Stella Dimoko Presidency Reacts To Controversial Dead Persons It Appointed


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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Presidency Reacts To Controversial Dead Persons It Appointed

The presidency has reacted to the controversy generated by its appointment, Friday evening, of 1,468 Nigerians into the boards of agencies and parastatals.

The list generated controversy after names of some dead persons were found among the appointees.

Checks also show duplications and appointments of individuals that are no longer in the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The Presidency however downplayed the matter Saturday as, according to a spokesman of the president, there was nothing scandalous about the list.

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES by telephone, Garba Shehu said “the list has a history” which explains the controversy around it.

“In 2015, Mr. President requested all state chapters of the party to submit names of 50 party members for board appointments,” Mr. Shehu said.
He said the names where compiled by the national secretariat of the APC and forwarded to the then secretary to the government of the federation, Babachir Lawal.

“However, complaint arose from some governors who felt they were not carried along in the process. To answer this, the president constituted a committee under the vice president to review and reflect the interest of the governors”.

Mr Shehu however said action was delayed on the report of the committee headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as President Muhammadu Buhari took ill.

“The president’s trips for medical attention slowed down completion of the process,” he said, until when Mr Buhari decided to revisit the matter recently.

“The current SGF was only directed to complete that process by releasing the list which he apparently did without altering it,” Mr. Shehu explained.

Mr Shehu admitted that errors were committed but added that “no human undertaking can be free of mistakes”.

He said the errors identified with the list were not enough to describe the exercise as scandalous, insisting that “there is no scandal”.

The spokesperson said all errors in the list would be corrected.


Sharon Aminu said...

This country is really a joke..
His confuse because of his son accident.. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

yea..nothing scandalous..well understood.


Now I know the meaning of 'Ẹ̀yin Ogun ọ̀run, ẹ sọ̀kalẹ̀'!
Ẹ sọ̀kalẹ̀ kẹ wá gba Board Appointments!
😎 😂 😈. What a very flimsy and unacceptable excuse, this present government has failed in all ramifications

*Larry was here*

Anonymous said...

Evil Government.

Anonymous said...

HE IS CONFUSED not his confuse. Do you think the president read the list himself? How is the son’s accident connected?

SoSoMe said...


Anonymous said...

Benue state get Rev. Chris Utov, which other failed stated produced the other late appointees.

Anonymous said...

State, Damn auto-correct

Skipo said...

The excuses is OK no big deal ffk must see and comment on even buharis laugh to show his pay masters that he us working

Skipo said...

The explanation is well understood. Ffk must comment even when buhari laughs to please his pay masters.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when an octegenerian that should be retired is ruling a nation.

Anonymous said...

Utter Rubbish as Always

Mao Akuh said...

We are in one chance administration.

Anonymous said...

After such blunder, such explanation should come with a resignation or sack letters!!
This country is a big Joke

Anonymous said...

IF buhari is a wise man he will know now that he has been surenders and caged by his
original enemies who are there to destroy him,,,
when GOD is sending someone a warning its start like this,,,,

run away and retired or retired and run away,,,,,,best advice for him now before
its look like abacha like

ebere eze said...

Soo funny. They should just hide their faces in shame. It's just a lame excuse.

Anonymous said...

You mean the excuse is okay?? How daft are you?? So it means people are appointed without going thru checks, interviews and other things?? To even know who is been appointed and if they are even real and what their background is. I weep for you especially. Rubbish. What do I expect from someone who doesn't know what a good system looks like.

Anonymous said...

To think i thought you were wise. So this actually came from you.

deenity Sealord said...

Enter....uncle rubben abati. I cnt wait

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