Stella Dimoko Six Death Sentences For Man Who Killed Wife And 5 Kids


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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Six Death Sentences For Man Who Killed Wife And 5 Kids

It was September 2009 when Damas brutally killed his wife, Guerline Dieu Damas, 32, and the couple’s five young children — Michzach, 9, Marven, 6, Maven, 5, Megan, 3, and Morgan 1 — slicing their throats with a filet knife inside their North Naples townhouse. At the time, Collier Sheriff Kevin Rambosk called the killings “the most horrific and violent event” in county history.

Mesac Damas was sentenced Friday morning by Collier Circuit Judge Christine Greider, bringing resolution to one of the most horrifying Southwest Florida murder case in recent memory.He has received six death sentences for the murders of his wife and five children eight years ago. 

“In reaching this decision, the court is mindful that, because death is a unique punishment in its finality, its application is reserved only for those cases where only the most aggravating and least mitigating circumstances exist,” Greider said at the end of the 1 ½-hour long proceeding.

Damas, now 41, fled to Haiti, where he was born and raised, but authorities soon located him.

While being transported from Haiti back to Florida, Damas confessed his guilt to the Daily News. Did you kill them? Yes, I did. Why? Only God knows.

He was driven to kill by the devil, he said. He wanted death. He wanted to be buried with his family. He expected to go to heaven.

This focus on God and religion and spirits and demons would continue throughout his time in the Collier County jail and during his court appearances. Early on he was prone to courtroom outbursts, begging to be put to death and imploring a courtroom gallery to come to Jesus. He has maintained that he was “possessed by demons” at the time of the crime.

In jail he fasted, leading to drastic weight fluctuations. He was, he said, trying to starve out the demons. He also shared his Christian faith with other inmates.

It was a lapse in faith before the killings had left him vulnerable to a demonic attack or hex, he would later tell a defense expert, a specialist in Haitian religion.

His court case was marked by fits and stops — a trip to a state mental hospital, challenges to the state’s death penalty law, and a rotating door of public defenders and judges (Greider was the fourth judge to oversee Damas’ case).

Toward the end, Damas virtually shut down in court, refusing to participate in hearings or speak with his court-appointed lawyers. He wanted to represent himself in court; a request that was denied.

In early September, Greider allowed Damas to plead guilty to the six counts of first-degree murder. He waived his right to a jury. He also waived his right to have his attorneys present mitigating evidence in his favor.

On Tuesday, when Greider asked Damas if he still wanted to waive his right to mitigating evidence, he refused to speak. Instead, he wrote her a note.

“Go ahead, continue your work, may my blood be upon your shoulders.”

He signed the note, “COG” — Child of God.

from USA today.


Madonna said...

They shld kill me already Jare, no time for plenty drama. Demon kor demon ni!!!!

chidinma amako said...

Kill you, ok well done ma

Lily B said...

Kill 'you' as how??

Halima Muhammed said...

Good for him. This oyinbo ppl only GOD knows the kind evil spirit that is in them. They kills for no reason.... Yeye dey smell for una country

The Psycho Guy........ said...

Madonna the first just make comment tire us.

Tayan Taylor said...

Wow,he is possess by demons, but he have to die abi

IsaacBABA (N1300 for 2GB, N1800 for 08066929956 for more info) said...

Wow... This one confuse me honestly

Anonymous said...

@ Madonna. let them kill all of us o! me self I wan die. demon kor demon ni . comments dey tire person to read o!

Anonymous said...

The was how my ex Yoruba demon wanted to kill me and my unborn child. He later claimed "work of the devil." I refuse to be your victim, that was why I walked.

Anonymous said...

I will doubt that he is from Haiti and did what he did. They too like voodoo

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