Stella Dimoko Serena Williams Pens Her Mum An Emotional ODE


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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Serena Williams Pens Her Mum An Emotional ODE

Tennis star, Serena Williams, who had suffered taunts for several years of being likened to a man because of her muscular frame, pens an emotional Ode to her mother saying her new born has inherited her muscular frame.

Dear Mom,

You are one of the strongest women I know. I was looking at my daughter (OMG, yes, I have a daughter ) and she has my arms and legs! My exact same strong, muscular, powerful, sensational arms and body. I don't know how I would react if she has to go through what I've gone through since I was a 15 year old and even to this day.

I've been called man because I appeared outwardly strong. It has been said that that I use drugs (No, I have always had far too much integrity to behave dishonestly in order to gain an advantage). It has been said I don't belong in Women's sports -- that I belong in Men's -- because I look stronger than many other women do. (No, I just work hard and I was born with this badass body and proud of it).

But mom, I'm not sure how you did not go off on every single reporter, person, announcer and quite frankly, hater, who was too ignorant to understand the power of a black woman.

I am proud we were able to show them what some women look like. We don't all look the same. We are curvy, strong, muscular, tall, small, just to name a few, and all the same: we are women and proud!

You are so classy, I only wish I could take your lead. I am trying, though, and God is not done with me yet. I have a LONG way to go, but thank you.

Thank you for being the role model I needed to endure all the hardships that I now regard as a challenges--ones that I enjoy. I hope to teach my baby Alexis Olympia the same, and have the same fortitude you have had.

Promise me, Mom, that you will continue to help. I'm not sure if I am as meek and strong as you are yet. I hope to get there one day. I love you dearly.

Your youngest of five,


*LMAO @ Promise me that you will continue to help..Na Omugwo she dey find


Miss Ess said...

Aaaawwww.....drunk in motherhood love

Esther Mgbolu said...'s all i can say

Barr. Oma said...

Awwwwww,such adorable words. Motherhood rocks. Serena,you will do just fine,even mad women are protective of their children, its normal to be scared of doing too much or not doing enough. Baby Alexis is cute

God's own! Real Estate Agent Lekki/Ajah 08159131741 PIN: 56958843 said...

I see the shade #Sharapova

amanda favour said...

Motherhood rocks!

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Thank God for her. See people calling her man, she don born na. Abeg enjoy your daughter jare. Na God win.

Thank God you know your mum's worth. Most women dont know their mum's worth.

Lipstickalley said...

Who says motherhood isnt beautiful. Na your time Serena...Enjoy

Queen_Bee said...

So sweet💞💖.... when you become a mother, you will definitely appreciate your parents more!!

BRENDA C. said...

Tall..short..fat..slim..muscular..soft and curvey.. variety is the spice of life...we all cant look d same.. life woulda been very boring... no matter how we look..we're proud and powerful African women...

Go Serena!!

IJAY said...

Mothers are the best, gush, I just can't stop loving my Nwayi Mma ra mma, Congrats once again Selena

Juloghosa said...


Nemerem said...

"God is not done with me yet" I love! With this mind set, you and baby Alexi will be just fine, conquer new territories together (nothing beats hope, faith and trust in God).

Motherhood rocks, it gives you a whole new perspective on life. Though it makes you really vulnerable (your child the center of your world) you'll begin to appreciate the strength of a woman.
I pray every woman who desires it, get to experience it.

Congrats Serena.

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