Stella Dimoko German Evangelist Bonnke Says He Doesn't Collect Offerings During His Crusades


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Friday, 10 November 2017

German Evangelist Bonnke Says He Doesn't Collect Offerings During His Crusades

The German Pentecostal evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke, has warned members of the public and, especially, participants at his ongoing Farewell Crusade holding in Lagos State, that he does not collect offerings during his crusades.

We are here to bless you; we have brought you gifts of salvation and deliverance; we are here to give and not to take anything from you.

Anyone who asks you to give offering for this crusade is a thief and should be reported immediately,” the sponsors of the crusade, Christ for All Nations, warns participants on Thursday at the crusade ground. This is coming on the heels of suspicion that certain unscrupulous persons might want to malign the credibility of the preacher by seizing the opportunity offered by the huge crowd at Bonnke’s crusade to raise money for personal use.

Observers opine that Bonnke’s decision is a radical departure from what critics see as “normal practice” by some open-air preachers who urge crusade participants to donate money for offering and other projects.

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Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

hahahahahaha na wa. What a pity. They have not started ooo, offering is now they want to collect.

All these Nigerian ministers of God that wants to use one stone to kill 2 birds.

Anonymous said...

Well spoken, but He should use moral suasion to influence German government to rescind their decision about deporting Nigerians next year please, country hard now, make dem no pour sand sand for our garri, na beg we beg o

Anonymous said...

Story story! Stoooooory. This man that has made billions out of Nigerians coming to preach that he doesn’t collect tithe. Do you make the kind of money you make in Nigeria in Germany?

Sally jayd said...

Was he the same man that prophesied about the world coming to an end many years ago?his name sounds familiar though.

Shaynee said...

Hmmn,maybe he means he doesn't collect the offering for his personal/ministry purpose but the hosts do because in 2010 he held crusade in a town in the South West,I was on IT then in a bank and they were bringing offering money to deposit,it consisted of various fact, they weren't always able to count or sort the money before bringing it in because of the volume.
Personally, I see nothing wrong with collection of offering at crusades o,after all, it is for the propagation of the gospel.

Enigma G said...

Hahahahahahahahaha yahoo yahoo pastors oh

Anonymous said...

The word of God says none shall appear before me empty.

Mamafifty said...

Point of correction, he said offering not tithe, read well

nnuku Sexy pant-like boxers. 08170506432 Order now said...

He have spoil show for them
The one that annoys me most is buy holy water.. my goodness.. that statement can annoy me.. holy water that we re using to do as we like in Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 20:18 be there quoting scriptures to suit yourself. The same bible said come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy didn't say come with substance. God's blessings are not sold for naira and kobo. Some pastors now go as far as charging consultation and deliverance fee like doctors. May God deliver is from religion in Nigeria

Anonymous said...

Do you need an interpreter? You don't seem to understand the message up thereπŸ‘†

Jeni_zee said...

Bible verse pls

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that one should come with money?

Anonymous said...

Oyibo pastor tell dem oh!!!
And God bless u for telling dem!

The madness i see with naija & church no be small thing.
U see dem donating money to church, pastor, buying party aso ebi & all sorts of wasteful foolishness. Then they will resort to begging, borrowing things, stealing, greed, lies, diabolical & evil schemes to get money at all cost when they r broke.
Jeeez...i hate all these naija Pentecostal church people with a passion!!!
Very desperate & bloody greedy things!
No wonder church business is the top level gross revenue for the nigerian economy same like crude oil & the nollywood. The pastors at home & abroad r loading money like there's no tomorrow from tithing, donations etc. While their church members r busy begging or stealing & duping people all the time.
Ndi ara!!!

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