Stella Dimoko Police Reportedly Say Davido Not Yet Free And Investigations Over Tagbo Umeike's Death Still On-going


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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Police Reportedly Say Davido Not Yet Free And Investigations Over Tagbo Umeike's Death Still On-going

Contrary to claims by music star, Davido, that he has been cleared of any complicity in the unfortunate death of Tagbo Umeike, the Lagos State Police Command yesterday countered the claim, insisting that the singer is not free yet as the matter is being investigated.

The claim by Davido was captured in messages posted via one of his social media handles on Thursday to offer thanks to everyone who prayed for him while saying he has forgiven every single person, media house or blog that pointed an accusing finger at him upon the demise of Tagbo. He wrote: “Any media house, blog or person that said false things about me or accused me of what I don’t know I sincerely forgive you… and God bless you. We move on! LET’S ALL BE BETTER! THANK YOU LORD.”

Widespread reports quoted Bobo. F. Ajudua, a member of the legal team defending Davido led by Norrison I. Quakers (SAN), that police have declared the singer free of guilt in the matter. Responding to media enquiries on the case, he reportedly said: “We’ve been to Panti and my client has given a statement there too. It’s clear from all the investigation, evidence and statements given so far that Davido was not at any point with the deceased after he left him alive at Shisha Room.

“As such he’s been released to go about his business. Of course if called on to give any more information he would gladly. But in truth he only knew so much about the night and has reproduced this time and time again.

They’ve also observed the consistency between his statements and those of all the others interviewed. As a result he’s been allowed to go.” However, when contacted by Saturday Telegraph yesterday, Lagos PPRO, Olarinde Famous-Cole, contradicted the claim by the musician and his legal team.

“The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, has addressed that issue, that there is an ongoing investigation, that the case file has been duplicated and it will be transferred to the DPP (Director of Public Prosecution) for advice on what is the best way to go in handling the case.

“So, investigation is ongoing, we have carried out series of investigations as regards that case and the police angle is that we are still investigating and of course they (those in Davido’s camp) are entitled to their freedom of speech,” he submitted.

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Miss Ess said...

It is well.

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

So investigation is still going on and so both sides should keep calm while the police do their work.


mamalette said...

It is well. If indeed Davido is innocent of this crime, i pray God to vindicate him because murder case no be agidi case talk more of when you are wrongly accused of such crime.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why it is so difficult for people to maintain silence. I saw davidos video where he was making lots of noise after he came out from the police station with his lawyer(the same Ajudua guy that was in the group pic with tagbo). Why jubilate? Your driver is still in police custody, your two friends that dumped tagbo in the hospital are still in police custody? What is the noise and jubilating for? Tagboo your so called friend is still dead. Like WTH, no one advises these idiots or what? I was on the fence before but I am beginning to think davido is aware the guy died with them before sending him to the hospital. Juvenile delinquents. Ritualists.

AdeEsther (need quick loan? Call 09087090732) said...

Serious issue

Jeni_zee said...

Don’t mind the foolish idiotic Davido! What are u happy for! Even if u didn’t kill him, must u make a video jubilation? What sort of friends do we have this days? Even if u are Happy u are out of police net , must u fool yourself by making a video? Why are people so foolish? Abeg I no wan vex this morning

Anonymous said...

Tagbo Umeike’s Brother Speaks On Davido’s Absence At The Burial

Tagbo’s brother, Chigbo has revealed that Nigerian pop artiste, Davido, did not attend the burial ceremony of his friend, Tagbo Umeike on Friday.

Tagbo’s brother, Chigbo told Punch that although his brother’s life was cut short unexpectedly, his burial went according to plans.

He said , “My brother was buried on Friday and it is so sad that we have lost someone with a big heart.

However , Davido was not present at the burial neither did he send a representative but at this point, we have no comment on that. I would miss my brother a lot because he had a big heart. He was not only my brother but a lot of people’s brother as well. Through my late brother, I have made a lot of friends turned brother and despite his death, I hope to still keep these wonderful people as my brothers.

Just Bella. said...

Abegi.... all of them should take several seats... He has free himself, he is rejoicing everywhere, which means no matter the evidence you have... for him to come out publicly to rejoice it means those evidence has been bend for their own benefit... Nor be Nigeria again?

Rip to the dead.

Anonymous said...

See the way the davido carried on like none of his friends died recently, all of u saying Tagbo is a grown man nd responsible for his actions, can’t davido caution him that he has had enough? I can do that for a friend. This guy’s death pained me though, seeing his obituary pics made me sad

Anonymous said...

Lets assume Tagbo's death was as a result of carelessness but what of Chime and DJ Olu who died suddenly and SIMULTANEOUSLY???

Anonymous said...

What killed DJ Olu and Chime SIMULTANEOUSLY???

Anonymous said...

What killed DJ Olu and Chime SIMULTANEOUSLY???

Jeni_zee said...

Video jubilation *

Anonymous said...

If Na him be @Davido he go go the burial? ....make them go leech am.. ...abeg make him hold him side for Lagos mbok

It's a pity that @Tagbo is gone... ...No one can bring him back, it's a sad reality.

May God grant the family the strength to move on... It's not easy, especially for his mum

I hope @CAROLINE EKANEM DANJUMA TAGBO was there... .she Shaa dey follow chop that "money "


Anonymous said...

See, there are some friends, you advise them tire, Dem no dey hear.. Na there own mind dem go wan do

It's unfortunate, but what can we say? Nothing but RIP


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. ..The lord help us.. If you know what these youths these days put their hands on.... You go fear for their future....

It's a pity

I was in Lagos recently, and I and a friend where heading somewhere, there was holdup along Lekki axis.. so broad Day light oo.... A guy driving White 2017 Toyota jeep, got down from his car, he had white wrapper tied to his waist and he danced and circled round three times, before he entered his car again.. ..The other car that was behind him, alsp another white car, don't know the model of that car.. .two guys came out, they had white small calabash, placed it on the floor, circled round it thrice, then they entered their car and zoom off.... I was shocked.. ....These guys these days they do alot for POWER, FAME... ,not even for money most times, because they have the money already

Let all parents warn their kids... Know who your kid move with.

That @Chime guy just died for no reason.. So painful ,because I read his dads interview


Anonymous said...

We live in a useless country where people don't ask questions.They just move on.What killed those boys?Nigeria Police is completely useless

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