Stella Dimoko Tanzania Set To Begin Arrest of Pregnant Teenagers


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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Tanzania Set To Begin Arrest of Pregnant Teenagers

The regional commissioner of Mwanza, Mr John Mongella, has directed all directors and district commissioners to ensure all schoolgirls found pregnant to be taken to court.

Speaking during a meeting attended by regional education stakeholders on Monday, December 11, the RC said the schoolgirls found pregnant should be arrested and taken to court.

He noted that the move would prevent schoolgirls from involving themselves in love affairs and also enable them to report to the responsible authorities and testify in court against the culprits.

There have been a tendency of pregnant schoolgirls not to mention the name of a person, who impregnated them. This is a challenge, when one is required to testify in court.

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Intelligentsia princess said...

What manner of fuckery is this? So they prefer their girls aborting the foetus right? African countries and misplaced priorities.


And what about the boys who gets them pregnant?
What if they were raped?

The female gender always at the receiving end.

Anonymous said...

I think it is better, the rates of young girls getting pregnant is alarming, even in Calabar here. ..

Children giving birth to children.


Chyluv! said...

This is highly unacceptable, they are infringing on the rights of the girl child! All the circumstances that put them in this predicament can be linked to the failure of the govt and health system including, no access to sexual and reproductive health care, safe abortion, family planning, poor education and poverty. The Un should look into this.

Anonymous said...

Stella pls use your blog to advice the Tanzanian government to come Naija. Dem plenty for here! As a matter of fact, there is a SS2 student in my street that got pregnant five months ago and dropped out of school thereby shattering the hope of the poor mother that toiled day and night to see her through school. With this development, teenage pregnancy will be curtailed.

Cynthia Iyede said...

So the male specie that put them in that condition is free to move on to the next abi? They are not serious.

Bussy kenken said...

Abortion rate activated

Anonymous said...

Not a panacea for sensual indulgence
So they should all be aborting?
Failed legislation.

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny*

DLioness said...

Well on one thought, the motives of the Tanzanian government are in other. Of course the guys are not going free by the time the girls start mentioning names.

Ice Queen said...

So a school girl raped a boy to get herself pregnant.

Hahaha I think this is a good move, once they testify and the culprits is over 18 and jailed,the old men in the community would stop toasting them or even getting them pregnant do as to avoid jail

opebeyonce beyonce said...

Nawah ooh, to read is one thing and to comprehend is another.

The govt is using this to help the girl child insuch a way that the culprit will not be exonerated at the end of the day. When two or more pple have tasted jail as a result of rape or child molestation other will detest from it. I see it as a good move sha.


Ice queen read my comment again albeit slowly to understand.

I meant what if the girls were raped which resulted in pregnancy and not what you interpreted.

So gbo?😊

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