Stella Dimoko BoldFlavours........Food At Its Tastiest! -Giveaway Included.


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Friday, 15 December 2017

BoldFlavours........Food At Its Tastiest! -Giveaway Included.

I feel it in my fingers, feel it in my toes..... Let's make your holidays as happy and stress free as can be. 
All the mouth watering meals you've always dreamt of, we can make it happen this season.

What's on your menu?

Authentic Jollof rice
Nigerian/chinese Fried rice
Shredded beef sauce
Chicken sauce
Chicken Coconut curry sauce
Tomatoe stew
Banga stew

Afang soup
Egusi soup
Ogbono soup
Okro soup
Edikankong soup
Oha soup
Bitterleaf soup

Isi ewu (Goat head)
Assorted meat peppersoup
Goat meat peppersoup
Fresh fish peppersoup
Chicken peppersoup

What ever it is, bring it on and we'd deliver, superb...

Our dishes are always tailored to your specific needs. Our soups and stews come in litres: 3, 5, 7 etc and are quite affordable too.

Just holla/whatsapp : 08037890439...#Lagoscaterer #natherworkwedeydo #dchiquecook #mumpreneur #boldflavours


The first 20 people to call her will get a free FULL plate of  Jollof Rice and Chicken and be picked up by you...If she delivers she will not make any profit.
She will decide on the day the giveaway will be because 20 people cannot pick on different days....She will also be picking people close to her location.

She is doing the giveaway but I think i will pay for it......So call NOW!!!

Please my people patronise her if you have an event this season,you will NOT regret it,she has been TASTED AND TRUSTED!!


Mao Akuh said...


Dada Toyosi said...

Good luck to d 20 people

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

I have called ooo. Did not know i will be in the number

miss Aboki the great said...

Chai. Na food be this?
Just negodu that goat meat *licks lips*

plumpyj. said...

Nice one.....

Peachy said...

Awwwh Stella, God bless your ever kind soul.

Location is Ajao estate my fellow BV'S oh, so if you it's convenient for you to pick up, holla still.

Location : Ajao estate
Date: Monday 17th Dec 2017

Thanks again, nwanyi oma. God reward, bless and prosper you always.

Bee10(mummytwins) said...

Wow this so nice
Goodluck to the winners

Peachy said...

Oh yeah...noted sis. Thanks for calling oh. #excited much

Kay Bee said...

AWW. Stella you are just good abeg. Contact saved, will call on you when this office pipo needs such service. Na Wig/hair me i want for xmas.

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy

Anonymous said...

Sunday is 17th ma...

Most precious stone said...

Your dishes look nice, keep it up

Honey said...

I have called oo and she sounded too nice on phone. God bless you Stella.

Anonymous said...

Peachy you are a sweetheart. So kind and warm on the phone. Thanks Stella I am one o God bless you

Peachy said...

Awwwh...😊. Blushing oh. Thanks people.

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

So I have called and would be picking up a plate of Authentic JOLLOF Rice also. I will be giving a verdict on the rice after tasting.
Thanks Stella 😎😎😎😎


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