Stella Dimoko TITHING CONTROVERSY: Apostle Suleman Speaks, Backs Pastor Adeboye


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Saturday, 11 November 2017

TITHING CONTROVERSY: Apostle Suleman Speaks, Backs Pastor Adeboye

The President of the Omega Fire Ministries worldwide (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman, has lent his voice to the burning issue on tithing stoked by an OAP, Daddy Freeze.

Below is the reaction of the man of God during a church service;

“Let it be clear that if anyone is not a pastor, he has no right to attack a pastor on church issue. He should leave everything to God. I only laugh. Somebody who is not a doctor cannot teach a certified doctor how to go about doing his job; he will just be laughed at. Someone who is not a journalist can’t teach a true journalist how he should do his work; they will just be laughing at him.

I wouldn’t have spoken on the issue but you don’t argue with a man whose mind is already made up on any issue. It is futile. And I’m not going to confuse anybody to pay tithe, no. if you attend my church and you decide not to pay tithe, it’s left to you. In my church they don’t pay me allowance. I live on my personal businesses and I write books. So far, I have written 52 books that are inspirational and I’m still writing. If you write books that are inspirational, believers and non-believers will buy. It is not as if it is only church members that buy pastors’ books. That alone is enough to sustain any pastor. So, you don’t just jump to criticize any pastor for buying private jets or expensive cars because you think it is tithe that they use to buy them.

If you asked me, there is nothing wrong with tithing. But tithes should be used by pastors to maintain Christianity, assist the poor in the church, the vulnerable and the stranded. Not that everything should go into the pastor’s pocket, that’s wrong. Every pastor should be on allowance.

That young man does not deserve a response; in fact, I’m not talking because of him but because my Papa, Pastor Adeboye had spoken, I’m speaking on the issue. Now, if it requires that we go into a debate, let’s have it. Yes, your tithe is not a license to make heaven but it is an acknowledgment of God’s mercy in your life. But because Papa Adeboye corrected the wrong notion and the young man dared to respond to him, I felt it was insulting. This is not about sentiment or emotion, it is about commonsense. You don’t respond to an elder in certain manner, especially a man of Pastor Adeboye’s standing.

There are things people shouldn’t just dabble into especially when it is not their field. Even if you mobilize the whole world against tithing, you will only end up being counterproductive because this is not your field. Men of God do not need to react to such issues because like I said earlier, once somebody has made up his mind on a position, nobody should argue with such a man. My reaction to such a man is, if that is your position, keep it, continue with what you believe but don’t confuse people to believe what you believe.”


  1. Freeze would soon freeze you.

  2. The young man doesn't deserve a response but you responded and said the exact same thing he has been preaching. Freeze is really opening people's eyes to the scriptures.
    Thank you Daddy Freeze!

  3. Freeze is really getting on all these pastors nerves. Kikikiki
    The truth maintains, If one solemnly believes in tithing, go ahead and always pay and If you dont believe in tithing too.😎 Left for you and God. All this counter back and front talks about it is beginning to look somehow fa.

  4. This topic again
    Why are all this pastors particular about money.. Na wa oo

  5. Freeze I think is ready for a debate. It's left for so called men of God to educate hum more if they truly know what they are doing

    1. But they know he's saying the gospel truth that's why they won't dare

  6. Worefa sha. My tithe goes to the less privileged directly, it doesn't have to touch any pastor's hand

    1. God will continue to bless you!

    2. Enigma, don't mistake tithing for alms giving.... The Bible says bring your tithe into the store house, it didn't say give your tithe to the beggers or less privileged.......
      Don't give what belongs to God to ceaser......
      Tithe is different from alms giving, alms giving is different to seed sowing.....

    3. Very true @ Thelma Cake..Its exactly how I understand it too.

    4. @Thelma, did you miss the part where it states that every three years that your tithe should be paid to the poor, the less privileged, the stranger etc in the bible?

    5. Thank you Anons. She quotes a verse without completing it just to join other pastors in deceiving people. She forgot to complete it. And even the part she quoted doesn’t refer to her claims.

    6. Madam cake the store house is from where they share it to the same poor people the Levite's now who are the Levite's how many Levite's have you given to .why do many do you let them deceive you.

