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Thursday, 2 November 2017


Happy Thursday to Everyone...I just dey Observe today!


Hello SDK. My birthday(oloyede Costa) is on 1-11-17 ,although I am a silent bv my day isn't complete without checking up Our blog lol... would appreciate a shout out from you.

One love

Happy new month

Happy Birthday Belated birthday and I am so sorry i didnt post this yesterday.

Hope you had a great time



Dear Madam Stella,
I was moved to send this mail concerning the chronicle poster of November 1.

Let the poster reach out to this contact, she might not need to meet him but she will be told what to do via phone calls. 08037014763





Mrs Korkus. I need to get this off my chest.  I'm so sad and feel helpless. My sister's husband is sexualy abusing my 6 year old niece. Mrs Korkus.  In 2013-2014 my sister and her husband had accommodation problems and they came to live with us since my dad was in Abuja.

 Mrs Korkus, we saw we saw whitish liquid inside my lil niece's vagina. We were all surprised. 

 I asked a doctor in my school's clinic and she said that my niece might have been abused. Mrs Korkus, the next year 2015, whitish liquid was discovered again by my other sister.  

She said she told my other sister who's my niece's mum but she shrugged it off.  I'm sad and I can't think straight. This man is constantly abusing his own daughter. I feel helpless. My other sis said she's sad too but can't do anything.

  Please Mrs Korkus, what should I do. My sister and her husband are pastors in church. We know this man is the abuser. Is there anywhere I can go to test my niece?  Please blog people should help me. I beg you!

Please if you need the contact of this poster to help,contact me for her details.

This is so sad and shocking....
How can a mother know her child is being abused by the Father and keep quiet?
Did you check the privates of the little girl to see if it looks stretched?


Chinese Dishes

Please does anyone know where I can learn how make Chinese dishes and some 9ja dishes on the Island please?

Kindly inbox if you do such or you know anyone that its into such.
The email address:
No Buhari price pls!

Thanks Stellz 



Please doctors in the house and my fellow bvs I need to be enlighten on this what it means. I decided to urinate on a bowl through out last night, only for this morning I saw so many whitish particle's on the bottom of the urinate when trying to throw it away. like grinded white garri, very much and so white. Please what does that signify and has anyone experienced such before. on Wednesday 

The person who has been posting this all over different posts.I saw the nonsense you left as a comment for me this Morning and I wonder why people are so quick to insult...Even if my not posting provoked you,go to a real doctor and get tested!...And stop dropping those kind of comments for me OK?


Looking for a Decent Self contain in Yaba or Gbagada

Please I'm looking for a decent selfcontain in Yaba, Akoka or Gbagada. I'm trying to escape the huge agency and agreement fee. Direct contact to the landlord or someone who's moving out of this kind of apartment will be appreciated.
 kindly reach me on: 08029074619 (Call or text)



A dynamic private school with outlets in Amagba, G.R.A., Benin City and Airport Road, Warri requires the services of fresh graduates, experienced academic and non-academic candidates to fill the following positions
1. Principal for Secondary School
Minimum of B.Ed, BSc. Ed, BA. Ed or BSc in any discipline with PGDE
Higher qualifications will be an added advantage
Atleast 4 -6years of overall professional experience
The ideal candidate must have overseen a school and function in a management position

2. Teachers in all subjects
*Mathematics *English Language *Chemistry *Computer *Physics      *Biology
*Government *Geography *PHE *French *Edo Language   *Urhobo Language  *Basic Science and Technolofy    * Cultural and Creative Arts *Literature in English *Christain Religious Knowledge *Home Economics *Social Studies *Computer Science

Minimum qualifications for the above positions
Minimum of NCE, B.Ed, BSc. Ed, BA. Ed or BSc in any discipline
PGDE and other Higher qualifications will be an added advantage
Atleast 2-5years of overall professional experience (for experienced positions)
Applicant must demonstrate skills and relevant work experience
Good communication and excellent interpersonal skills

3. Head of Primary and Nursery School
-Same as the qualifications of the School Principal
- Atleast 3 years of overall professional experience

4. Non-Academic Staff
*Secretary *Nurse *Accountant *Customer Service Personnel *Cleaners
        5.   General requirements for position applied for:
- Spoken and written English must be on of a high standard
- Excellent oral and communication skills
- Experience as a teacher in both Nigerian and British National Curriculum
- Integrity, loyalty and honesty
Interested and qualified applicants should indicate the position they are applying for and preferred location (Benin or Warri) as subject of their application and forward their complete resume and application letter within two weeks of this publication to
Or P. O. Box 13582, Benin City



Happy new month my obodo oyibo Aunty Stella ( mbok don't ask me if you're my father's or mother's sister ooo)

Tomorrow 2/11/2017 is my 4th wedding anniversary. Since I am still in God's waiting room, I want to sow my original mother care baby bath set to a pregnant first time mom who is  based in Calabar or Uyo. Here's my phone number - 08139027077

Happy 4th!



