Stella Dimoko Petrol Bombs,Double Barrell Guns Allegedly Recovered From Nnamdi Kanu's Home


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Friday, 13 October 2017

Petrol Bombs,Double Barrell Guns Allegedly Recovered From Nnamdi Kanu's Home

Commissioner of Police in Abia, Mr Anthony Ogbizi, has said that lethal weapons, including petrol bombs and one double-barrel gun, were recovered during Sunday’s raid on the residence of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

Ogbizi said this on Thursday during a chat with with newsmen in Umuahia.

He noted that that the items were recovered during a joint operation by security personnel, including the Police and Army, in the state.

He said that the petrol bombs were found in buckets and incriminating documents and letters, concerning IPOB’s activities and plans, were also recovered during the raid.

The police boss disclosed that the raid was carried out based on an intelligence report, regarding the continued activities of some members of the group.

Ogbizi said, “We recovered many of Biafra’s insignia, staff of office and some of those items are being analysed.”

The police boss said that the operation also led to the arrest of one suspected member of IPOB.

He said that the team also discovered the telephone numbers of the group’s zonal coordinators adding that all the communications between the leadership of the group and their collaborators would be thoroughly analysed.

Ogbizi said that a Biafran flag was also found hanging on a telecommunications mast in the area.

He added that police will ask the Nigeria Communications Commission to sanction any telecommunication company that allowed its mast to be used to hoist Biafran flags.

He said that the activities of IPOB in the Southeast were “stirring insurrection” and that security agencies would not fold their arms and watch the group foment violence in the country.

The police chief said that similar joint operations would be carried out intermittently in Kanu’s residence, anytime they received intelligence report that offensive weapons were brought to the place.

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Anonymous said...

Do you expect someone like that not to have weapons in his house? This is not news mbok.

Anonymous said...

Ekwensu enwe phone number!

Miss Ess said...

This is serious. Dude was really ready for war.

Elastic said...

Lols...shame on Nigerian government! Petrol bomb kowai!!!!! Even my papa own a double barrel gun.
All your efforts to hang Nnamdi Kanu has ended up in mockery of yourself. You will soon discover kolanuts in his house and claim he use them for ritual purposes. Ndi iberibe!!!


Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Igbo kwenu

Nnamdi war dog come out. Ewu

sexy Daddy said...

Intelligence report indeed!
Army,navy, police and co go and use the same intelligence report you guys always claim to go and fish out Fulani killer men all over the country!

Anonymous said...

Such lies.. what took them this long after the first raid to declare this. Whatever is found cannot be on MNK they army planted it

Anonymous said...

Most people in Nigeria have guns! Registered outside the country! They should also go and arrest all the hunters in different villages for also having a gun! Rubbish!

Ada bekee said...

Lol. The Nigerian army and lies. Lethal weapon include one double barrel gun, Petrol bombs. LMAO. Ipob isn't even armed compared to the niger delta militants or herdsmen. Yet they are labelled terrorists and herdsmen criminals. They are looking for every means to justify their illegal raid

Anonymous said...

Hopeless Nigerian government, by the time those of you supporting buhari realises the damage the bigot of a president has done, it would have been too late for you...

Anonymous said...

Block head..

Donatus said...

Wetin now?
Na the petrol the man dey take cook food.
Na the shotgun E dey take light the fire.

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