Stella Dimoko WWE Smashes Cultural Taboos As It Signs First Woman Wrestler From Arab World


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Monday, 16 October 2017

WWE Smashes Cultural Taboos As It Signs First Woman Wrestler From Arab World

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) signed its first female performer from the Arab world on Sunday, smashing cultural taboos as the US-based pageant seeks to piledrive its way into lucrative foreign markets.

Shadia Bseiso, a Jordanian versed in jiu-jitsu, dreams of encouraging more Arab women to take up sports - and of one day maybe even crashing a metal chair over WWE mega-star John Cena.

Female athletes are finally getting the credit they deserve. The world is more open to that, and in terms of how the region will react to it, I'm hoping its going to be very positive," she said.

While women exercising in public is rare in the Arab world and the local entertainment industry often relegates them to docile roles, big companies such as Nike have stepped up advertising geared towards female athletes. Still, the high octane physicality and outrageous storylines of professional wrestling remain a novelty in the region.

Speaking to Reuters in the WWE's Dubai office, Bseiso said she made sure to tell her parents about her colourful career choice in person.


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Fine woman.

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pretty lady

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My mom needs to come come read this, he loves for female wrestling is one thing else😯😯😯


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