Please,I'm looking for a two bedroom flat around Ajah but before the new shoprite Sangetedo, if possible a new house, my budget is N600,000. Kindly contact me on 08036046577 (pls serious people should contact me as i do not have money for agency fee).




Awoof for November And December brides

I want to give out a full regalia (wedding dress, bouquet, veil, accessories and bridal makeup to two lucky brides getting married in the month of Nov and Dec. Please the bride must reside in lagos. Interested persons can add me up on what's app  08062139247



Good day Stella.
That is the gist. Narrated from the beginning to the end.
Happened on Wednesday from 7-10pm. 

It was on Sunday when the pastor called a woman and told her that all her problems were coming from her maid. She has been facing both marital problem and barrenness and as a matter of fact, her husband was at the verge of chasing her without any reason. 

The pastor told her that the maid is a daughter of her husband's brother's wife. And that the daughter, her mom and her grandmum belongs to the same witchcrafty called the cats. She was dedicated from the womb. He earlier told her that there is a particular fowl in their poultry house which have not given birth for 3 years. That the fowl is a human and also part of them.

 Each night, by 12:30, she goes to the fowl and both of them disappears. He also told her that she will never agree to come because she will sense it, then he gave her an oil and told her, that night, she should pray over it and spray it in her room and even though, she will sense it, she won't have the power to object and she will come fully armed to fight.

So on Tuesday, the woman came and was asked to bring the girl to the alter. It took two strong ushers to force her to the alter. When she came, pastor asked everyone to pray, we started praying with the prayer warriors surrounding her. She started speaking "No one not even God himself can release the madam from their bondage", he asked her who she was and she said "I am the daughter of the cats and rivers" in an usually bold, fierce voice. 

We intensified our prayers and the girl raised her two hands, spread her two legs and started making incantations. He later got to tell us that she was saying "Ezenwanyi, queen of the coast, come and fight". 

She started fighting the prayer warriors, the ushers and everyone surrounding her, her aim was to get to the pastor because he was outside the ring praying on his own. She was fighting and making incantations same time. She would sit down and start drawing circles on the floor, she would stand and raise her two hands up as if she is drawing something from the air, she would run around the circle then launch on anyone close to her with full Force. 

This continued till the pastor stopped and announced that a strange power entered there, a spirit in form of a human entered.  He asked us to continue praying till about 15mins, we saw a lady of about 30, with tattered hair throtting to the front with a black thing. The thing is like a ball, the front has a cat's face, eyes and mouth, while the back is shiny, though it's black but very shiny. 

The woman got to the alter, and announced herself, "I am the queen of the coast, the Ezenwanyi of the cats". Everybody started firing Holy Ghost fire, while we were doing our own, Ezenwanyi announced that "She will kill the pastor and initiate everybody in the church" 
Hian! This was how we entered vigorous prayers while the pastor and the prayer warriors faced them. 

She was circling the black thing around her head, murmuring some inaudible things and dancing around at the same time. There was a time, she faced the black thing squarely on the pastor and asked the other girl to stand up, so both of them faced the pastor, chanting together. The pastor on his own was armed with the bible and also faced them. The struggle continued for about 30 mins before they fell, the maid fell first before the other one. While the other one fell, she tried protecting the black thing from falling, the pastor pointed his bible on it and it rolled to the alter and stayed there. 

We continued praying cos the lady kept on fighting and trying to draw the black thing to her. At last, she was subdued and she fell totally on the floor. 

He asked her to confess and she said "They are about 300, their initiation plan is going on currently and they are producing sweets to lure kids.  The name of the sweet is beast sweet"

The maid was asked to confess, she said "She has a ring on her private part with which she renders men useless after she sleeps with them. She disappears to club houses with the fowl(turned human) at night. She sleeps with the madam in dreams in form of a man and as long as she sleeps with the madam, she remains barren. She has initiated numbers of girls. She takes their yard people belongings and cook with it, if they cook urs, misfortune will befall you"

So the pastor asked that a native thing be brought to him( I don't know the English name cos he called it in Igbo) when it was brought, he hit the black thing with it thrice and it turned to a cat (not immediately) after turning to a cat, it started taking another shape before it was killed. He got to tell us that it was about turning to a human. 

The pastor later asked the girl to go to the toilet and bring out the ring, she said, she already made it disappear from her body. 

 Deliverance started. Even in deliverance, the other woman kept fighting. After the deliverance, the ring appeared on the alter. 

N/b: While they were fighting, blood was coming out of the pastor's face. He said that there were sending arrows to him spirituality but it was appearing physically.
This is 200% real. Eye witness report. Nothing added and nothing removed. If you don't believe, it didnt stop it from happening. And it's not a made up story. My writing never get this kind level. 

Please keep us updated.this is so shocking...WTF!!!!

I hope no one was initiated in the Church during deliverance?
God bless that Pastor.





