Stella Dimoko Football Legend Lukas Podolski Opens Doner Restaurant In Koln


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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Football Legend Lukas Podolski Opens Doner Restaurant In Koln

German world cup winner and Ex-Arsenal player, Lukas Podolski has unveiled a new project: a kebab restaurant in his longtime home city of Koln, Germany.

Over 1,000 fans turned up on Saturday to the opening of Mangal Doener, some arriving more than five hours early to catch a glimpse of their local hero, according to the player’s spokesperson.

Podolski will run the restaurant along with two co-owners...He also owns an ice cream bar in Koln.

Wir Wunschen Dir alles gute Lukas!


amanda favour said...

Wise decision Lukas
Nice investment.
Stella I know you must write in German for this post....hehehe
Lemme use google translate and know what you wrote.....Ana m abia

amanda favour said...

O.k I am back 😊
You wrote" WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST LUKAS" hehehe 😊

Blackberry said...

See crowd...
One thing blacks can't do for their own...Unity n support.

anonymous to bahd said...

Are you not black? Abi SDK na oyinbo? Do you & literally thousands of other Nigerian & women not support her?

Bend over & receive your spanks blackberry, the problem many of you girls have is your baseless cynicism. So quick to laud all things foreign & white while trashing blacks.

GUCCI said...

Good for him..y does most footballer die b4 60.#igbochic

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