Stella Dimoko Lawyer Who Gave Thumbs Up For Women Who Wear Ripped Denim To Be Assaulted Has Been Jailed..


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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Lawyer Who Gave Thumbs Up For Women Who Wear Ripped Denim To Be Assaulted Has Been Jailed..

An Egyptian lawyer who said women – even his own daughter – deserved to be raped for wearing ripped jeans has been jailed for three years. Nabih al-Wahsh has been fined as well as locked up after sparking outrage with his comments during a current affairs talk show in his homeland last month.

Wahsh said it was part of the ‘national duty’ to rape women wearing such garments because they were “inviting men to harass them”.

Despite the backlash, Wahsh refused to back down, and has even released an updated statement to another media website where he said ‘his daughter would also deserve that [rape, sexual harassment] if she decided to wear jeans that are ripped from the back’.

The BBC reports that his fine was 20,000 Egyptian pounds, or around £840.

During his original interview on the Infirad Show, Wahsh said his view was even more valid if the jeans were ripped from the back, according to Al Arabiy.

“Girls must respect themselves so others respect them,” he said.

“Protecting morals is more important than protecting borders.”

The debate was aired on October 19 on the Al-Assema satellite channel as guests discussed the country’s draft law fighting prostitution and debauchery.


Miss Ess said...

Mad man.

Anonymous said...

As expected from from d sons of ishmeal

SANDY YO said...

Do they rip jeans from d back?😕 Never seen that sha.
Yeye man that has no control over himself thereby covering up with flimsy excuse.😏
Love me some ripped jeans biko.

Miss Ess said...

Petty!!! Tithes from tithes.

nnuku Sexy pant-like boxers. 08170506432 Order now said...

He should go and cool off in prison

Proudly Anonymous said...

Cave man in suit.

Rhoda Rex said...

U see ur life?

Anonymous said...

Stupid man. There's never an excuse for rape. That said, I would reiterate that girls have a greater responsibility to protect themselves. Some dogs believe that your dressing is an invitation, since they don't know better protect yourself better. Don't go and drink to the point of being senseless, don't put yourself in compromising situations. We need to keep getting the message out there that rape is wrong but we all so have to accept it will continue to happen meanwhile let's protect ourselves and leave the rest to fate.

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