Dear Stella,

I need a room self contain around Yaba, Costain and Aguda Surulere Lagos. My contact is 08099833946.



Adadioramma said...

All souls day…May their souls Rest in Peace. Amen

SheriKoko said...

Thing goes skrrr!!!
This is my month... if u know what I mean. #dancing
Jhw how market?πŸ€‘

Em jay said...


FLUFFYCAKE Lagos 07056157039 said...

Doing good to others is not a duty, it is a joy. For it increases our own health and happiness. Do good to others as you would like good to be done to you. Do your little bit of good where you are. It`s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. We are here on earth to do good to others. What the others are here for. I don`t know. Power is the ability to do good things for others ;-

Miss Ess said...

It is well.

FLUFFYCAKE Lagos 07056157039 said...

Happy birthday, Costa. LLNP

Olori Orente said...

Good Afternoon lovelies

Ed said...


Una good afternoon oπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

Kay Bee said...

That deliverance gist is scary please. I've seen people dance all sort of funny dance steps and mess around. Never this!. i cant even stay there abeg. Na to run comot. Inukwa evil spirit!

Stella maris Baby said...

Happy belated birthday to face of ihn.

Blackberry said...

I hope d deliverance wasn't staged!

Take ur niece to a hospital for proper check up, don't stay at home n be opening her legs n making assumptions, taaaaah!

Bv with garri looking particles, go get tested for certain diseases!
Just saying.

Kendrick's mum said...

IHN don land!!

Chiclahot said...

Yay!I am happy I am alive.poster with molested niece check Bukky shonibare on Facebook and inbox her.
In house news my daily tonic.


Glad I made it to IHN on time today, really missed a lot here. Lemme see if I can catch up.
Good day everyone.

Anonymous said...

Stella please post this... I have always learn a lot from your blog. I need opinions on this .
Are Obanjes real? How do u know if you are one?
When I was much younger around my 16th birthday a man ( I don't know if he was mad or drunk he looked both ) approached me and told me to never carry anything on my head. That my obanje is very strong. That was my first time hearing it.
The kind of disappointment I faced while dating no be here. Only married men or unserious men asked me out. ( I'm the total opposite of ugly; I can't enter a room without being noticed.. my light skin color is out of this world)
The ones who will finally be serious will just ghost me from no where and for no reason.
At a point I wasn't interested in dating. I started watching porn which made me start dreaming of having sex. I did some series of deliverance and got married . Something weird happened after getting married my husband pastor said it was my spiritual husband and that am a strong obanje. I can either make him rich or very poor... and that if he likes his life he should not cheat on me.
Prior to getting married a man one day looking for contracts came to my office . He was obviously an Alfa from the way he dressed. He became restless after seeing me and pleaded to want to tell me something . He said I should marry someone that listens to me and not necessarily a rich man that listening to the word of my mouth is all any man I get married to needs to be rich. He also said I should avoid a big wedding that my star doesn't like me showing myself.
The bone of contention is my husband is no longer as free with me. I think his scared of me now. Nothing major happened I just noticed withdrawal as am a very observant person . Even if he travels his ready to cut his journey short just to come back home and have sex when he begins to get horny.

Please note the following
1. It took my mum almost a decade to get pregnant and give birth to me after marriage
2. I am very very fair
3. Since I stopped watching porn I have stopped dreaming of having sex
4. I have never seen myself in a meeting, water, swimming, wearing white etc in the dream.

My questions are
1. Is it possible to be an obanje and not know
2. Most of these people mentioned above keep telling me I have power . Where is the power and how can I access it
3. I have done deliverance from spiritual husband is that same as deliverance from obanje?
4. How do I know if I am an obanje? I am tired of people calling me that for no reason. If I am as powerful as they claim I should be able to make my life better but I can't even move a pin.
5. Is Obanje same as Emere? I have also been called that too. Thank you

Lady Port (The Portress) said...

More than 1300 Earths can fit in Jupiter.

Anonymous said...

Darasimi dear u said nothing but the truth on sp this morning. I thought he loved me,cared abt me,I thought we wanted d best. I was there for him, made sacrifices, did all a man would love a woman to do but he left n did something I could never have imagine. God dey sha.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Na wa i dey eat rice, come dey hear abuse abuse of a small 6 year old girl. That pastor is possessed by abusing his daughter. What a pity. I wonder what this man will pray for members of the church for God to answer them. Your sister too is wicked. The man abusing the daughter am sure he is using it to gather more members. Please poster KEEP SHOUTING. I pray someone will help you here.

Happy birthday Oloyede. You are one of the anonymous that abuse people here okwaya? Enjoy this day the Lord has made for you.

hmmmmm great lady, this your story dikwa risky oooo. I pray none of your members will get initiated by this. Pastor bringing out blood, i have not heard or seen this. That means the deliverance dikwa strong. Even my bishop has never brought out blood from his nose when conducting deliverance but he sees them when they come to attack. I cover you all with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

It is a beautiful day. Happy birthday to my sister again. Have a beautiful day G. This is from your big sister. I am waiting for the cake ooo.

