Stella Dimoko Beluchi Nwofor Formally Stripped Of SAN Title In Abuja Court.-Video


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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Beluchi Nwofor Formally Stripped Of SAN Title In Abuja Court.-Video

The legal practitioners’ privileges committee had a few months back stripped Beluolisa Nwofor, a lawyer, of his senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) title over alleged act “unbefitting of the holder of the rank”.

Yesterday he was formally stripped of the title in an Abuja court and his wife Nims was in court supported by her friends Medlinboss and Mimi Yina



Mr Nwofor according to insiders will contest the stripping of his SAN Tittle.....

Wish him luck.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Wonder what he did!

Anonymous said...

Apadasiburuku, oloun maje o bawo o.

Miss Ess said...

This is so embarrassing

Anonymous said...

They look funny with there big big glasses which act did he commit that made them to remove his title may be he did nt give the write people brown envelope

Anonymous said...


Gistbabe said...

Fraud. He is always writing dud cheques

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

He must have stepped on some toes to have his SAN stripped off him.

The legal profession is ladened with soo many unspoken rules binding them to the robe.

Plus most of them have to belong to cults to be able to thrive as a lawyer.He should go and beg the powers that "BE"


Anonymous said...

You're such an illiterate for saying most lawyers belong to a cult. I'm so disappointed.

Anonymous said...

When your wife is Nimsdefabulous and lives a life of nothing but slaying how won't he be issuing dud cheques?
His gbese is more than his income.
90% of seemingly wealthy Nigerians are broke. The ones we ignore are the rich ones.
Your kids school in top dollar schools. Your wife does nothing but slay day in day out.
You must be broke Na.
Oya Nimi continue slaying.
Paying rent of almost 15m on a property that is not yours in abuja, is he a wise man? Does he have a wise wife? They should collect the San joor he kuku doesn't deserve it.
May be Nimi the slay queen will finally stay and care for her kids and family and stop her gallivanting with medlinboss.
Sebi Na the fraud money you dey use waka up and down aimlessly

jelly said...

Na wao

Anonymous said...

Slay mamas husband smh! No more designers and flashy life

Anonymous said...

Gbam. You know this family too well. He's very very fraudulent

Anonymous said...

And she posted this on Social media...? What a shame. I wish the man luck. I have met the man a couple of times and he is a very humble man from Awka.

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