Stella Dimoko FG Petitions Italy Over The Hasty Burial of The 26 Girls Who Drowned...


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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

FG Petitions Italy Over The Hasty Burial of The 26 Girls Who Drowned...

The Federal Government has expressed dismay over the hasty burial of the 26 girls who were found dead on the Mediterranean Sea by Italian authorities nine days ahead of the slated date.

The bodies of the girls were found on a sinking vessel in the Mediterranean about two weeks ago and there where reports that they may have been sexually abused before they were murdered.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa told journalists in Abuja on Monday that the Italian Embassy had earlier indicated to the Director-General, National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons that the burial would take place in Salerno, Italy on November 26, 2017.

But the Italian authorities, she said, went ahead with the burial last Friday without informing the Nigerian government, adding that the NAPTIP director is currently in Italy to engage with the Italian authorities ahead of the scheduled burial date.

The SSA who addressed newsmen alongside a NAPTIP representative, Mr. Abdulrahim Shaibu, explained that a protest letter had been sent to the Italian envoy in Nigeria over the matter.

“Why were they (the bodies) hurriedly buried nine days before the date communicated to the DG, NAPTIP by the Italian Embassy without any information to Nigerian Government? Why the rush to bury the bodies without carrying out post-mortem to determine the causes of death?,” she queried.

Dabiri-Erewa said that information indicated that only three of the girls were identified as Nigerians, noting that the identities of the other victims had yet to be ascertained before they were interred.

She noted that another issue of concern was that the victims’ families may have wanted them buried in their countries of origin.

The SSA also condemned the reported sale of Africans in a Libyan slave market as broadcast by CNN, saying this was unacceptable, despicable and inhuman.

She said,”On the issue of Africans sold by Africans in Libya to Europe, as reported by the CNN in a report titled “People for sale; where lives are auctioned for $400”, this is totally unacceptable, despicable, and inhuman and should be condemned by anyone who is human and has blood running through their veins.”

The Presidential aide appealed to the African Union, European Union, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, International Organization on Migration and the Economic Community for West African States to intervene in the matter and tackle the issue of slavery happening in Libya.

“The perpetrators of this heinous crime should also be sanctioned,” she said.



Miss Ess said...

Hmmmm...only three were Nigerians! What is going on?

Rappakatakata said...

The FG should please SHUT UP! What has she done to protect the lives of Nigerians back home or to dignify the millions that die unnatural deaths?
The FG is simply talking for the sake of it in order not to appear to have asked any questions. Rubbish!

Anonymous said...

As if they care?
They; the politrictians are indirectly begging Italy for compensation in Millions of Euros for them to squander as usual.
Thieves garbed in government clothing.

Viva Ciara said...

Diarris God oooo.
I hope it's not because Nigerians complained about the absence of a government representative at the burial, they now come up with this story for the gods .

Rappakatakata said...

And pls do not get me wrong. I did not mean that the girls' lives did not matter or that questioning the motives of the Italian government was worthless. But what impression has the government of Nigeria left in the minds of other nations on the worth of the Nigerian life? If you fail to treat your child well, how do you expect a stranger to treat him/her better?

Anonymous said...

See them petitioning as if they would have even bothered to give them a befitting burial

The goddess. said...

Is it by petitioning them?
The thing is will our Nigerian girls (especially Edo girls,Delta girls, now Igbo girls had joined the race) ever ready to learn from this unfortunate incident???

Go to Immigration office in Benin city Edo state and see for yourself, you will see them flooding everywhere being accompanied by their parent. Infact somebody somewhere at Immigration office in Benin city just got her passport today through the back door as I speck, her luggage fully packed, she has gone through the swearing process with juju's at ikpoba river last night, her privates all shaved by the native doctor through their madam all for this journey today, enroute Ghana via Libya tonight..

You need to see the competition for yourself

Nigerian govt know what to do but becos of corruption they have gone blind refusing to do the right thing. They know where to block this channel.
NAPTIP should have their headquarters in Benin city Infact inside the immigration premise at Ikpoba hill, and see things for themselves.
Why should their office be in Abuja for heaven sake?

This is just the beginning more coups will be found after this petition, pls mark today's date this time around, the Italian govt won't inform us.

You know the funny thing, the Italians have no regard for Nigerians anymore. They manage to do us a favour by notifying us and here we are lamenting..

Enough said is not like I'm been paid for this anyway..

#drops mic.

Anonymous said...

Nigerian government wants to save face from the criticism. stupid country plus stupid leaders.

charitybino said...

Some are ready to be sold willingly

olayinka femi said...

I know a lot of people will say the federal government were crying fowl but if anyone carefully read through you will see that there has been a chain of communication between the two government and a said date was agreed for burial and Italian government went ahead 9 days before agreed time which is wrong cause all the autopsy that were supposed to be carried out now is useless cause what happened to those ladies before their untimely deaths cannot be ascertained i believe there is a foul play from somewhere all i will say is may their soul rest in peace

olayinka femi said...

You are on point

Shirley said...

It still doesnt give them the right to do what they did.

Ugegbe1 said...

Don't mind the useless federal government.
Instead of them to be grateful to the Italian government for giving them a dignified burial they are busy ranting.
As if it's not mass grave that they use to bury all those Boko haram victims that die under their watch.

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