Let us all have a lovely day. Love you all

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to u...
Wow @ great lady i had goose pimples while reading that..
God help us o


Sultry Onyx said...

It's true of the saying "the more things change, the more they remain the same". I remember as a child whenever Nepa cuts our light, we will be secretly and earnestly wishing and praying that there will be darkness all over, or that transformer will spoil. Ironically though, anytime they go on "light-cutting" spree, others will seem to enjoy non-stop light. We will just be wishing for something bad to happen, n'ebee kwanu?
This morning, I ran out of Nepa units god I kept procrastinating topping up. So as I was getting ready with the rechargeable cos I was too lazy to go put on the Gen, I was praying in my mind that Nepa should cease light too, so my landlord and others will suffer with me. Come and see me grinning sheepishly when my wish was granted. I was even singing happily. Chai. Onyx grow up, Mba. I know (hope) I'm not the only one with this impish behavior. Sounds like something lady bug will do. Loq
Anyway una good afternoon, off to chop my ofada rice. Anam abia

St.FranKooL.... said...

#That awkward moment when you discover that you're older than someone, who looks physically more mature than you 😳

Joyful wife said...

Please how do I download foreign movies online? Like war room? Please help a sister. Martins Aboy are you here? Hello everyone. Bv great lady u have cause fear to catch me, and I the house alone. Choi demonic powers must surrender to God

Greatlady. said...

I. H. N
Happy belated birthday Costa. November has plenty celebrants including Doppelgangie and Fabulous mum. I hope u two do giveawayπŸ˜‹

I will keep us updated if the deliverance series continues.

Pastor Sexy Daddy said...

Now let me lend a brief voice on the most discuss issue trending on the social media.Been championship by Freez as it concerns tithe and giving to men of God!

For me,I will continue to pay my tithe and given to men of God as far I live in this planet earth.

No amount of blackmail,wrong preaching,campaign will stop genuine tithe givers from giving to God!

For me,I try as much as possible to pay my tithe.And I don't care what they do with it.I pay and move on and proceed to reaping my blessings.

I prefer to be a mumu in the house of God,while my blessing flows.
Please my genuine tithe givers here don't allow those ignorant to the bible and the word of God to confuse and distract you from obeying the word of given and tithes in His kingdom.

Have a nice day all...

Cynthia Iyede said...

Father molesting his own blood? Lord have mercy, I just hope the little girl is protected and the evil one caught.

Great Lady, a lot is happening, Lord keep us.

SheriKoko said...

This deliverance gist is just sounding like nollywood...

Zinny Chocolate said...

Na waooo. Things are happening. God save us all

Anonymous said...

Why do you all pray for dead people's souls? the Bible said that after death, it is judgement. No amount of prayers can help the soul of a dead person. Let us all live right while still alive.

Lady Bug said...

I don't want to know what you mean😎

Adadioramma said...

Hope all is well with you dear? Welcome back

Kele Bobo said...

Welcome IHN

Oluwadarasimi™ said...

HiyaπŸ‘‹ jostified mom. Where have you been?

Lady Bug said...

Dancing without beat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

Lady Bug said...

Very well😎

Lady Bug said...

Una Weldon o😎

Lady Bug said...

That deliverance is damn too scary, didn't bother reading this time😎

Lady Bug said...

How body?😎

saltish said...

This story kidigan o. I pray God deliver them completely.

Lady Bug said...

Yinmu 😎,if I hear😎

Lady Bug said...

Abeg this Una tithing gist don stale😎

amanda favour said...

I pity slay queens and that their cat 🐱 filter SMH. You'll have whiskers and all...hian. That's why I hate snap chat. That cat filter or whatever is demonic!

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Blog visitor with garri particles, go and see a doctor and do some tests. It will help you.

so why were you sending stella that kind mail. Not good at all.

The guy or lady looking for a house, may luck meet you

Sally jayd said...

The poster who believes her niece has been abused should take the little girl to the hospital for proper examination. If truly she has been abused, you should report the matter to the police. Your sister should open her eye. You also need to let your parents know what has been going on. Finally the abuser (pastor) should be exposed to his congregation because he might be abusing other people’s children.

Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...

Welcome IHN...

Imoh Sandra said...

Welcome In house been a while...few points to note.
The less you associate with some people,the more your life will improve,anytime you tolerate mediocrity and others,it increases your mediocrity,an important attribute to successful people is that they are impatient with negative thinking and negative acting people.
As you grow,your associate will change,some of your friends will not want you to go on,they will want you to stay where they are,friends that don't help you to climb will want you to crawl,your real friends will stretch your vision while the fake ones'swill choke your dreams,those that don't increase you,will eventually decrease you.
Consider this:never receive counselfrom unproductive people,never discuss your problem with someone incapable of solution to your problems.
My 2 cents,what do i know.

Sharon Aminu said...

