Stella Dimoko Chinese Govt Donates Over N2bn To Rebuild North East of Nigeria


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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Chinese Govt Donates Over N2bn To Rebuild North East of Nigeria

The Chinese Government has promised to commit 50 million Chinese Rin an equivalent of N2.5 Billion as its contribution to the development of the North East.

 The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Dr. Zhou Pingjian revealed this in Damaturu the Yobe state capital when presented relief materials to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the state.

He added that his govt and people are so concerned with the upheavals going on in the area and pledged that more will be done to uplift the living conditions of the people from the region.

He stated also that $5million had earlier been committed under the World Food Programme with the aim of meeting the immediate needs of those affected. This year alone, China has been trying its best to work together with Nigeria Government to do something for the North East as the government has provided Fifty million Chinese Rin an equivalent of N2.5 bn worth as foreign aid to alleviate the suffering of the people in the North East.

The state Governor Ibrahim Gaidam appreciated the assistance offered to his affected people while praising the Chinese government for coming to their rescue.

From Channelstv


Miss Ess said...

Bubu is building his territory in our korokoro eyes like this. He is sure coming back for 2nd term.

Blackberry said...

It's a pity jona did not even pave the road to otueke.
Anyway, d NE needs it most.

I am the queen and the boss of this blog(CHIEF) said...

Vuharia and his people will use quarter of this money to do gra gra,then pocket the rest!...

Bee10(mummytwins) said...

They will not rebuild anything they will pocket the money

Amacastel said...

Southeasterners spend billions of dollars buying from China,Chinese govt decide to reward the north,yet una claim we are 1 country

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