Stella Dimoko Man Who Wrongfully Spent 24 Years In Jail For Murder Gets $14million!


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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Man Who Wrongfully Spent 24 Years In Jail For Murder Gets $14million!

A wrongfully convicted man is settling his case against New York City for $9.5 million..

Ruddy Quezada who lived through 24 years in lock up for a fatal Brooklyn shooting he said he had no part in-- reached a deal on Thursday, according to Brooklyn Federal Court papers.

In April, Quezada settled a separate case against New York State for $4.5 million.which brings Quezada's total payout for the two decades he's lost to $14 million.

I'm very happy that this settlement will allow Ruddy to live the rest of his life in peace and comfort after the nightmare he endured,” said his attorney, David Shanies. Even $14 million can't give him back 24 years, but this is a just resolution to a very troubling case.

A Law Department spokesman said “resolving the case was in the city's best interest.”

Quezada, 55, was convicted of murder in 1993 for allegedly ordering a deadly drive-by shooting of Jose Rosado two years prior. He maintained his innocence when he was tried by Brooklyn prosecutors, under District Attorney Charles Hynes.

The case used testimony from a man named Sixto Salcedo — who went back on his word years later.

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Miss Ess said...

I am happy for him

Rappakatakata said...

Way to go.

treasure BB said...


Lollah said...

2 decades of his life thrown away? 14m is too small abeg.

Just Bella. said...

congrats to him.... some people end up serving life for what they know nothing about.

Buharinemesis said...

This is all part of white supremacy and we should be used to these tactics already. The police and white supremacists kill black people regularly. The American system subtly eliminates non-Native Americans.

Baby bunny said...


Proudly Anonymous said...

Looks like the suffer-head version of Vin Diesel.

Foodie said...

Am happy he got justice at last.

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