I just came to ask olawealth what he meant this morin???
Pls come and answer

Pastor Sexy Daddy said...

Great Lady I don dey fear you oooo! I cover this blog with the blood of


But God pass them all!

BIPOLAR ME said...

Which of the Kingsman? Saw one last week. That movie is so very long...

Greatlady, I don't doubt your encounter...the bible said the devil will try to deceive even the very elect and they should take heed lest they fall.

If you take God the father , son and Holy spirit as one, the devil was next in hierachy in heaven and it is nowhere recorded that his powers and that of the 1/3 was taken back from him when he was cast out.

So because it happened within a place called a "Church" doesn't make it real, that you saw it with your own eyes doesn't mean it was from God. Remember Moses threw down his rod that turned to a snake and the sorcerers of pharaoh did too and it turned to a snake...

Be careful where you go for prayers, don't go to where the devil is glorified more than God.

Don't go to where darts, bullets and arrows are mentioned than Calvary.

...To the law and to the testimony, if they do not speak according to this thing, it is because there is no light in them."

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahahah you are so mouthed.

Andromeda O said...

Good afternoon house.

First order of business.
This is to confirm that I received the cash alert as the winner of Saturday IHG.

It's also my first time winning something on this blog.
I thought to share a story and you can imagine my surprise when I saw BV Beloved's comment on today's Spontaneous post that I hardly open, to mail her. The rest is history.
Thanks BVs, Stella and Beloved. I'm grateful.
And may this blog never run downπŸ€“

Greatlady, I believe your story. I mean how can't people believe?
The supernatural is more real than the natural.

Reading your story, I wondered what the Pastor was going through because that's no ordinary deliverance. I should know.
So when I got to the part where he was bleeding, I smacked myself and said, 'I knew it!'
If I was there, I'd probably have seen the arrows coming his way. God has been good to me.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. He has to keep praying fervently and even fast afterwards so they don't come after him and his family. These people don't play.

Finally, people who don't believe in these things and ridicule people who talk about it, I sincerely pray they don't come your way.
You'd become a believer then, but that's if you survive it.

Praise said...

Stella let's have a post on Thursdays where bvs will send in their throw back pics and we will comment. They will send their old pix and current pix in. Coin a sweet name for the post in your usual creative way.

IsaacBABA (N1300 for 2GB, N1800 for 08066929956 for more info) said...

Hello everyone... Hope we are all having a good thursday?

That deliverance gist up there gave me goosebumps....God be with us now and forever more

Anonymous said...

Great lady I don begin fear 😨 you

Ed said...

😘😘😘😘😘@ Buggie

Anonymous said...

Go and apply for that Benin school job em jay

Graced Momma said...

Things are happening o.
That gist ☝ there na real wa.

Those buying very expensive phones una doh. I don't make such mistake since I started having kids. My phones don't last. I can't spend more that 35k for a phone for now. These kids always find a way to mess with my phone πŸ˜’

I remember the first time my son carried my phone and threw it downstairs πŸ˜–
Chai! I didn't know when I spanked the hell out of him πŸ˜’

HWA to "una" more sweetness and may God grant you all your heart desires

Sally jayd said...

Your deliverance story is scary hmmm, May God protect us from evil within.

Cynthia Iyede said...

I thought I'm the only one that hates it. Very rubbish something, that's why I don't have snap chat on my phone.

Cynthia Iyede said...

Welcome back

Graced Momma said...

Colossians 2:5

And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.

Retired Slay Queen said...

But I wonder what this world is turning into
How does a man get gratification from his 6 year daughters body ? HOW? HOW? HOW?
I see there is this great evil force moving some men to do perverse things tender babies.
May God Protect our babies from these monsters
Greatlady, this story gives me shivers
Indeed a fool thinks in his heart that there is no God
I have tested God and he has always come through for me over and over
Evil is very real and manifests in very normal people.

Omeh said...

My birthday was yesterday n even though I did not get to celebrate it as I would have loved to, I am grateful for life. I asked God for a special birthday gift as I have been through a lot lately and I'm still waiting for it. I know he's cooking something extra special for me

Anonymous said...

Goodday dear BVs, how una dey?

Thank Yori Yori and others for your advice on SP this morning.

God is really God of surprises, just when I was very down and thinking of how my parents will feel about my wedding and my whole life...guess what, your girl just got promoted with a salary increase.

Have got a million reasons to be grateful to God. Thank you Jesus.

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...

Wen is ur baiday @ Sherikoko?

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...


Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...

Very well it is

Michy said...

