Stella Dimoko Nazareth Cancels Christmas Celebrations To Protest US Move On Jerusalem


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Friday, 15 December 2017

Nazareth Cancels Christmas Celebrations To Protest US Move On Jerusalem

Christmas celebrations in Nazareth — Jesus’ childhood hometown, according to Christian belief — have been canceled to protest the US president’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The city council announced Thursday that Mayor Ali Salam, a Muslim, had ordered the axing of all planned artistic events, including a festival and large Christmas market.

Our identity and faith aren’t up for debate,” Salam said. “The decision [by Donald Trump about Jerusalem] has taken away the joy of the holiday, and we will thus cancel the festivities this year.

Nazareth is one of the holiest cities in Christendom because it was there that the angel Gabriel is believed by Christians to have told the Virgin Mary she would conceive and bear Jesus.
According to the New Testament, Jesus also grew up in the town.

The annual celebrations are a major tourist draw and source of income for the city, which is inhabited primarily by Arab citizens of Israel, two-thirds of whom are Muslim and the remaining third Christian.

From Times of Israel


Chidinma Grace said...

Nawa o. Please let there be peace. This Jerusalem thing shouldn't cause any harm o. I am really scared.

ARIANNA said...

Some major things happening this year.
After listening to John Hagee, I now know not to argue on certain things when it comes to this Jeruselem/Nazareth topic.

Can't wait for the turn of events

Stella maris Baby said...

Let Peace reign Father God.

It is well

Intelligentsia princess said...

So who lose out now? Mtcheew.
Oshisco raise to power two.

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Sometimes you have to stand alone, to prove that you can still stand*

Blackberry said...

Oh please! Cancel it naa, afterall h wasn't honoured in nazareth his hometown.

Anonymous said...


HighlyFavoured said...

This is inconsequential. What will be, must be.
Jesus' birth couldn't be stopped, His early years, couldn't be killed, His resurrection couldn't be stopped, so His return for His bride(The church) is yea and Amen
Whatever needs to be in place or happen for dis to happen, must happen.

historyworld6060 said...

That is not our business,we go still can't stop

Anonymous said...

Are u an indigene of Nazareth?

Anne Bakre said...

You are very right.We are earnestly waiting for his return.The rapture of the saints is getting closer.

Mao Akuh said...

As you guys have cancelled the celebration, I guess the animals will celebrate it for not being slaughtered. It saves cost too. Weldone Pres Trump

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