Stella Dimoko Father Reunites With Daughter 23 Years After She Was Lost In Rwanda Genocide


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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Father Reunites With Daughter 23 Years After She Was Lost In Rwanda Genocide

Sebarinda, now 70, has now been reunited with his daughter 23 years after they were torn from one another’s lives. Jeanette Chaiapello was mistaken for an orphan when Rwanda was gripped by the horror of the genocide. 

Jeanette (who was originally called Beata Nyirambabazi) was found alive among piles of bodies when she was just two-years-old. The youngster had been taken to church with her twin sister and brother by her mother, who thought they would be safe there.

Her mum and siblings were killed when Hutu fighters threw grenades and spears, killing worshippers. Leonard was hiding in a different location with his three other kids, so he was separated from his young daughter.

Vincent Twizeqimana, one of Jeanettes’s brothers set to work finding her a decade ago. She rejected his initial attempts, claiming she was an orphan and couldn’t be his sister. She later reached out to him over Facebook and a DNA test proved that they were family.

Accompanied by her Italian husband, Jeanette visited surviving members of her birth family who welcomed her in a traditional ceremony. ''It took me until I was an adult to start reflecting on my African roots and biological parents,’ she said.

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Alloy Chikezie said...


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Rappakatakata said...

So touching.

becky naka said...

'Sometimes in April' and 'Hotel Rwanda' left a sour taste in my mouth. Say no to war.

Yemi7up said...

Let's loud it,say NO to WAR.

Anonymous said...

She really moved on.chai

KIDJO D MAMALAWO ������������ said...

Biafrans agitators should come and read this please. ..The casualties of war re too much and the surviving victims never recover from the loss of their loved ones.

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