To pay or not to pay tithe.
The Bible clearly states that at the end times many false teachers, pastors, and prophets will arise and deceive many, it also says that not all that say "lord lord" will enter into His kingdom or are called by Him even if they perform miracles, signs or wonders.
It is obvious that some fake pastors siphon church money for their personal use, actually some churches you see today are built to deceive and enrich themselves financially, the Bible also says that by their fruits you shall know them.
If you are a real Christian with an understanding of the scripture you will not classify all churches as same, simply because some men of god are eating, siphoning, or urging their congregation to pay tithe.
People who open their mouths condemning the paying of tithes in churches should be careful because they might actually be heaping destruction on themselves or that of their future generation. My advice is leave judgment to God, He is the Ultimate.
We understand that these fake pastors have bastardized the system, but that does not mean that there are no living churches that are well accountable to God in truth and in righteousness. Some people who condemn paying of tithes are involved in some rituals or the other that involves paying libation, so who are you deceiving? If I pay my tithe is it your tithe? and if I don't pay what concerns you.
If you are attending a church that preaches paying of tithe please pay ooo, and if you have suddenly changed your mind about paying tithe my advice is rather than become disobedient or rebellious kindly leave the church and look for where your hearts soothes.
Personally I believe in paying tithe and the blessing accrued to it, but I will not condemn those who don't. Also we should understand that there are level of Christianity, some are babies drinking milk, while some are already adult with the ability to eating meat and chewing bones, and that is how the word of God is.
The Holy Spirit gives the understanding of His word to us personally based on our level. You don't expect a primary school pupil to be at the same level with a University Undergraduate. It is also expected of us to keep grow spiritually in His word as Christians. A person who reads the bible will not be at the same level with a person that studies it.
Please before you people will start judging or condemning me, this is my personal opinion, and I have written the way I am being led.
Thank you.

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...


Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...

Yes o

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...


Are u relocating soon????

Bubul said...

in house news is bae

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...

Lemmwe double d yinmu😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Oluwadarasimi™ said...

No worries! God will do what he alone can do for you


@Adadioramma all is well o dear I dey cook something big that's why πŸ˜‰, thanks.
@Similuv πŸ‘‹ I dey o na hustling make me scarce small.
@My personal person Lady bug of life, body dey kampe.😎
@Cynthy baby thanks dear.😘

SUGAR. said...

Ola wealth that I'd soon use my armpit hair to swear for. Mtcheeeww.

Bawo no iya beji?

Faithful God said...

Oloyede happy birthday.
Things are happening

charitybino said...

This deliverance na WA o

SUGAR. said...


Life is not hard mehn.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Congrats Andromedia. Enjoy your pay

jelly said...

The delevrance story is so scary... the lady with witeche particles in her pee should go straight to the hospital, the particules are not normal.... madam take your niece to the hospital for proper checkup.

Ms SSS a.k.a stunning slim shady said...

198k for fone, can it call heaven????

Anonymous said...

@BIPOLAR ME, where do I send your kiss to? You have said it all. We need to be careful, watchful and vigilant.

Kendrick's mum said...

Amen! SD

SheriKoko said...

Hehehehe loading...not even bday @ms sis. How u dey naw?

Em jay said...

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ lady bug.

Chameleon said...

Oloyede Costa is my baby's birth mate, month and day wise. GGMUB
This is to officially announce to ya all that I'm on my next missionary journey with first trimester gone.
Is it true what they say in some cases that preggie can make someone financially down? Anyways, God has been faithful and I'm positive it will end in praise.
blowing baby dust to all my lovely BV's ttc and your preg shall not come with brokenness....
told you I'm bigger than you devil, sub expires today and 1k for new sub is right here in my hand.
Isaacbaba, start selling glo data nah ☺☺
darling LEP I πŸ’Ÿ u.

Afunwaelotanna said...

Samsung phone seller, is that the last price?

Eleanora said...

Posters that are looking for house s and don't wanna pay agency fee or legal fee. Do you all know it's someone's business, they use it to take care of their family, and you wanna rip them off their business. In a case u looking for a house directly and you are being duped or taken to a house which doesn't belong to the person claiming landlord who would u hold responsible? Or will u come to blame SDK where as u don't wanna go through the right way. People get duped everyday, when u go through an agent or a lawyer or a real estate firm and ur landlord doesn't treat u well or do the needful like maintaining the house it's ur agent or the lawyer that will take up the case cos u have a legal agreement. Anyways it's only on this blog I see things like this. People of substance don't go through this way that's why you see some real estate firm making it big and employing people. And creating jobs

Ralu M said...

Goggle "" avoid the ones that have "HD cam" they're not sharp on tv screens because it's usually gotten via cameras at cinemas.
If it's for your phone..."mobile movies" is your best bet.

Afunwaelotanna said...

Greatlady I hope u remember this song by kiss Daniel, no be u I carry come, but Na u I go carry go🎀🎀. Just cover urself with the blood of Jesus there. Meanwhile that una pastor! Hmmm, looks like a magician sha, judging from ur narrative.

Cisca Chesca said...

Happy Birthday to your sis!

Cisca Chesca said...

Your deliverance gist is scary biko.😱😱😱

Ralu M said...