      You take your tithes to the store house the priest take it to the Levite's but they started sharing it among themselves only and God told them they are robbing him now your pastor said if you don't pay tith you rob God

  7. Nice response Sir.tithing is a thing of the it if you believe in it chikina!!!

    1. No it is not a thing of the mind. It should be based on how it is in the scripture. Fornication and stealing are also things of the mind. Isn’t it?

  8. He just ended up Echoing Freeze's point. Freeze's only anger is the misuse of the tithe. Trust me if these so called churches used the tithes exactly as it was instructed in the bible(yes there was an instruction there is noting like forget about what the pastors are doing with the monies, that is why naija is the way it is) I don't think anybody will be against it.
    If the early missionaries used it to mostly live a luxurious life, how would they have brought the gospel to Africa. Cos True evangelism is expensive. Most Pentecostal churches don't even know what evangelism is. They think it is by converting other Christians to your own church n building more churches. When there are a lot of villages that are still killing Priests on a daily bases in this same Nigeria.
    We can't choose one instruction(concerning tithes) that is suitable for our selfish interest and leave the Rest which clearly involves helping the poor and widows etc immensely.

  9. The God that commanded xtians to pay tithe in Malachi 3 will respond to freeze .no man fights God oo..he may be running his mouth now and getting away but he is on a self destructive mission. How dare he respond back to Daddy Adeboye..him no fear to touch God's anointed with that his mouth.. If he does not repent..he will God's wrath oo..God no dey take him servants play especially the ones serving in sincerity .spirit..and truth

    1. And why can’t Adeboye respond with proofs from the Bible instead of playing with words. Quite the verse in Malachi here. And Matthew 23:23, Neh and Deut. The verses that speak about tithe. Stop being deceived by people who use your wealth and sweat for their pleasure and comfort.

  10. I think if Freeze sees pastors helping their less privileged church members rather than building expensive schools that majority of their members cannot afford to enroll their children in,start up businesses for their widowed members rather than riding the best cars and even owning a private jet.Freeze wants to see that these monies given to them by well meaning members are well spent. Must tithe be paid to your pastor? When that your neighbors children are dressed in rags.I kinda stand with Freeze on this one though.

  11. Continue in what you believe but don't confuse people to believe in what you believe....word on marble.

    Know God for yourself, when you do, you won't get swerve by false doctrine and teaching that springs up everyday.......

    Let Malachi 3:9-15 be your guide.

    I am a tither, I believe in tithing, I am unapologetic about it.
    *Faithful bv*

  12. Deuteronomy 14: 22- 28. At no point did God ask the people to payc a single kobo to anybody. The people were asked to take a tenth of their produce to a place that will be decided by God to eat their food and share.

    1. My dear people don't want to do the word of God they only want to do the word of their pastors that's all

  13. If you really want to understand tithing please read Deuteronomy 14: 22- 28 and forget what any so called pastor is telling you. You have your bibles, you are educated. Why is it so difficult to read.

    God never asked us to pay a tenth of our income to anybody, not to any Church. We allow people take advantage of us.
    Josephine the great

  14. I'm here thinking why will our so called men of god flog on this issue on tithe? It makes me worried to raise the following questions:-
    1. Where were the so called pastors voice when boko haram killed Christian in the north? Did they speak out like this issue of tithe?
    1.when issues like Fulani herds men destroyed lives, where went our voices of Daddy GO's?
    I am sick of Christians in Nigeria behaving like fools.
    Read your bibles yourselves and cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus himself not what your pastor brain washed you with.

    Now let me ask you one funny question. If they believe in tithe, why don't they enforce the other abrahamic laws?

    Let's face the fact, the churches have failed Nigerians.
    Who can remember late Rev Idahosa? He was a true man of God. What we have now are business men I'm sorry to say this.

    Listen Christian folks, you don't have to give your pastor tithe for god to bless you!!!!!
    God loves everyone. All he wants from us is to worship him in truth.
    Remember what you do to the least of your brethren, that you do unto me. When I was hungry you gave me food, when I was homeless you gave me shelter. ( that is what Jesus wants from us)
    God bless us all.


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