Stella Dimoko Las Vegas Killer Stephen Paddock's 'Girlfriend' Arrives The US For Questioning


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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Las Vegas Killer Stephen Paddock's 'Girlfriend' Arrives The US For Questioning

The woman believed to be the girlfriend of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock has arrived in the United States, where she is wanted for questioning.

Marilou Danley, who was in the Philippines, was met by federal agents when she landed in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, US media report.

US authorities have named her a "person of interest" in the investigation.

US police have said they were in contact with Ms Danley shortly after the shooting took place, seeking information on Paddock. She had been in the Philippines since late September, Philippine media reported.

Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel on 28 September, reportedly using some of Ms Danley's identity documents.

Her return comes amid reports that Paddock had wired US$100,000 (£75,400) to her in the Philippines days before the shooting. Philippine police told AFP news agency that the money was deposited in an account belonging to Ms Danley. An unnamed US official told Reuters news agency that investigators were assuming the amount was intended as a form of life insurance for her.

From BBC News

*Life Insurance for her?So the heartless man knew how to love?


Bootylycious diva said...

so whats her connection with the shooting .

Madam Estateowner said...

He had it all planned out and doesnt want her to suffer after his demise so he set her future rolling out for good. How many nigerian men will do that?

Anonymous said...

Behind every "successful" shooter is a woman!

ARIANNA said...

My thoughts might be weird and running wild at the same time but, I kind of think there's a mix up somewhere.
Maybe this is not the actual killer, just maybe.
Well don't blame me, put it on too much Intelligent movies.

Anonymous said...

I think this woman knows something about the shooting. .I don't trust Philippines..especially their women...He probably manipulated the man to do she can get his life insurance..Very possible

jelly said...

Exactly what am thinking too

Anonymous said...

Yes oh. The fear of philipino people is the beginning of wisdom!!!
They r the worst & most deadly kind of snake in this world. Very conniving, liars all of them, greedy, desperate all the time for money no matter their position or status in life.
The philipino old prostitute grandma could have set him up all along & she be working on the sideline to encourage him on, pretending with the public facade of being a very "nice grandma"


Anonymous said...

**sigh **

Okay..lemme explain this. The money is NOT his life insurance.
First of all, life insurance is paid by the insurance company and you cannot get it before the person, the beneficiary, file fr it after death with supporting documents

2. No way would she benefit from the life insurance of such a.death given the particular circumstances of the deceased and the criminal activities

Thirdly, this man is quite wealthy. In fact, his brother said today that that amount is not such a.big deal as his brother usually gambles such away in a night. He was a really rich guy...

Anonymous said...

Now this is very personal...

Pele, did one of the break your home? Snatch your boyfriend? Threatened you with immigration on top that pali deal?


Anonymous said...

I also thought of this..hahaha Too much CSI

Amacastel said...

Na wa ooo

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