Poster whose niece is been abused....if you are in lagos,take her to hospital to get a doctor's report and then march straight to Alausa (Block 2...ministry of justice block)they are the sexual violence response team...08137960048. Or if you're not in lagos, go to the state ministry for youth/social development or women affairs. You will definitely see someone who will handle the matter.
God punish that bastard man and your sister for covering such devilish act! What useless man and marriage is she protecting? My heart bleeds for your niece.
Please don't keep quiet I beg you in the name of God. She's all you have
..fight for her even if after reporting to the family and they said let's handle it in the family no gree oh! He must pay for his crimes if he's the one or whoever the perpetrator is. I can kill for my nieces and nephews oh! Imagine one animal touching them? My family will roast the idiot alive.

BettyO said...


Anonymous said...

Greatlady, please include the address of this your church and pastor. i need to go there for special prayers. i need it like blood. please i'm serious. Send it

Rowland Dominic said...

Chameleon.... You shall be strong and healthy when the time comes to bring your bundle of joy to life. Congratulations.

Oluwadarasimi™ said...

Congrats chameleon. God will see you through and bless you and yours tremendously

Uniqueme said...

If only you'd take as much time as it took you to write this epistle to study the Bible small, you'd understand that paying tithe as they preach it in church is a scam

Anonymous said...

Nollywood production πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so you witnessed a life witch appear and start displaying yet you didn't attach a single evidence e with your long story.So the witches coven even have production line where they produce sweets to give to children.These are the kind of wild mumbo jumbo holding many Nigs hostage at the hands of pastors.

Uniqueme said...

Happy belated birthday to the birthday boi

Hmm... Pastor doing that kind of deliverance in the presence of members, strong and weak alike forgetting that there's transference of spirits ok o, or what if they had left the pastor and start attacking members with the arrows...just wondering tho

Poster that said a pastor is abusing his own child please are you 100% sure of what you're saying because accusing someone of a crime of such magnitude by mere assumption is itself a crime. I know people do unthinkable things but I don't think seeing a whitish thing on your nieces' privy is enough evidence of abuse by her own father but if you're sure with concrete evidence then by all means report him. You don't necessarily have to do it by yourself just gather all the evidence you have and send anonymously to any appropriate quarter you want to.
I'm even wondering why you and your other sister kept quiet since the first time (2013-2014...3years!) you noticed, if na me I for don turn detective/private investigator on top the matter. I hate child abusers, the first day I saw my neighbors 2 years old daughter in our Gateman's room I called her out and went straight to her mother to warn her never to allow such thing happen again you needed to see the look on the woman's face like "my own daughter kwa!"

In another news, I'm tired of my job, tired of my city of residence, tired of Nigeria as a whole, I want to relocate to another country

Chameleon said...

thanks BettyO.... yours is on the way. the next time I feel baby kicking I'll make him/her send a wish your way.
Rowland Dominic sebi won ti fi ice cream ko Δ™ lΓ³bΔ™ jΔ™.... ko si yawa o. thanks for your prayer.
Oluwadarasimi omo iya mi Pataki. Amen to your prayers. you know I love you much right? kisses πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Chameleon wishing you joy at the end. Congrats in advance oooo. Dont worry about money, baby coming will bring money to you. Enjoy your motherhood.

Beloved said...

Anon 14:09 I am just speechless.

You might need to send this as a proper chronicles to SDK, Your questions I believe will receive much answers if it was sent in as a chronicle.

May God also hear you and make you whole.

#Really Movies are from world events.

Chameleon said...

thanks love. you're such a darling. Amen to your prayer

Beloved said...

Congrats again on your win @Bv Andromeda


anonymous to bahd said...

Nollywood good nah, more like tortoise and his wife yanribo.

She started with it happened on Wednesday so & so time then said Tuesday, is that a typo? Balderdash inconsistent 'fabu'.

Please note, I most def know evil boku, in fact bible says Satan and his guys were chased down to earth from heaven & that people on earth go hear whin.
However, this gist right here? Adonbilivit! So you kept referring to your brother inlaws niece as maid. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that man is abusing his daughter. Have you caught him in the act? The child might have an infection due to lack of basic hygiene.
My daughter who is 5 now experienced such. I noticed her having discharge on her pants but due to the fact that there was no male living with us I took her to the clinic. She was tested and it was discovered that she had staph.
I was further scared until the doctor educated me that due to not properly cleaning her after using the toilet faeces could enter the vagina opening causing the infection which led to the discharge.
Please before jumping into conclusions seek medical advice before accusing the father. If at the end of the day you are wrong have you thought about the hurt it would cause in your family?
Please my dear apply wisdom. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

What a 'good Christian' way to end your trash spewing. Willy Willy, you would have seen the arrows, as the reformed winch you are nah. 50 kobo winch na hin Dem dey deliver. Small geh

Anonymous said...

We can cast Kidjo as the winchy that 'Appeared' from nowhere, great lady replaced by yori yori, Eka as the maid/niece, krix as the bleeding pastor. BVs can volunteer to form the screaming & hysterical congregation. We'll serve snacks and cold drinks, promise!

