opening have refused to heal so please doctors in the house enlighten me more cos I don't think this is normal I'm so down emotionally and my life have been on hold,sorry for the long epistle and pardon any gbaguan I just. Need answers

Anonymous said...

I remember one time when my Bro ask to follow him to vigil myself and younger brother. We got going cross the express and find pool of crowd waiting to into bus. Been that my younger Bro was new to lags he asked if the vigil was holding there due to the crowd at bus stop. I no fit laugh that day.

Anonymous said...

It's not normal at all o. Go to a specialist or a teaching hospital immediately so don't affect i.e. chances of taking in

Anonymous said...

It's infected. See your doc for antibiotics.

RoseMary Austine said...

#teckno oya donate your cassava #
#out of 100 million is this the sperm that win the race

queensley Sheidu said...

Enter your comment...hahahahahahaha

Taiwo Anuoluwapo said...

D last meme cracks me

Flawlessbae❤❤ said...


nkiruka ikwueme said...


Shantelle's Empire said...

Garri is no longer 1200#. Its now 600# for paint rubber if you know where to buy. Cos some sell @ 700.

African Sweetheart said...

You don't have to pay for dressing everyday. Hope you are sitting on warm and not hot water. Tell your hubby to wash his hands properly, puy savlon antiseptec in warm water, clean the surface with using cotton wool and the savlon water then apply penicillin ointment. If you were not faithful to the antibiotics you were given, you have to buy and start all over again. Take C and enough fruits.

Jane's Sparkles boutique said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks all I have been on ciprofloxacin and vit c. And I am on the 4th sachet the doc collected sample from the fluid and did a test he said everything is ok

Madame koinkoin a.k.a 'peace lover" said...

Hahahahahaha how can techno be carrying all that cassava when cassava is scarce , my brother come o your country loves you .

Spicy Dobis said...


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