Stella Dimoko Man Arrested Because His Smelly Socks Caused Fight On A Bus


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Monday, 4 December 2017

Man Arrested Because His Smelly Socks Caused Fight On A Bus

A man was arrested after a pungent smell from his socks caused a fight to break out with his fellow bus passengers.

 The man was on a bus from the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh to New Delhi in India when he decided to remove his shoes and socks.

But when he was asked to put them away or throw them out because of a pungent smell, the man refused, causing a heated argument between the passengers.

The bus driver was then forced to pull over at a police station in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh.

Una police chief Sanjeev Gandhi said: ‘He was arrested on charges of causing public nuisance and later released on bail.’

He added that the man had threatened other passengers and caused a disturbance at the police station.

The man in turn filed a complaint against his fellow passengers and the bus crew for harassment and insisted his socks did not smell, the officer said.

He left the area on another bus a day later, police added.


SARA said...


CHI EXOTIC said...

He insisted his socks did not smell?
Shut up man! How you gon say it didn't smell? Socks smell like dead rat

Another turn off for me walai
Get your smelly shoes and socks off my face.

Miss Ess said...


Chidinma Grace said...

Very dirty man.

Mhiz A... said...

Don't blame him, maybe the man has problem with his nose cos I know some socks smell can suffocate. Tuehh

Anonymous said...

That’s what we call funky feet at my job. There was a day a homeless man was brought in. The whole place started to smell. During dress out, it was discovered that his socks had stuck under his feet. The Nurses had to soak his feet for sometime before they were able to take the remnants of the socks off. I was stunned as l had never seen anything like that. From that day, we used the term funky feet for that type of smell that defies Air fresheners.

Madam Estateowner said...

socks of life. Lmao

Anonymous said...

"Smell is in the nose of the perceiver."

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