Rowland Dominic said...

Hehehehe. Chameleon, haba ko de ri be now. Mo si nife re. Wo Ma wori, layo ati alafia Ma wa si naming ceremony eh. Nikpa Ice cream yen, Ma worry jeki emi na Jaiye ori mi. Lol. Congratulations once more Dear. I'm very happy for you.

Andromeda O said...

Thanks Beloved.

Julian maduako said...

I just stumbled on Waconzy reply to Freezy about Tithing on IG. So cool

“@daddyfreeze with dues respect as my elder, i laughed so hard after wating you talk about tithes cos everything u said about tithe is 10000% RUBBISH !
Yes we are in the last days and fake prophets and pastors everywhere (not only in Nigeria, what of ghana, Benin republic , usa and other parts of the world?
But it doesn’t change the word of God !
People don’t pay their tithe to the pastor, they pay it to God and whatever the pastor does with it is their business.its not our duty to judge but to do what what has instructed through the bible.
How do you expect churches to sponsor crusades, build churches, reach more souls and more if not for tithes & offerings.

The same church
Do u think anybody will go to church if their pastor is poor ? Real men of God are not blessed with our tithes or offerings, as a matter of fact, some pastors single handedly sponsor their ministries for years before they start getting members.

10% for God is not too much. Your tithe is your financial covenant with God and it works 10000000000% . As a matter of fact, @timayatimaya secret of sucess is tithing .
U can Ask him .

Here in America, if you don’t pay your tax, which is about 25% , you going straight to jail plus they use private jets too (why are u not complaining about them?
Your tithe is your kingdom tax and if you don’t pay it, you are going straight to financial jail.
Your tithe is different from your salvation.
Salvation is in the heart and good works, while your tithe is for financial progress/openings.
It shows God(not your pastor) that you put him first and he will not allow evil to touch your flow of financial blessings.
About fake pastors, guys remember that you don’t have to worship your pastor because he is mortal like you. The only difference with your pastor and you is that he is more disciplined in keeping God’s words therefore there will be signs and wonders when he calls on God.
How will you know fake pastors? You will just know, your spirit will tell you. They can’t fake it for too long.
Brothers and sister please pay your tithe to a living church and watch God bless you. . .
. .
#tithe #nigeria #truth #daddyfreeze #wisewords #Jesus #teamJesus”
Singer Waconzy comes for Bobrisky o@daddyfreeze with dues respect as my elder, i laughed so hard after wating you talk about tithes cos everything u said about tithe is 10000% RUBBISH !
Yes we are in the last days and fake prophets and pastors everywhere (not only in Nigeria, what of ghana, Benin republic , usa and other parts of the world?
But it doesn’t change the word of God !
People don’t pay their tithe to the pastor, they pay it to God and whatever the pastor does with it is their business.its not our duty to judge but to do what what has instructed through the bible.
How do you expect churches to sponsor crusades, build churches, reach more souls and more if not for tithes & offerings.
The same church
Do u think anybody will go to church if their pastor is poor ? Real men of God are not blessed with our tithes or offerings, as a matter of fact, some pastors single handedly sponsor their ministries for years before they start getting members.
10% for God is not too much. Your tithe is your financial covenant with God and it works 10000000000% . As a matter of fact, @timayatimaya secret of sucess is tithing .
U can Ask him .
Here in America, if you don’t pay your tax, which is about 25% , you going straight to jail plus they use private jets too (why are u not complaining about them?
Your tithe is your kingdom tax and if you don’t pay it, you are going straight to financial jail.
Your tithe is different from your salvation.
Salvation is in the heart and good works, while your tithe is for financial progress/openings.
It shows God(not your pastor) that you put him first and he will not allow evil to touch your flow of financial blessings....

BettyO said...

@Chameleon...thanks dear. That's so thoughtful of you. Amen to your prayers.

Dre said...

The child abuse poster. What type of person are you? What kind of people are you in your family for goodness sake?? I'm sorry to say this but you all sound like idiots. You suspect a young innocent child is being abused yet did nothing about it for going to 5 years now. Did you take her for medical evaluation when you first noticed the strange liquid to ensure it isn't sperm??. You just sat at home and concluded that she's being abused. For your own good, do not accuse an innocent person falsely because that will devastate your family and incur God's wrath against you. Instead of taking measures to ascertain the truth, you're writing to a blog. If that little girl is being abused just know the sin is on your heads and that you've failed her. If it also happens that she has an undiagnosed illness then it means she's been walking around with it untreated for years. Either way, poor child! You are all so very irresponsible I can't even deal. Get off SDK now and do the right thing for that child.

Anonymous said...

You this childish boy! Who cares if you give your last kobo to them. Hope you dey eat with you flat body!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You first my dear, go ahead and send yours, we're waiting.

Anonymous said...

If only you will accept Jesus as your Lord, and personal saviour and let the Holy spirit lead you rightly in His word you will understand what he meant. Moreover that's his opinion

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