Stella Dimoko Actor Morgan Freeman To Play Colin Powell In Biopic


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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Actor Morgan Freeman To Play Colin Powell In Biopic

Morgan Freeman will star as Colin Powell in an independent biopic about the former U.S. Secretary of State.

The film will focus on Powell’s 2003 speech to the United Nations to seek support for the Bush administration’s plan to forcibly remove Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, based on intelligence — later discredited — that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons. Powell later described the event as a low point in his career.

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*Why Morgan Freeman?


Miss Ess said...

Ok! Noted.

Kiks said...

Why Morgan Freeman? He will interprete the role well? Or am I missing something? I loved Colin Powell those days though.

Atheist ™ said...

Morgan freeman is just an awesome actor! He just fits in well... he played "God" in Bruce almighty & no one cldve done it better. He also played SA president Mandela in Invictus.... the guy is just good.

Esther Mgbolu said...

Ah ah stella this your question get as e be.If you as us nah who we go as?

Nemerem said...

Stella dear why not Morgan Freeman, the actor with the voice of God.
One of my all time best, I am sure he will do more than the needful.

Didn't like what happened to Saddam Hussein, don't really like the man. But na him fit him people, look at Iraq today. Also Gaddafi and Libya, I like Gaddafi though.
Call a bad dog a 'badder' name in order to hang him.

Mhiz A... said...

Stella, why not Morgan Freeman? I love d guy, his role interpretation is superb.

Atheist ™ said...

i dash you... K,K,k,k,k,k

Pacy yoga SDK blog addict said...

I concur

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