Stella Dimoko Teen Stabbed 80 Times And Set Ablaze By Man She Met on Facebook


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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Teen Stabbed 80 Times And Set Ablaze By Man She Met on Facebook

Philadelphia police say a teenage girl was stabbed approximately 80 times and then set on fire met by a man she met on Facebook.

The body of 15-year-old Sabriya McLean was found in the 200 block of South 49th Street late Tuesday morning.

According to investigators, McLean met up with the suspect, 23-year-old Cole Swaringer-Herring, on Monday night.

Source say the suspect's parents were both out at the time and when they returned home he told them what he'd done. The next morning they alerted police.

Swaringer-Herring was arrested on the scene after the body was found under a pile of leaves by responding officers. Given the violence of the crime, investigators want to know if this suspect has killed before.

"It was a very violent act so we're looking at him in connection to some other possible cases that we've had," said Capt. Jack Ryan.
There was no word on a motive for the killing.

Swaringer-Herring is charged with murder, arson, abuse of a corpse and related offenses. He's being held pending his future preliminary hearing.

McLean, from New Castle, Delaware, had been reported missing. She had just turned 15 in October.



Miss Ess said...

What joy does it give them to see someone screaming for help and in pain? What kind of human being are this?

Anonymous said...

What is a 15 year old girl doing on sm for crying out loud???
How are we training our children?
God help us.

Kelly said...

I'm speechless...What a wicked world.

Anonymous said...

Enter your comment...wats happening? people no dey comment again? comment just dry. issokay...

Stella maris Baby said...

Look at his innocent face..

So sad
What is a girl of 15yrs looking for in a Facebook.

Please our parents should be watchful over the kind of phone the kids used

Just speechless

SUGAR. said...

What the f*ck!!!!



This one must be surely possessed. May he rot in jail


Stupid animal.
I'm sure she refused him sex. What is a 15yr old girl doing with a 23yr old she met on Facebook.
If you must have a bf let it be your mate in school.
What will make him stab a human being 80 times.

Monkey Face said...

Is that enough reason for this senseless murder?

Aroh Lyna said...

Just because the internet wasn't available when y'all where 15 doesn't make it bad for kids to use, parents train up your children very well and keep an eye on their activities. At least I know I had an internet enabled phone in Jss1, others way younger. it all boils down to home training and the individuals personality. At least even when I started dating couldn't date someone 3yrs old and it wasn't even at 16

The Psycho Guy........ said...

Anonymous 17:07.......can you kindly shut up? 15 year old on social media and so what? You think it's this archaic country you live in? 15 year olds turn millionaires in saner climes. Because ya mama and papa cage no mean say you go carry am enter and society. You no even tackle the crime na the deceased. Abeg suck a cucumber and die abeg.

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Psycho ni bobo yi o

NGALANGA said...

Shut up if you don't have something sensible to type..better burn those filthy fingers of urs, must you guys blame the victim?

Chika Vincent said...

Na waoo may her soul rest in peace.

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