Stella Dimoko Usher Accuser, Quantasia Sharpton's Lawyer Says She Lied About The Tape


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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Usher Accuser, Quantasia Sharpton's Lawyer Says She Lied About The Tape

Usher's most public accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, is facing huge credibility problems after lying during an interview that her alleged s§xual encounter with Usher was captured on video.

Sharpton did an interview with Miss Jacob Tuesday and claimed straight-up she made a s§x tape with Usher and he was down with it.

Sharpton's attorney, Lisa Bloom, tells us her client's statement is really just a "misunderstanding". Bloom says there is no s§x tape. We're guessing Bloom had no idea Sharpton did the interview.

While the s§x tape might be kaput, Bloom says they still believe the two may have been caught on the hotel's surveillance system.

Obviously, this pokes a gigantic hole in Sharpton's credibility moving forward in the case.

from TMZ


The General's Wife said...

I just want to ask this geh: I bu onye ala?

Lies upon lies upon lies!😳
Some days ago she stil went online flaunting cash and captioned it "2M in my account" fuelling speculations that Usher has paid her off.
And the efi didn't say anything to quell the rumours. Which ofcourse was her intention all along na.

Chick got some serious issues and needs to be checked into wherever they check her likes in.

Anonymous said...

I know it's a lie this gitl is not tush and she is fat, no class

Daddy Code said...

Bitches been lying since 1900.. Smh, and they're always playing the victim card..

Anonymous said...

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I'm tired of the educational system in this country.
The private schools are too pricey, would rather use the money and study abroad.

Chidinma Grace said...

Is it desperation or just to be famous?

Ehi Grace lace_material_uk 07448776953 said...

Are they still on this matter?

Miss Ess said...

They shoukd allow this boy breathe na

The General's Wife said...

My dear cos this chick keeps coming back with new lies every now and then.

The General's Wife said...

Oriegwu o!

Poor Usher!

Wish his Lawyers will so deal with her that she won't be able to see a man within one mile of her ugly self and not runnn!

Anonymous said...

So fat people have no class? The level of intelligence displayed by people beggers belief.

jelly said...

Lying bitch is all i see

Anonymous said...

So sad that Lisa Bloom is playing with her carreer

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